Chapter 9: Enough

My throat constricted and went dry, and I blinked my eyes rapidly. “H-how did you…?

“Know? Of course, your reputation precedes you, Saber.” He smiled once again but with eyes cold as ice. “And yes, of course, I know about Dena. She’s one of the oldest vamps in the world—or rather, the Dark World—has ever known!


“I can’t let you see Orfeo. Period!” he said with a definite end.

I sighed. “I must be wrong to come here then. I thought that Orfeo was on the Dark Empress’ side and can help me save her…” I regretfully said quietly.

They all looked at me with scrutiny. I started to turn my back when Ettore cleared his throat.

“I can’t let you talk to him right now. Orfeo will call you when you can talk to him,” he said instead, and he nodded to the Medjays to get out of the tattoo shop.

I took a deep breath. I knew that it wouldn’t be so reliable as an information, but then he gave me his word. I thought it was already more than enough at the moment. So, I was a bit relieved and a ray of hope was shining upon me once again.

“Congratulations! You’re going to talk to one of The Six Elders that no one can easily do, Saber. You’re one hell of a kind!” Andrea complimented me. Her smile was infectious.

I didn’t answer anything but just a straight face while watching her face as she spoke. I tried to read her but I couldn’t. What was her angle, really?

“This means that you have to watch your back more than ever, Saber. But remember that I’ll be here for you. Alright?” she assured me and gave me a wink before she went out of the shop gracefully.

Her colossal bodyguards followed. I turned to face the back door and shouted at the receptionist.

“You can come out now!

The door cracked open only a bit. “I…”

“We’ll pay for the damage, don’t worry,” I assured her when I saw her shocked expression upon seeing the mess we made. I turned to my familiar. “Creep, you give her the money.

After he placed a wad of money on the wrecked reception desk, we went out. I left her a message about where Orfeo can contact me if and when he was ready to talk to me. I had the feeling that he would, with the information I gave to his watcher Ettore.


While we were on our way to the rendezvous point, all I could think about was Haunter. But then that familiar feeling came over me, and I slightly froze. Creep stopped as well, so did Crina and Ji-Yun. Good that my familiar was more than quick enough to push the latter two away from harm. And I was able to jump away before I got hit.

Ornace’s fire landed to the ground harmlessly. This time, however, he was not together with Bacan. I could tell. But he was with a few other powerful vamps that Dena has in her stable—Gualtiero, Massimo, Leandro, and Eligio. All four were of Spanish blood, well-built, and handsome. They weren’t as old as I am but they were all aged over half a century and excellent at fighting.

“Good to see you, too, Ornace!” I greeted him sarcastically. I slowly posed on my favorite fighting stance. My left fist was in the air in front of my face and the left foot forward. The right was also in a tight fist and my right foot balanced my weight.

Ornace grimaced. Creep, on the other hand, turned into his original form. It also took the others by surprise but Ornace was not taken aback now, unlike last time.

Ornace cursed to see Creep that way, though. But that didn’t stop them from attacking us. He distracted me by his fire. I had to run away to get him as far away as I could from Ji-Yun and Crina. His fire could harm them if he chose to. But, yeah. I had to admit that it was a bad move because it would be me who’s going to face him without anything to shield myself with. And added to that was Eligio who also got my tail.

Creep was busy defending the two girls from the other three vamps. I noticed he got Leandro, gone in a mist in a few seconds. So, it left only Massimo and Gualtiero now.

I stopped as I faced Eligio for a hand-to-hand combat when Ornace joined in. I parried Ornace’s attacks and I kicked Eligio, which sent him flying to another block.

“That was impressive,” Ornace grinned at me, paying that compliment.

I tipped my head sideways. “I know you’re not here to talk to me, Ornace. So cut the crap and die already!” I did strike him with punches and kicks. I managed to hit his throat but his fire licked the wound and it healed instantaneously—a perk for being a user was sometimes their powers can heal, but most times they can kill.

It was quite exasperating on my part, really. He was about to hit me with the fireball he shot at me but I was quick to dodge it. The man was like a walking flame thrower. Seriously. I cursed. I couldn’t get near him at this rate. I kept on dodging his fires. I was very well aware that it would not give me any progress to even hit him or something at this kind of unfair fight.

“Need help?” I heard that familiar voice with Japanese accent.

I dodged once again and saw it was Ataru. I grinned at him, a welcoming one. He was still standing there while I dodged the fires from my opponent again and again. It was an endless cycle. And as much as I hated to admit it, I knew that being a card user had also a perk in this kind of situation I’m in right now. So who was I to not accept it?

“Be my special guest,” I said and left, which made Ornace furious all the more. Instead of throwing the fire at me, he aimed it at Ataru who was quick to dodge it. The latter threw his cards in retaliation.

