Chapter 5: Unexpected Reencounter

“I still worry about those people we left back in the club,” I said to Zurko when we were walking out of the Prague airport at dusk time.

He gave me a twitchy smile. “The wolves will take care of them.

I raised my eyebrow at him. “Meaning?

“If any vampire touches one human back there, the wolves will pounce on them. That’s the mark Sephora left on the wolves. She’s actually half-succubus and half-hypnotist. She just learned the skill as a leaf user a year ago. She has lots of potential. That’s why she’s been recruited.

I got it. Half-hypnotist meant half-vampire. “She’s a leaf user? I don’t see her bringing any leaf.” I was used with the idea that users brought with them their weapon wherever they go.

He chuckled. “It isn’t necessary for her as she can use her other powers, which are really very handy. You’ve witnessed it yourself.

Point taken. We got into a white limousine that seemed to be waiting for us. “And what’s this recruitment you’re talking about? You’re recruiting anyone you know who has a potential of becoming a user?

He looked away and his eyes strayed toward Ji-Yun, who was talking quietly with Creep. The latter was now assuming an old lady form from the countryside. There was something in Zurko’s eyes as he looked at Ji-Yun, but it was gone when he looked at me again with those gorgeous green eyes.

“No. Only someone that can be fully trusted with a firm goal and vision.

‘That is quite a hard find these days,’ I thought sardonically. As it was, the creatures in the Dark World kept changing sides, especially during these times. It was chaos. Total chaos.

We stopped in front of a huge luxurious villa about a few miles away from the airport. It was overlooking the city. It was surrounded by high-walled fences and some trees with yellow or brownish leaves. The lawn was beautifully manicured and there were lots of late autumn flowers in bloom on one side and a pool was on a far side of the villa’s grounds. I wondered who was living there. He or she really had some good taste for a place like this. If I were normal, I’d probably settle in a place like this. Oh, I wished!

I got off from the limousine as others did on the other side. And the smell of unbathed dogs grew stronger as I breathed the air. I was disgusted. The last time I sniffed this strong smell was Vesh. But it couldn’t be him. He was back in New York with Haunter.

And just as I thought of him, a familiar silhouette came out of the doorway toward the unlit porch. But my eyes could see as in the light of day. I stood there frozen as I saw him looking right straight at me. My throat suddenly went dry. My heart was beating so fast like a drum, ironically speaking. Just like I said, my heart didn’t beat since I died centuries ago. But my body reacted to the way his eyes roved lazily up and down my body.

Haunter had always made me feel this way that no one could… not even my ex-boyfriend could if I had to compare them now.

‘Damn it! What’s wrong with me?

“You?” That was the only word that came out of my mouth.

I glanced at Zurko who just gave me his usual twitchy smile and embraced the wolf in a brotherly manner. So did the rest of his team. Ji-Yun, on the other hand, just stared at Haunter like she was mesmerized, while Creep turned into his usual cat form and followed the others inside.

“Aren’t you coming in?” Haunter gestured.

I sighed. “Ji-Yun, get inside.

She glanced at me and nodded. She walked past Haunter and glanced over her shoulder to look at me once again before she followed Creep in. I looked around and crossed my arms and put them down again. Not really knowing how I would act around him.

“You found an extraordinary creature, vamp,” he said, referring to Ji-Yun.

“Have I?

He chuckled as he effortlessly jumped the two steps from the porch and landed in front of me in a graceful manner. Until now, I couldn’t sniff any unique scent from him. If he were my opponent at this very moment, I surely wouldn’t know where he would be if he were to hide himself. I wouldn’t know his presence even if he were right behind me then.

“Well, how was your trip?” he asked conversationally. How odd!

“Should I owe you another favor for saving my ass by using your users?” I could not help but feel a little grudge.

“My users?” He laughed at that. “I always imagined that our conversation would be always this enjoyable, vamp.

I snorted. “Aren’t they your users? You sent them to rescue me and my familiar. And why did you have me followed? Are you interested in me, wolf?” I shot back with a mocking smile.

He laughed and it was gone. He looked at me straight in the eye.

“Yes, I’m… very interested in you, Saber.

