Chapter 18: Collection

I raised my chin, which made Sansone smirk once again. I had the gut instinct that he was up to no good. I warned Creep about it just in case. As his response, he moved slowly close to Haunter, and the others noticed it, so they followed suit.

Sansone smirked again as his eyes moved to Haunter’s group. “I wasn’t informed that a couple of wolves were invited.” He paused and looked at me directly. “I should have brought my familiar… dog.

A snigger here and there was quickly quieted down when the Dark Empress rose from her throne-like chair in a graceful but forceful manner. Her aura demanded respect, which made everyone almost cowed. In an instant, before I could even blink, she was already right in front of Sansone. So were Natassa and Orfeo. They were right beside the Dark Empress in an impossible and incredible speed that they blurred before my eyes.

I, on the other hand, slowly got up from where I was seated. At first, I just observed. But if worse comes to worst, I’d end Sansone right here and then. He doesn’t deserve to die by the Dark Empress’ hands. With the latest whispers I heard about him, he was not an elder who should gain my respect, but he was rather like any lowly vampires who’d kill to feed on humans. I completely loathed that act.

“Just one simple question, Sansone.” The Dark Empress’ voice was confident and cool as ever. Her eyes bored into his dark ones.

The elder returned the Dark Empress’ gaze with pride. His bodyguards moved closer even though he just barely moved his hand to put his hair in place when the cool breeze blew it gently.

“Do you pledge your loyalty to me?” she asked him after a few moments that he was mum. Everyone was silent that only the breeze could be heard quietly swooshing around us now and then. It was like everyone stiffened, and all eyes were on them. Everybody waited for an answer from the elder.

Sansone laughed suddenly and unexpectedly. I was not even surprised at his reaction. I already knew he was supposed to answer to that question seriously and rapidly because it was the Dark Empress that asked him. But judging his manner since he came, I doubted it. Nonetheless, he was not the type to laugh out loud, so I must say that part was unexpected.

“Don’t be naïve! Whispers are rumors.” He paused. “I, of course, pledge to you my loyalty, my Dark Empress.” Then he bowed to her properly.

I balled my hands again. I knew that he was lying. But then, it couldn’t be proven right now because once a vampire would say that he pledged to a fellow vampire, it was a bind. However, with what was happening in and around the Dark World, it could be twisted—even though it was more or less the same with Andrea’s case when she pledged to me.

My eyes automatically searched for Andrea. She stood quietly just behind Vesh. I tried to swallow to wet my dry throat. This situation got crazier by the time. I already knew that Sansone sent those Medjays to assassinate us back in our hotel in Transylvania. But to hear that he was loyal to the Dark Empress, it got complicated. My mind was clouded with doubts and whys.

Could this be an enemy’s tactic? Dena is very cunning and clever. It was possible that Sansone was also of the same feather as her. The Dark Empress was still in danger! I moved forward and pushed Sansone away from the Dark Empress. It was just in time when Sansone’s bodyguard vampire took a long knife, attempting to strike her. But I also quickly pushed the Dark Empress away from that bodyguard and fought with him instead. The Dark Empress almost fell on the platform if Natassa and Orfeo were not quick to catch her. Everything just happened so fast that the two loyal elders were unable to react as they should have.

A riot ensued in an instant, from all sides. Natassa, Orfeo, theirs and the Dark Empress’ bodyguards quickly protected the Dark Empress in a circle, weapons out. Haunter and the others also surrounded me in a protective stance while I fought with Sansone’s bodyguard who threatened the Dark Empress. He was stronger than I initially thought. Meanwhile, Sansone was nowhere to be seen now. Clearly, his bodyguards were fighting against us while he fled to safety.

‘That detestable old bastard!’ I thought angrily, nose flaring and eyes looking sharp.

My ring was able to find my opponent’s throat at last, and I delivered the death blow using a kick that his head separated from his shoulders. He turned into silvery ashes right afterward. His weapon made a low clanging sound on the ground. I looked around. Everyone fought a Medjay or a vampire or even a familiar. It was a total mayhem. Haunter and the rest had their own bouts, so no one could get closer to me.