Ornace was hit in the arm that made the fire go out. Ataru smirked. Another card landed in Ornace’s chest, forehead, and stomach. He screamed in pain and fired up at Ataru. The latter’s hair was singed after dodging the big fire. But he was fine. He even gave his opponent a chilling smile. Well, the Threesome users seemed to have that brand of chilling smile. Like a trademark.

I went back to check on Creep and see how he was doing when Eligio got me with a kick in my side. I didn’t notice him right away. That sneaky a-hole!

I slid, gasping, but that didn’t put me on the ground. I faced him and again exchanged punches and kicks with him. I got him good with a few punches by the use of my ring and I slashed his throat, enough that blew him into silvery dust.

I exhaled through my nose. This whole thing got me pissed. Dena was really serious in killing me even after all this time that I’ve been under her wing. It was something like a relief for me though that I am no longer part of her clan. I considered myself truly free this time, after a couple of thousands of years since she turned me into this kind of creature—a creature that I so hated for so long. But still, I managed to live all this time. Perhaps, I should thank my maker even though it had come to this. I was able to meet Haunter who I came to love like I never loved anyone before.

I found out the fight was over when I couldn’t see even the shadows of Massimo and Gualtiero. Sephora, Zurko, Crina, Creep, and Ji-Yun waited for us. I stopped to face my familiar and asked him telepathically.

“Zurko got them good with his blood. You should have seen it,” he answered in my mind. I turned to the blood user with an eyebrow raised in silent question.

However, the leader of the Threesome Users didn’t say anything but merely shrugged. Ji-Yun then stepped closer to me with a different kind of smile that I’ve never seen before. She whispered to me.

“It turns out that his blood isn’t for the vamps to enjoy. It’s poison to them.

‘Good that Haunter doesn’t have that kind of blood then,’ I thought, mocking myself. And before any of us could speak, Ataru was back. He shook his head.

“He got away.

“Well, at least he’s alone,” I said to him. “Thanks for your help back there.

He grinned with pride. “Anytime! And you know what? I want to face him again in future. He’s a very challenging enemy.

My smile faded. “Ornace’s not a joke.

“And I’m not joking,” he retorted and I rolled my eyes.

“Good luck to you, then!” I sighed.

After a minute, we all decided to go meet Haunter and the others. Even though I felt that familiar galvanization, I ignored it because instinctively, I knew that no one would ambush us right now. At least I could rest easy for a little while after that unexpected scene with Ornace and the others. However, I still wondered if this was all worthy of my time, effort, and loyalty to the Dark Empress. What if it would all come to naught?

I shook my head. With all those things happening, I barely noticed we’ve arrived to our destination. I could see Haunter’s wide and beautiful grin when he saw me and the others. He ran toward me and took me into a tight embrace. He kissed me deeply and looked into my eyes, disregarding others’ stares.

“I’ve missed you, Saber!” he said in a low voice but the others still heard it. Of course, with all their heightened senses, it was natural.

“I’ve missed you, too, Haunter. So, how was your trip?” I answered with a smile.

“Well, it was long, boring, and missing you,” he said sweetly and planted a kiss on my soft, flawless cheek.

“Anyway, we’re here,” I stated.

“Something happened to you, I can tell,” he said as he looked me up and down. Well, it was quite clear because there were a few torn parts of my clothing and some soot on my face. I just noticed when he rubbed it off for me.

“Well, I’m still alive and kicking.” I tried to lighten up the mood but his face went grim.

“That vamp again?” he guessed.

Yes, I remembered that he also met Ornace on the first night we met. I nodded at him, confirming it.

“I can smell him on you. And there’s another one that I haven’t met before,” he told me. I didn’t know he already took a whiff of me.

I cleared my throat. “Well, are you going to sniff everyone that I happened to meet then?” I raised an eyebrow in query.

He still looked serious. “I can’t help it.

I nodded. “Alright. But don’t worry. It’s fine now. Besides, you’re here and your pack, so… I don’t think you have anything to worry anymore.” I smiled in assurance.

He slowly gave me a smile and kissed my lips once again, still ignoring the others who were watching us. He greeted the others as if he just saw them and showed gratitude toward the Threesome Users. It wasn’t a secret anymore that they were here to protect me. It was quite overwhelming because nobody protected me like Haunter did.

It was even different from the protection I got from Creep everytime. Still, I was grateful for everyone for their unwavering support, loyalty, and love.

Creep introduced Crina to the others and Haunter took me away from them, saying that we had somewhere to go to. My familiar was about to follow us when I told him to stay there and watch the others.

“I can manage with Haunter. Don’t worry, Creep.

