Chapter 6

Chapter 6


Another day, another tiring day of working has come to an end. I really can't process how much of an asshole this nobility is to people like me. Should I even consider taking the grand duchess offer? I mean I can't even control myself when it comes to my work.

Just imagine that I have to meet and live among them, that's a recipe for disaster.

As I was about to reach my home, I noticed a car park right in front of my house. Based on what day today is, my parents supposed to have their time off from work. Maybe it's their friend.

Before I could even take a step forward, the front door of my home burst open and I saw my father was thrown out onto the street. I was about to help him up when I heard my little siblings from inside the house.

"Oh, who's this? Your daughter? Eric, why didn't you tell me that you have such a beautiful daughter?" A man suddenly walks out of my home while dragging my mother with him.

"She's not in this mess!" My mother yelled while she tries to get herself free from his hold.

"Kat, get inside and calm your little siblings. We'll handle this," my mother smile.

"Eh, who says you can talk? Stay, Kat. I would really want to talk to you privately." What is going on here? Who are these people? I turned to my father who simply look away.

"Who are you? Why are you doing this to my family?" I asked the man himself. He finally released my mother and walk towards me.

"Oh ... I'm just an old friend. Your parents haven't been able to pay me back the money they owe so ... I feel like visiting your home. What a beautiful woman you are," he smiled while caressing my cheek.

God, I want to hit this man!

"Guys, check her stuff. Who knows, maybe she has cash on her." They forcefully took my bag from me and look inside.

"There's nothing here except for this expensive-looking handkerchief and this uniform." The man's eyes flickered.

"For real? You're working at Le Stella. That is one establish place to work at. With that background, you can always ... Hmm ..." I feel uncomfortable when he's looking at me from top to bottom.

"Work for me by selling your body to my client. I'm pretty sure they will pay extra for you." What?! No!

"Take her with us boys. There's no harm in ravage her before the others do. Just make sure none of the kinky stuff though. We need her in pristine condition for the highest buyer." They surrounded me with such lust in their eyes.

"No! Daddy! Please help me! DADDY!" I was being dragged into the car while my parents were powerless. I begged for their help even though I know they can't do anything. I refuse to go inside their car.

What did I do to deserve this?

"Get in bitch!" They push me, forcing me to get inside. No! I don't want to be their sex slave! No!

"Release her at once." I was surprised to see the Grand Duchess together with her maids. What are they doing here?! This is bad. They shouldn't be here. I don't want to endanger the member of the imperial family.

"A noble? At this part of town? Odd." The man who I assume the leader questioned the duchess.

"Well, there's no harm in strolling around. What is going on and why are you being rude to one of the imperial court lady?" She asked making everyone confused. Even I was confused for the moment.

"Court lady? What do you mean? This is no place for a court lady to stay. Did you hit your head or something while on the way to get here? Because with a pretty face like that, you could make a great addition to my collection." He was eyeing the duchess.

"How dare you speak to the grand duchess like that! Apologise this instance or you'll suffer the consequences!" The maids speak up.

"Grand Duchess?!" They laughed. If only they know just how deep in trouble they are.

"Hmm ... kill them all." Was all the grand duchess said before the maids suddenly took out their handguns. Just where did they keep it though?

"RELEASE LADY KATHRYN NOW!" One of the maid scream at the one who's holding me.

"After knowing you guys wanted to kill us?! No way!" He suddenly pulled me towards him and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

"One step, she's dead." The grand duchess looks at me and gives me a small smile. What was that smile for? Save me for God sake!

It didn't take long for me to realise that she had called for backup when a group of foreign cars suddenly approaching us.

"Grand Duchess! Are you alright?" A man in a perfect tailor suit asked when he got out from one of the car.

"I'm okay. But not Lady Kathryn. Save her, please. There's only so much my maid could do." This man faces me before ordering the man to release me.

"If you hurt one of the imperial court ladies, I wish God have mercy on you. Please, if you want the best for yourself, you ought to not anger the emperor." I feel his grip on me loosen.

"And we all know how the emperor is when he's angry. Please, let yourself in and perhaps that way the emperor will have mercy on you for hurting his court lady." When did I ever agree to be her court lady?! The man finally released me.

"And because of your action against the grand duchess, you're all under arrest." It amazed me that he manages to talk things out without using any violence.

"And for you, grand duchess Annabelle. You've made the emperor worried for your safety." He suddenly turns to me.

"So you're the one that the duchess choose to represent her as the emperor's court lady? You have the looks for being the future empress at least. I am Frederick Wang, the emperor's advisor. I was summoned here by the duchess through a distress call." So this is the person who works directly with the emperor?

He does have that demanding aura.

"Grand Duchess Annabelle, you've been making the emperor worried sick! Why on Earth are you doing here in the first place?" Asked the advisor.

The duchess went to my side and placed her hand on top of my shoulder.

"To seek for an answer. So, what is your answer?" She asked without care for what just happened to me. I was literally being held hostage just moments ago.

"And please keep in mind that I did just announce you're one of the court ladies. So ... basically, you have no say in this. But I am a civilised human being. So it's only courtesy for me to ask," she smiled. Hold on!

Was that the reason why she smiled at me while I was in distress?! It's because she announced it before I could even give her my answer?! This snake!