After a few moments, it was quite when all of Sansone’s supporters and bodyguards were dead and defeated. Half of the guests remained, bloodied. Clothes were ripped or soiled. The mortally wounded recuperated nonetheless.

I turned to look at the Dark Empress who was still standing in disbelief with Sansone’s scheme. Although she was still standing confidently, her eyes wavered when I looked at her closely. She slowly regained her composure and walked toward me after the bodyguards stepped back to give way.

“Thank you, Saber,” she said quietly.

I nodded at her. Haunter came up beside me and the others followed, too.

“I never thought…” the Dark Empress shook her head. “I think that his betrayal is too soon, just right after his pledge.” She laughed without mirth. It sounded like she mocked herself.

I sighed. She stopped laughing and looked at me in the eyes. She looked determined for some reason.

“Saber, I have already decided.

I looked at her blankly, confused. “Regarding on what—if I may ask?” I shrugged. I met her blue-green gaze, which seemed to be begging me. It made me even more bewildered. What was her plan? I was sure she had it even before all this happened.

She just smiled instead and then she shook her head, which made me confused even more.

“I must pull myself together. It’s really difficult to choose the right one at this moment. I cannot just trust someone. Don’t you think so, too?” Her eyes searched mine.

I sympathized with her. It was indeed difficult. If I were in her position, I’d feel the same.

I glanced at Natassa and Orfeo first before I spoke. “You’re right, my Dark Empress,” I agreed. “You must hold off the bequeathal for the meantime. Besides, you need the other two elders for the ceremony,” I added.

She could have said something more as she opened her mouth but decided against it. She smiled at me weakly instead and slowly nodded. She waved her hand and the party continued like nothing happened.

The Dark Empress retired first, accompanied by Orfeo’s clan and bodyguards aside from the Dark Empress’ own set of protectors.

“That was very perceptive of you, Saber.” Natassa approached me later, as I drank a glass of blood. “I didn’t expect it would happen. If you haven’t interfered, the Dark Empress might have…”

I shook my head. “It was because I was informed that he was the one who sent some of his Medjays to attack us in Transylvania,” I explained.

She looked at me with surprise. “I haven’t heard of that. Why didn’t you tell me right away when I invited you all?” Her tone was confrontational but gentle. Her gaze touched Haunter’s and the others’.

I sighed. “I thought that you’d believe the rumors by then. I’m sure of that because the Dark Empress herself asked that question to Sansone.

“Yes, she wanted to confirm it. But then it was unexpected that he’d betray us right here and right then,” she argued with gritted teeth, shaking her head. She couldn’t believe it. It was clear. It was understandable as he just pledged his loyalty right in front of everyone at the party. But the loathsome elder was just a traitor to begin with.

“The Dark Empress’ decision to make you stay away from her is a bad one,” Semele butted in. She stood next to Natassa. “You clearly know when she’d be in danger, Saber.

I looked at her but didn’t say anything. Regrets had no place here at the moment.

“I… Have you heard about Akantha’s demise?” I slowly asked, guilty.

She looked at me for many seconds. “The Thorn… well, she was that.” She gave me an assuring smile.

I didn’t know if I was going to be relieved or what after that. I still had to face the consequences for that, right? But put that aside, I somehow already imagined that Natassa would be the next Dark Empress if something bad happened to the current one. I stared at Semele for seconds. She stood nearby and also stared at me before she gazed at the elder she has served for quite a long time. I could tell that she was quite contented serving her by the way she looked at the elder. Only a few of our kind was like that. They prefer to be free and sociable, no hassle in serving anyone and thus trying to make a reputation for themselves in the Dark World.

However, it was totally different for me. I just needed freedom even though I belonged to Dena’s clan and lineage. I didn’t do it for fame or something like that, but it was for my own sense of happiness despite of my being turned into a soulless vampire. And along that dark path, I gained quite a good reputation, which I thought also made Dena a strong vampire for having me too in her clan and not to mention the stable of formidable and loyal fighters she had and prided for. Bacan and Ornace were among them.

“If you need anything, just tell me.” Natassa’s expression softened.

I shook my head. “I don’t need anything but I just feel that I have to protect the Dark Empress. And you know that already,” I replied to Natassa.

