The Emperor's Rose (GxG)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1


What exactly am I doing with my life right now? Why did I even agree to be at the club when I am fully well aware that I have to work the next morning? And, how on earth did I even get myself to bed after last night event?

Should I skip work today and call in sick? But if I do that, that old witch will really fire me from Le Stella. I need that job more than ever now. I groaned in pain when the headache finally hits me.

That's what you get for drinking too much when you're well aware you can't even handle a small amount of alcohol. Am I not alone in this bed? Why do I feel someone is actually laying beside me?

Oh no.

Please don't tell me that I had actually given my virtue to this person beside me? I slowly let my eyes see my surrounding and was bewildered by the scene. Why are my clothes scattering on the floor?!

And what's with this luxury room?!

When I look under the sheet, I am completely naked with my body covered with red hickeys. Oh no ... what have I done? Why did I let this happened?! I turned to the person beside me who laid on his front, sleeping soundly. Doesn't he know how bad the situation is?

Who am I kidding, a man never cares about what a woman thinks!

He finally was woken up when I poke on his back. I have to admit that his back does show that I was enjoying myself last night. But still! That is such an improper act that I should've waited until the day I say 'I do' to the man who will take care of me for the rest of his life.

"Good morning." His voice ... sounds familiar for some reason. Is it because we had spent a night together that my drunk self is telling me that I know this man?

"What have you done to me?" I asked.

"What have you done to me?" He asked me back with a hint of amusement.

"I should be the one who asked you that! I can't remember anything that happened last night. Did we ... I can't even finish my own sentences!" He chuckled before got up to a sitting position. My eyes widen when I saw something that a man shouldn't have.

"You're a woman?!" It is smaller than what I have but that is still a pair of breast. Should I be happy about this? Because if she's a woman, my virtue should still be intact, right?

"Hmmm ... not really." His voice is hoarse, like a man even. But we can't hide the fact that she has a pair of breast. She's a woman. That's what I believe until she reveals something a woman shouldn't have. And again, my eyes widen.

"I am what you called ... hermaphroditism. A freak who was born with two genders. Congratulation, you have discovered a human who should be behind glass while those so-called scientists experimented on." She gave me a quick smile before gathering his/her clothes on the floor.

I watched him/her putting on his/her clothes until my eyes noticed something that gives me quite a shock. More shocking than the revelation of how he/she possessed two sets of genital!

"That ring ... you're ... impossible ..." he/she smiled while putting on his or her coat.

"What is it? Do you wish to say something? What's wrong with my ring?" He/she asked with a hint of amusement.

"Only the Imperial family has that ring. That's what we were told in school. For someone like you to possess such a ring, that means you're ... a member of the imperial family," then I realised something I should've moments ago.

"Your feature ... your voice ... you're the emperor, am I correct?" He/she smiled eyes again.

"I am Emperor Alvia of the Gralia Empire. Nice meeting you," he/she bows his/her head to me.

"That means I should return the gesture, correct?" He/she shrugged his/her shoulder.

"That depends if you are willing to show me your naked body again. But I'm pretty sure you don't wish to again. That's okay. The Palace is seeking for me. Nice meeting you, Kathryn. Last night was wonderful. And don't worry, a person like me, can't reproduce. You don't have to worry about getting yourself pregnant." He/she bow yet again before excusing himself/herself out.

Wait, how did he/she know my name?

Before he/she opens the door, he/she turns back and smiled.

"I preferred it if you would pronounce me as a woman rather than a man. I know deep down, I am a woman. My position doesn't allow me to be the person whom I truly am. Also, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be the person I am not last night. Good day, Kathryn." And just like that, I met the emperor.

Should I even consider myself as a lucky person or the other way around at this moment? Whether I like it or not, the emperor did take my virtue away from me.

But still, the real question is, how did she know my name? Don't tell me the emperor ransacked my personal belonging while I was out cold last night. Oh God, how on earth did I even get into this mess in the first place?

And why did my friends let me do whatever I please in the first place?! This is absurd! I will remind myself to give them a piece of my mind when we meet each other at work. That I promise!

Emperor Alvia of Gralia Empire.

Who would've thought that the nation most good looking bachelor is actually a person who holds such a big secret?! Wait, now that she revealed herself to me, am I a threat towards the imperial family?

Am I in trouble?



"Where have you been?! Did you know that all of us have been worried sick about your sudden disappearance last night! Where the hell did you go to?" This is expected.