I didn’t expect him to tell me that frankly. “So, you know my name.” I stepped back a bit from him with a smile on my lips. “Why is that? So I could return you the favor I owe you, which I didn’t honor that night?

“That very night when you turned your back to me, I searched for you.

Oh, God. His own sexy accent was turning me on by the minute. I tried to distract myself by looking up at the dark but starry sky. The cold autumn air didn’t bother either of us.

But then I supposed it was a wrong move on my part because star gazing was also romantic for me. The moon was a quarter now since the last time I saw it, which was the first time I met Haunter.

“It wasn’t because I wanted to ask a favor in return. It was because of my own personal reason and desire.

I blinked and looked at him. “Did you just say… desire?

He inhaled my scent deeply, which I was just conscious about. It’d been days since my last bath. I knew my cheeks flushed because I felt them warm, ironic again. It was very unusual and impossible that a vampire like myself would blush. I even think it was unheard of.

He softly laughed at my reaction.

“That’s why I like you, Saber. Even though I don’t like your kind, I like you very much. You see, when I heard you separated from your maker, I thought you were something. Not everyone can do what you did. It is something that just don’t happen everyday. And that’s why I had you followed without your knowledge and without you suspecting anything.


“No. I don’t know that girl. Just Zurko and the rest because they can blend in with humans because they’re also humans. Just that they have special powers. So, I thought you couldn’t tell. Could you then?” He snorted, teasing me.

The asshole! He was interested in me for something else? I thought he would admit that he, too, was attracted to me! Note to self. Don’t be overly assuming and egotistic of my own beauty and charms. Tsk! I then gave him a sharp look with my fiery sherry brown eyes.

“So what do you want from me?” I asked him through gritted teeth.

“Hmm… I’m still thinking about it, Saber. But perhaps I can use you to help stabilize the Dark World. I’m tired of all this chaos, you know?

I laughed at his face. “That’s the Dark Empress’ job, wolf!

He put his hand over his chin and scratched it thoughtfully. “You know, you just gave me an idea. Come inside. I think you need dinner.

The last time I fed on was Ji-Yun, who voluntarily gave me her blood on the plane hours ago. I could go for days without drinking human blood but it was better if I feed on a regular basis like humans had their everyday meal. That’d make me more powerful, more agile, and more alert.

And about the idea I gave him, I was puzzled but I couldn’t ask him that right now. He seemed to dismiss it momentarily. I had no other choice but to follow him inside the villa.

“I need a bath,” I announced. The different odors of unbathed dogs became stronger and stronger. It seemed that there were at least four distinct scents I could clearly identify now.

“Oh. You prefer it right away before your dinner?” he asked looking at me over his shoulder. I refused to look at his sexy curly red hair and the way it moved as his head turned.

“Yes,” I almost snapped at him. I tried not to look at his sexy butt and strong backside as well. Even though at this angle, I was attracted to him, I had to admit it to myself at least.

He chuckled. He led me toward the stairway and upstairs. I couldn’t see any of Ji-Yun’s or Creep’s shadow at the moment. I wondered where they went in this huge villa.

“Your familiar and not-so-ordinary human should be just around here.” He seemed to read my mind as I began to look around. “Don’t worry. Zurko and the others will treat them good, as I will do to you.

“I sure hope about that. And I hope that none of this is a trick or you’re going to regret it, wolf.” However, I could still smell Ji-Yun’s healthy blood and I could still sometimes hear Creep’s thoughts talking to me. Those gave me comfort at the moment.

Haunter laughed and looked at me when he paused by door. “One thing that you should be clear about me, Saber is that I’ll never ever trick you.” His eyes, I could clearly see, were like the summer skies. They bored into my own sherry brown eyes. I felt something tingle on my skin and I could almost say it was some kind of magic.

Damn magic! He doesn’t have magic, does he?

He looked away and opened the door. I took an unnecessary deep breath, which was not really needed by any vampire like myself. Perhaps, it was just some kind of a habit of mine since I lived like an ordinary human. I blended as much as I could.

“So, you use this room temporarily before we go to Transylvania tomorrow night.