She barely nodded. “You do whatever it is you need to do, Saber. I trust you.

I smiled a little to hear her agreement on this matter. And her trust? That was a bonus for me.

Haunter took my hand and bade her goodbye. Semele followed us and showed us to the limousine that was going to take us back to our hotel.

It was a quite journey. She bade us goodnight before she got back into the limousine and it sped away before we entered the hotel lobby. I was about to step toward the entrance when Haunter held my hand again and told everyone to go ahead of us instead. They either just nodded in agreement or left us alone without a word. I thought that they were quite unnerved of what just happened at the party, especially Ji-Yun. To think it was her first party, it must have been traumatic. But I supposed she took it quite lightly now that she seemed to get used to our action-packed life in the Dark World.

“Where are you going to take me?” I asked Haunter when he led me toward the hotel garden.

It was a beautiful place at this hour with its different-colored ground lamps lit to guide the cemented pathway. The night air was fresh here.

Haunter matched my slow steps as we walked on the pathway hand in hand. I looked up to the dark sky. It seemed that it will rain anytime soon. I could almost smell it. The atmosphere was getting chilly.

“I wanted to date you wearing that,” Haunter declared with a smile on his sexy red lips and distracting low voice.

“Hmm… I should say that’s so sweet of you!” I looked down at my alluring outfit. Almost half of my two breasts were bare because of the low cut neckline of the dress. And I was very aware that it was truly sexy. “But I don’t think Sansone got distracted by your choice of weapon,” I mocked him.

He chuckled at that. “He’s a fool, that’s why!

I laughed at that. “And what would you have done if he were distracted by it?” I asked him teasingly. I slightly bumped his arm playfully.

He thought about it for a moment. “I guess he could not get away like he did tonight.” His smoldering blue eyes caressed mine.

A giggle escaped my lips. “There’s no doubt about that, I guess.” I gasped when he suddenly pulled me close to him, and I was in his warm embrace.

He looked at my sherry brown eyes and caressed my cheek with the back of his fingers.

“What am I going to do with you, Saber? You completely altered my life and the way I was living it,” he whispered.

“In what way?” I whispered with feigned innocence. My well-toned arms snaked around his neck.

“In every way,” he muttered.

I smiled with my cheek pressed against his shoulder. I could only smell the perfume he was using, which was very sexy and seductive for my senses. It was mixed spices and musk.

“Hmm… So you’re saying that I’m some kind of a catalyst?” I asked good humoredly.

He chuckled and swayed me slowly from side to side like we were dancing in a soft music that only us could hear. I looked up at him, my head barely reached his chin even with my high heels.

“I can sense that the rain is going to pour any second now.” He paused to look at my face. “I want to dance with you in the rain. I want us to soak with you in my arms. Isn’t it romantic?

I snorted at his cheesiness. “I really haven’t met anyone as corny as you are, wolf,” I teased him. “I never thought you are overly romantic. But I’m not complaining. Trust me. I love this side of you.” I wrinkled my nose, looking at his eyes that grew darker by the second.

He hugged me closer and kissed my forehead. “I love you, Saber, so much!

I smiled up at him and kissed his chin. “And I love you, too!

For a second or two, our gaze held for a moment. He slowly bent his head to capture my lips just as the rain poured down hard. The cool water collided with our bodies. It was soothing and increasing my senses, which built up my growing desire for this wolf. It was weird if I thought about it but then it felt so good to be in his arms like this, kissed by him, and loved by him in such a way that no one has ever done for me before. The rain continued to beat us but we didn’t mind. Our kiss just deepened, his tongue invaded my mouth.

A soft moan escaped from my throat. It was quite exhilarating to feel with increasing love each passing moment for the one person only. It was impossible but I was feeling it right now in Haunter’s sweet embrace and kisses. Yes, under the rain. His hands gently caressed all over my body and cupped my tender breast. His hand moved in a circular motion, teasing the peak through the thin fabric with his thumb and index finger. He pinched it teasingly, making me moan with unnamed pleasure.