To be yelled at by my mother while my father just sits there pretending to read his morning newspaper and sipping his tea.

"Well, I'm waiting! What do you have to say for yourself?" I face my mother who seems quite in rage for my sudden behaviour. I'm the emperor for God sake. I shouldn't be afraid of my own mother.

To hell with that mentality! Only ungrateful children will say that. To be honest I am quite afraid of my mother when she's in this kind of situation. She is hard to consult with. Even my father, the former emperor can't refuse or even say anything when this former empress opens her mouth.

"I'm sorry. Forgive me for I have abandoned my position to be with my friends. I was simply being seduced by them to go have some fun at the city most populated area." My mother reaction was priceless.

"Please don't tell me that the emperor went to have a joy ride last night. Please, just don't say that. Alvia, we're in such delicate time. For our people to know that the emperor went for a joy ride in the city while there's a threat all around us is not really assuring," she is right. I can't deny that.

"Did you have fun at least?" My father asked. I smiled at him.

"I take that as a yes," my mother glared at him.

"Ferdinand! Don't encourage her," I looked around the lounge and smile a little. No wonder she pronounces me as a woman. She instructed the maids to leave us alone.

"Mother, I'm sorry for doing something that I perfectly know will upset you. As you may know, my friends can be quite persuasive. Even I, the emperor can't say no to them. But trust me, no one knows that the emperor had joined them last night. Everyone was simply too drunk to recognise me," I chuckled.

"Come on Violette. Let the child live for once. Since she was born, she never gets to be a kid nor a teenager. We're lucky that she even have such good friends on her side. How do you expect her to find someone to be with if she just stayed inside the palace, doing the emperor's boring job?" My mother literally about to hit my father but the man raised both arms.

"I surrendered. Please don't hit me." I laugh a little watching my parents little bantering.

"Father, we all know it's impossible for me to find a life partner. That person would have been insane to accept me as the way I am. I thought we already agree that the next heir to be in line for the throne should be Kennedy's future kids. Am I wrong?" My parents turn to me with sadden expression.

Why do they have to be this way every time we talk about this?

"Let me ask you this, Alvia. Are you really certain to give away that position to your brother's child? We have the power and money to do something about your current situation. Why don't we try to ..." I raised my hand. My mother should know that once I said something, I will never take it back.

"We already agreed that Kennedy's future firstborn will have the throne once I'm descended. There is no need to make a fuss about it anymore. Besides, what do we have to worried about? You two choose the perfect bride for him. Duchess Abella is perfect for him, and perfect to be the mother of the future emperor or empress of this nation." Besides she came from a good, kind-hearted family.

"But what about your own happiness, Alvia? I'm sure there is someone out there for you. If you could just ... Search for her, you'll find her." I smiled at my father.

There was a moment in my life that I question about my sexuality. Studying abroad really opened my eyes to be more open-minded and to accept myself the way I am. I'm happy that my parents accepted me for the person I am today.

They still love me even though I should be locked up. Sometimes I do question the existing of God and why did He create me to be ... a freak. But of course, as a human, I shouldn't be ungrateful.

"I doubt that will happen to me. Anyway, I'm sorry about yesterday. I should get back to work. I'm pretty sure I have a packed schedule waiting for me in my office," I smiled at my parents and went to give them a kiss on their head.

Before I even get to open the door, my mother called out for me.

"I almost forgot to tell you this. Your sisters and cousins will come to visit soon. Just get yourself ready for anything." Wait, why are they coming?


"They're here for Kennedy's wedding and also the matchmaking." Why So soon?! The wedding is still a month away! Wait, did I heard the woman right. Matchmaking?!

"Just get yourself ready, okay? You know how they all are. They will never stop until you find yourself a lady to be with." My mother wink.

This is not a winking moment! This is a serious matter! Those monsters are coming and I'm not ready to be their plaything! Not for a whole month!

"Can't you guys do something? The last time they came here, I have to be on a blind date almost every day until they decided to go home! Why are they so work up on finding me a bride?" My parents shrugged their shoulder.

"Probably its what the council members told them. The emperor's wedding might make a great impact on people's mental state. After what happened with the borders and our neighbouring kingdom, everyone needs something to be happy with. What will be happier than a wedding?" Huh?

"Kennedy is about to get married in a month. Let him have the fun of being betrothed," I waved my hands and walk out from the lounge.

What kind of logic was that? How can the emperor's wedding lift up the mood of every Gralian's? That's just absurd! Insane I tell you!

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