He sighed, which I heard telepathically but didn’t argue anymore. I realized it was the first time that I seemed to not want him around me. Nevertheless, I knew he’d understand. Besides, I was with a strong, ferocious werewolf who loved me and would do everything to protect me. He knew that I trusted Haunter with my life, so he let the case rest.

Haunter hailed a cab. Inside, he kissed me long and deep. He even deliberately grazed his tongue on my fang that when I tasted his blood, I couldn’t help but sucked it. His blood tasted so good that I bit his lower lip to suck more. He smiled and pushed me down the backseat so that the driver wouldn’t see much but he got the idea.

Haunter gave me his wrist, which I didn’t complain. He understood that I needed some refreshment after the encounter we had before meeting him. My heart felt like it expanded with admiration and adoration for this caring and thoughtful wolf. I never imagined I would find someone like him at all. It was never my plan, never in my dreams and imagination, and certainly never in real life until now. He was the best thing that has ever happened to me in more than two thousand years of living on this planet.

All the same, I hypnotized the cab driver to be safe when we got off at the center of the city. Hand in hand, we enjoyed roaming around. And when the evening came, he took me to the Church Clock Tower, the highest church tower in Romania wherein we could see the beautiful panorama at night.

The lights glittered that it was like my breath was taken away from me. It looked like a golden city at this time because of its mostly yellow lights. Haunter’s hand held mine tightly while he looked at me. I looked at him with a smile pasted on my face.

“I’ve never seen this place in this perspective,” I confessed.

“What do you mean? You’ve been here before?” He seemed disappointed.

“I’m old, you know. And, yes. I’ve been here before. But I’ve never seen this place like this—so romantic, I mean.” I paused. “Thank you for bringing me here, Haunter. Also, thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

He smiled then. “When was the last time you were here?” He turned me around to face him and his two hands spanned my small waist. I could feel the heat emanating from his entire body.

He made me feel weak by just doing that. And I felt like I wanted his hands all over my body while he kissed me. I swallowed as I drowned looking into his eyes.

“A hundred years ago, I think,” I answered to him in a whisper, and he chuckled upon hearing it.

“How come I haven’t met you then?” he said in wonder.

My eyes widened to hear that. “What do you mean? You were here, too, at that time?

He grinned at me. “Now when I think hard about it back then, I seem to recall seeing you back then with someone.

My mind reeled at that moment. This was impossible! He saw me back then? Yes, I could remember I was indeed with somebody—and I laughed. I laughed hard indeed!

“Why are you laughing?” he asked in confusion. His eyes probed mine.

“Oh, well… it was the first time I showed Creep some places here in Europe. Because they said that this is a romantic place, he turned himself into a male form at the time. Besides, it would be weird that two women would come up here so we posed as a couple that was going to be engaged then.

He laughed at that then. “I see.

“And what did you do at the time? You haven’t told me how old you are yet.” I raised my chin and gave him a toothless smile.

“Well, it was just curiosity on my part when I came up here. I was alone if you want to know.” He grinned. “It was my four hundredth year then. My birthday.

My jaw dropped then. “It’s your birthday today?

He smiled at me and gave me a peck on the forehead, which I preferred to be on the lips. But then, it gave me the same warm feeling toward him. I smiled at him. I felt like my heart would burst in pleasure.

“Yes. So, you see…”

“Happy birthday, Haunter,” I whispered to him before he could even finish the sentence.

He looked at me deep into my eyes. His summer sky blue eyes were darker at the moment. I could almost taste and feel his desire.

“Thank you, Saber. Thank you for reappearing into my life and just in time for my five hundredth birthday.” His lips were pulled into a wide smile. “I can never ask for a better gift.

I smiled up at him. I felt flattered, of course. My hands that were on his strong and muscled chest came up to wrap around his neck. His lips descended on mine and kissed me lightly, lovingly.

“I know another romantic place, which is just outside the city. Mind coming with me?” he gently asked me smilingly and winked.

I smiled like a prim and proper maiden. “Of course not. I would be delighted to.

He grinned and took my hand then. He guided me down and we were outside the clock tower. He hailed another cab to take us out of the city.

“This is the unknown fortress called The Fortress Hill,” he told me when we got there.

The place seemed abandoned at this hour. It was getting late anyway and a few couples were already starting to head back toward the city. And yet, Haunter and I were still holding each other’s hands while we walked along the huge, unbelievably black stones and admired the panoramic view from this part of the hill.

Green, yellow, white, orange, and blue lights of the city met my eyes. I gasped. The view was just so spectacular! It was also not noisy unlike the city itself. My kind of place, that is.

Haunter stopped and pulled me into his arms. I thought he was going to kiss me but it was just to throw us both on the ground, rolling down the hill…

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