His lips moved against mine more ardently that I moaned at the new sensation. He slowly traveled his hand to my waist, pressing there before kneading my round bottom. In the process, I pushed myself closer to him like was not already pressed against him. I could feel the bulge of his arousal on my abdomen, grinding it. I was awarded with his low growl that I found so sensual. I continued to move my pelvis against his.

“Ah, Saber…” he groaned. It was filled with intense desire that it was like music to my ears. My woman part down below was already wet and throbbing with anticipation.

He laid me down the now wet manicured grass and easily slid up the hem of my dress over my breasts, exposing them to him. He admired them for a few seconds before he took one pick. And with one swift motion of his hand, my thong panties were separated from my hips as he tore it away from me. He smelled it with closed eyes before he put it inside his breast pocket with a teasing grin. I chuckled softly at this unexpected fetish of his and pulled his head down for a sweet and deep kiss.

He moaned louder and started to pull down his slacks and underwear. His long, hot, and stiff rod caressed my wet entry. I moved my hips to meet his teasing tip.

“I so want you deep inside me, wolf,” I murmured in his ear, licking it.

“Oh, my love, Saber…” he groaned. He plunged deep into my wet depths. We both moaned when our bodies joined together.

As the rain continued to pound the ground and everything around us, my beloved alpha wolf also pounded deep, fast, and strong inside my body. The sound of the rain was like a song to my ears, with Haunter’s sexy wolfy moans. He pushed aside the material that slightly covered my breast to capture the taut bud in his warm and wet mouth. His tongue encircled it, and he suckled it afterward. Mercilessly. I couldn’t stop moaning with pleasure. It was like I was going to burst anytime soon. My body tingled all over. Oh, how I loved the way he made love to me everytime!

My heels were buried in his flesh as I urged him to go deeper and wilder. He slammed his huge stick inside me repeatedly, giving me what I want. I cursed with such pleasure. But I wanted more and more. I couldn’t seem to get enough of him.

We both cursed as his thrusts increased their pressure and pace.

I bit his neck and sucked his blood. I moaned as his sweet and unique taste touched my mouth, while he moaned with both pleasure and pain as he thrust inside me. He rammed me like never before. Hard and fast.

“Oh, God!” I moaned with too much pleasure.

“It’s Haunter for you, my love,” he chuckled.

I licked his wound and looked into his eyes with a smile, biting my lower lip. He hit the most pleasurable spot inside me over and over again that my mouth opened with louder moans. I could taste the rain in my mouth. He closed it up with his own, drinking me.

We both climaxed at the same time, and he kissed my mouth again. He whispered “I love you” to me. I couldn’t believe we were both breathless. He slumped against me, spent. After several minutes, he helped me get up. We righted our wet and dirty clothes laughingly.


Haunter and I directly went to the shower together, ignoring the disgusted looks of the users that we passed by the living area of the penthouse. We scrubbed each other’s body while we showered. I loved the way he cleaned my skin in a seductive way, letting the sponge glide it slowly. The bubbles were erased by his fingers, and his tongue followed. He circled the sponge around my breasts, and his hand moved on the other. His mouth followed, imprisoning my tight bud in his warm and wet mouth. His teeth grazed it, sending a different kind of pleasure throughout my system. I gasped, grabbing his wet red hair. My back arched to give him more access and encourage him more.

I moaned with ecstasy.

“Is this another sleepless night?” Creep teased in my mind.

I cursed at Creep, making Haunter stop kissing me.

“Creep’s in your head again?” Haunter wanted to confirm.


He just snickered and continued to please me. My hand reaching to balance myself when I accidentally turned on the shower knob the wrong way and hot water gushed, making us both gasp and laugh.

“I don’t think this is a good venue for this,” I commented with a laugh.

“Oh, my love… everywhere is a good venue with you,” he goaded, which made me laugh even more.

“Come on! Let’s just take a proper shower and change,” I suggested.

“No can do. You see this?” He looked down at his very erect manhood and threw the sponge on the floor.

I bit my lower lip looking at it before I slowly lift my gaze with a teasing look on my face. “Hmm…”


I kissed his mouth down his throat, my tongue gliding downward and further down until I reached to the right spot. He moaned in anticipation as I kneeled in front of him. My tongue licked his length, circling around his tip. My hands caressed his muscled and firm thighs before I held his erection with both hands, caressing his balls and kissing them. Repeatedly. I loved to hear his groans, making me feel powerful to make him feel this way.