"From your reaction, I guess she just played you?" I was speechless. This duchess ... is one woman formidable person to go against.


I can't believe that a member of the imperial family is actually sitting on my sofa ... drinking the tea that I had won by spinning the lottery wheel at the supermarket. She's not even complaining. Her action made me wonder about a lot of things.

After what had happened, the duchess invites herself into our home and literally lectured my parents about borrowing money from thugs.

They can't say much because she's the duchess and they have no say in anything. But in truth, they do have the right to chase the duchess out because this is their home.

"Imagine if I decided to not follow my heart and be here. Your daughter would've been ravage by those animals. You two should be ashamed of yourself for even letting your child be in that kind situation." The duchess sighs heavily while my parents just look down on the floor.

"Anyway, I think I had enough lectures. Now, the real reason why I'm here is to inform you, guardian of Kathryn Park about your daughter's position now that it's official." Here we go. God! Why am I so nervous?

"I hereby announce that Kathryn Park is now officially a member of the imperial's court lady. She will be presenting me, Grand Duchess Annabelle, cousin of Emperor Alvia," my parents were speechless.

"What?!" I turned my head towards the door when I heard someone came in. Ben and his girlfriend were standing there, surprised and confused.

"Grand Duchess Annabelle?" His girlfriend bow.

"Why didn't you ever mention about your sister being chosen to be a court lady? This is big news! And you always tell me about everything." His girlfriend asked but Ben was too surprised to say anything.

"You look familiar to me. Who are you?" The duchess asked Ben's girlfriend.

"I am Lestalia Balmonte from the House of Balmonte, your grace. My father, Duke Derrick Balmonte is one of your father's close friends." The duchess seems intrigued.

"What is someone from the proud House of Balmonte doing here? Is it because of this man?" The duchess smiled. Lestalia blushed.

"Love is in the air I guess. Does the duke know about him?" Her expression changes.

"I'll take that as a no. No worries, I'm sure you'll think of something without tarnishing your family's name. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, introducing Kathryn as the court lady who will be presenting my house." The duchess snapped her fingers to signal the maid.

One of them place a piece of paper in front of my parents.

"This piece of paper is your letter of approval for your daughter to be part of my house. It is an honour to be presenting my house because officially, your daughter is now above all those other nobles who claimed themselves as coming from such proud houses. No offence for the Balmonte of course," Ben's girlfriend waved it off.

"None taken." She speaks up.

"Why? I mean ... she's a commoner. Why choose her of all the other nobles out there?" Exactly. Why choose me? Is it because of the handkerchief? That's quite far fetched.

"To be quite frank, I have a good feeling with my choice this year. That's all." The duchess smiled. She literally chooses me because her gut is telling her to do so?! This is one dangerous game she's playing.

"What do you mean when you said she's above everyone? What's the difference between your house and the others?" Ben asked. Curiosity finally kills the cat.

"It's rude to ask the duchess like that, Ben. May I?" The duchess nods her head in agreement.

"Grand Duchess Annabelle is a close relative of the emperor. She is a member of the imperial family. Literally, her father is the former emperor's brother. So that makes them royalty in a way. With Kathryn presenting their house, that makes her above the other houses who will participate in this year matchmaking." Lestalia explained.

The duchess nodding her head.

"Matchmaking?" My father finally speaks up.

"Matchmaking. You know, to find the next empress of Gralia. I guess this year is the moment for the emperor to finally settling in. The duchess sees something in you. That's why she choose you to present her house. Just accept it. There's a lot of benefit for your family as well," by this time, almost all of my family is present and I actually ... I ...

"Kat, is this why you asked me such question the other day? It's because you were chosen to be a court lady?" I gave my brother a little nod.

"I ..."

"Also, keep in mind that it's been announced publicly that you're an imperial court lady. This is not a threat. It's just a reminder," the duchess smiled. She's enjoying this too much.

"And if you decided to not sign the paper, the duchess has right to bring Kathryn to the palace without your consent. She's old enough to make her decision after all," the maid informed. My parents look at each other before looking up to me.

I shrugged my shoulder since we don't have any say in this anymore. There's only so much they can do after all.

With heavy heart, they sign the paper and present it back to the maid. The duchess gives them both an award-winning smile before asking the maid to present a key to them.

"Like what Lestalia mentioned before, there is a lot of benefit of being a court lady. This is the key to your new villa," and they just miraculously have the key and the paper now? Is this even real?

My father's hands were shaking when he took the key.

"This is what you wish for, right?" The duchess asked me.

"Better living environment for your family to live in, better education, better working condition as well. You think you wouldn't have to work now that you have a new home to live in?" The duchess chuckled.

"I think that's too far, Grand Duchess Annabelle." Sir Frederick! Wait, he's still here? I thought he went back to the palace.

"You've been summoned. Please make your way to the palace now." Was all he said. The duchess stood up.

"My maids will be helping you to pack your stuff. It's best to travel light since we'll definitely be buying you new clothes to wear." She smiled at me before following Sir Frederick out.

What is happening? It happened so fast that I'm having trouble processing it properly.

"Your orders, Lady Kathryn," the maids were waiting for my orders? Wait, Lady?!

What did I get myself into?!

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