“How do you know I was planning to go there?” I curiously asked.

“I don’t know about your plan but that’s where we’re going tomorrow. You’re looking for someone, right?” Even though it was a question, I knew that he already knew my answer.

I just nodded. His hand was raised as if to caress my cheek but thought better about it and left me alone instead. Even though he was already out of the door, I could hear that he stopped outside. Perhaps he was staring at my bedroom door.

I was almost frustrated. The way he made me feel was driving me insane! There were moments that I was almost sure he wanted to kiss me or even touch me but something would hold him back always. I wondered what it was. Was there someone else? After all, I didn’t know him at all aside from his first name and what he was. Why was I even anticipating for any kind of tenderness? I must be crazy. Maybe because I had no lover for a long time, he made me feel this way. That must be the reason.

I sighed and walked toward the closet. I scanned for something I could change into. They were all dresses and gowns with different “girly” colors. My brows were knitted together as I contemplated what to wear. I was so used of always wearing the same thing. My own closets in my own different houses around America were all the same—black leather jeans, jackets, sleeveless tanks, and underwear.

I chewed on my inside cheek for a moment. A little black dress with a plunging neckline couldn’t hurt if I’d have to wear it tonight while my jeans and jackets would be washed even if I had to do it myself in this villa. I took a clean blue towel with me and went to the bathroom. It was a modern one with light blue tiles. It had a hot and cold shower cubicle, a sink with a huge mirror in front of it, a Jacuzzi, a toilet bowl, and a bathtub. I got into the tub while the water was running. All this time, my thoughts were filled about Haunter and his motive on helping me. I thought about it a lot. What could he gain by helping me find the Dark Empress? But I could swear I detected honesty in his voice.

I never felt so refreshed and relaxed after my bath. I got up and patted myself dry before I changed into the little black dress. Since I couldn’t find any underwear, I couldn’t wear anything then. It was quite uncomfortable on my part and I just hoped it wasn’t that obvious to the wolves.

“I see that the dress is becoming on you.” I almost jumped when I heard Haunter’s voice.

I didn’t notice that he was inside the bedroom. I turned around and saw him surveying how I looked. There was unhidden admiration in his blue eyes as he gazed at me.

“I couldn’t find anything else that I wish to wear,” was all I could say.

He smiled. “I did it on purpose.

What did it mean? I blinked and I just asked him silently by my eyes.

He stepped closer to me, without a sound on the carpeted floor. He was indeed a great predator if he chose to, in which my first impression of him on our first meeting was accurate. He was a dangerous stranger and opponent.

“I enjoyed shopping those clothes for you while I was waiting for you here. I imagined how you’d look in those. And I’m not disappointed of what I see now.” His voice was low and damnably sexy. I felt like my heart did a somersault and I couldn’t breathe.

I snorted. “If you were shopping those clothes for me, then you shouldn’t have forgotten to shop for underwear, wolf. Is this some kind of a joke to you?

‘Why am I cranky but so excited all of a sudden?’ I asked myself.

He slapped his forehead. “Oh, God! I did forget to buy you underwear!” Then, he grinned, without any remorse. God! Those even teeth and red lips I so want to lick right now.

My brows furrowed more deeply. He was making a joke at my expense. Without thinking, I palm heeled his chest but he was so quick that he caught my hand and he pulled me closer to him instead. My heart was beating with excitement now. Oh, why should it beat like this when I am so undead already? I kept asking it myself of this illusion.

“Yes, Saber. I must admit that I am not only interested in you because of what you did to your maker, but ever since I saw you, I am interested in you in this way.” With that, he captured my lips with his.

That was the last straw that could spark my desire, which I was holding back so hard. And yet, with the touch of his lips, everything just fell through. I closed my eyes and kissed him back tentatively. His kiss deepened, though. His tongue entered my mouth and I could fully taste him now. The unique taste of him, which I couldn’t name. Sweet and addictive. My tongue met his, dueled with his, while his other hand caressed my back down my hips and butt. He kneaded it. And I moaned.

Damn! I never felt like this for a long time.