My eyes strayed to look at his face. His mouth was slightly open. As I started to suck him in and out my mouth, he threw his head back and growled with pleasure. His hands grabbed my hair, guiding my head as I sucked him. After several minutes of pleasing my wolf, I drank his juice and licked him dry, kissing his balls.

He helped me up and kissed me deep, tasting his own sweet juice that I loved so much.

“I love you so much, you vamp!” he murmured and kissed my jaw.

I smiled at him and kissed his lips. “I love you, too, wolf!” I whispered.

We changed after our proper shower. When we went out of the bathroom, Ji-Yun and Vesh were already asleep, each on the long sofas. Creep and Crina were at the balcony, watching and enjoying the rainy night. Sephora and Ataru were still watching TV in the living room, while Zurko kept glancing at Ji-Yun’s sleeping form even though he was seated facing the TV beside Ataru.

I beamed teasingly at the blood user when he noticed my stare. He just knitted his eyebrows and looked away without a word.

“He really has a crush on Ji-Yun,” I whispered to myself.

Haunter heard it and chuckled as he put his arm on my shoulders. “He’ll deny it.

I chuckled with him, knowing that the blood user heard us even though our voices were low. Suddenly, Creep’s voice was in my head.

“You heard that?

I went still, and so did Haunter. I felt that familiar strong and powerful galvanizing effect in the atmosphere that tingled my entire body. I dashed to scoop Ji-Yun’s sleeping form, while Haunter dragged Vesh who woke up quickly. The users were alerted and stood guard that created a barrier for us. The first group of vampires that crashed from all sides of the penthouse met their demise in the hands of the users.

Haunter and I with our “passengers” landed smoothly on the wet pavement. We got here through the balcony. Creep and Crina followed together with the users.

I cursed. It was like the vampires swarmed all over the hotel. Vesh howled loudly and within two seconds, packs of wolves came to our rescue.

Ji-Yun woke up and gasped. I put her gently on the ground as she processed what was going on. Creep stopped an incoming car with a push of one hand. It crashed against a lamppost that fell on the ground with a loud thud. I ordered my familiar to take the others, while Haunter and I together with Vesh would stay and fight.

I still didn’t see him, the owner of that strong and powerful electrifying reaction that made my skin tingle. His underlings already charged at us wave after wave. I wondered if this was going to end or not. It looked like they were just not decreasing, which was truly both amazing and annoying.

The wolves and I were swamped fighting them off. I remembered that the sword I gave to Ji-Yun was somewhere up in our room. I had to go back. She would look for it later on. I leaped and scaled on the wall while I dodged the attacks that came from all directions. I managed to get inside the room that was already in chaos because of the current battle between wolves and vampires. My eyes seemed to be dragged near the TV where the sword was lying nearby.

I dashed to get it then I flipped back with a side twist to avoid something that my instinct said was very dangerous. It was a steel-like yoyo that had very sharp edges. I glanced at the yoyo user. It was kind of off. It was a woman using that toy as a weapon, and she looked like a Barbie doll instead of a punk. She was like Ji-Yun’s age, or maybe a bit older.

I stared at her for a few moments, and the corners of her mouth turned upward. She exhibited some tricks with her weapon, which was quite impressive even though with my level.

“Nice!” I complimented her and I bared the sword, holding the scabbard in my left hand.

“Thanks.” Her light gray eyes moved to glance at the shiny sword afterward and smirked. She wasn’t intimidated. I gave her that.

I slashed the oncoming two vampires in the neck without moving from where I stood and they turned to ashes instantly. I saw and heard her snicker. She watched as I killed six more vampires that simultaneously pounced on me. I whirled with the blade in my hand, and when I stopped, they all turned into ashes.

“Not bad,” she said smilingly and struck with impeccable agility that I could barely dodge her weapon again.

It was incredible as the string was so long, and although I tried to cut it with my sword, it couldn’t be. My eyes rounded with surprise. She was truly not an easy opponent as I have come to realize.

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