He carried me effortlessly with one hand toward the bed and laid me there. His kiss was more passionate now and his hands roved up and down my body. Then, one hand gently caressed between my thighs and separated them. He kneeled down in between my separated thighs and stopped kissing me. He ripped my dress all the way down and dipped his head to kiss my breasts one by one.

“Ohh… Haunter!” I moaned with great pleasure. His tongue made my body more excited. The tip circled around each peak of my breasts. He sucked one nipple that I thought I’d go crazy with unnamed pleasure. His warm and wet mouth sent delicious and electrifying feeling all throughout my system. It made me even more insane with excitement as one hand reached down to cup and caress my now wet feminity. His finger caressed the little hood in circles, making my toes curl.

I cursed and thrashed wildly that I also ripped his clothes off including his tight hugging jeans. He was huge and fully erect when I looked down at his manhood. I pulled him closer to me and kissed him wildly on the lips. My hand stroked his throbbing shaft. It felt velvety and powerful in my hand.

We both moaned. I didn’t care if I was so loud. That moment, my world was centered to only him and the way he made me feel.

I continued to caress his massive length. His one knee parted my legs wider as he positioned himself between them. His tongue danced with mine. He moaned as he kissed me deeply, wet and wild, as I continued to stroke his erection. He reached down to take my hand with one of his, pinning my two hands over my body.

He looked down at me with his desire-filled eyes. He guided his tip to caress my wet entryway. I moved my hips, wanting to feel him more. My eyes pleaded with his as I let out a moan in anticipation of what he was about to do. The tip teased the apex of my womanhood and I squirmed underneath him. He captured my mouth and he plunged deep and sure at the same time. I screamed in the back of my throat as indescribable pleasure took over me. I’d never felt so complete before in my life in that very second. My long legs wrapped around his waist as he started to thrust deep in and out of my body. I couldn’t get enough of him.

I wrestled him and we rolled off the bed and onto the floor. His back landed there and I was on top of him, riding him like a pro rodeo cowgirl. His big and warm hands caressed my breasts gently and I continued to ride him hard and fast. We both moaned with pleasure, looking at each other’s eyes. My fangs were bared as I almost reached my climax. But I held on. Not yet. My walls tightened around his massive length. We both groaned again.

I kissed his neck and sucked his blood. His strong arms went tightly around my small waist as he continued to thrust my body powerfully. He literally rocked my body!

It was so damn good! I loved it!

“Oh, yes!” I moaned and sucked more of his blood. It was so sweet and something else. Addictive.

He moaned as he continued to drive his manhood in and out of my wet and tight core. He cursed. I stopped sucking his blood, licked his wound, and threw my head back in pleasure. I rode him faster and faster. I felt like drinking his blood again, so I leaned over him. My hands were on the floor, while my breasts were pressed against his. I bit him in the shoulder, and he groaned as I sucked his blood. After a few more moments, I felt his release and mine mixed together. And we both moaned with great pleasure. I stopped sucking his blood that seemed so addictive and I licked the wound. But I saw that he was healing quickly. I must have forgotten that I was making love with a wolf that had no scent. It was quite funny and ironic.

He rolled me over and he was on top of me, looking deep into my eyes smilingly.

“I’d never thought you are this hot, Saber,” he said teasingly. His finger was caressing a pinkish nipple that was still taut from his caress and kiss. “And I never thought that I want you again right now.

He proved it by entering my body again in a single thrust. I gasped and moaned like it was the most natural thing in the world. He got up with me in his arms. My back was against the bedroom wall and he plunged deep inside me again and again. My arms were around his neck as I surrendered to him. I didn’t care if we made a hole everywhere or broke some things around the bedroom as we made love.

He kissed me hard and I answered in the same fashion. So passionate. Then, his mouth traveled to my neck and my breasts. My back and head arched back. I bit his shoulder and sucked his blood once again as he suckled my nipple hard.

Until we both released again.

We were looking at each other’s eyes. He was breathing hard like he just ran for miles. And my heart was beating hard, which was still a mystery to me. I could feel it now. For real.

“I think, I’m already in love with you.” We both said it in unison like we didn’t think at all but just said how we felt about each other.

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