Chapter 7

Chapter 7


It's already 5 pm.

Maybe I should take a short break. I'm pretty sure I've done most of the things that Fred had given me before he went out. I guess I can continue to finish it all after my break. With a smile on my face, I clean up my desk and grabbed my phone before walking towards the door.

"My emperor, where are you going?" Asked one of the maids when I walk out of my office.

"I would like to see the sunset. Do both of you care to join me?" They smile before nodding their head.

"Come then. Follow me," I lead the way towards the stairs that will bring us to the top floor of the palace.

"Are we allow to be here, my emperor?" One of them asked as we walk up the stairs.

"Sure. Everyone is allowed to be here. These stairs will lead us to the empress sky garden where she kept all of the precious rare flowers that she collected from all around the world. Everyday her chamberlain would come here and tend to it." I push the glass door open and let them enjoy their first time here.

"This is beautiful, my emperor. We were told by our superior to never step out of bounce when it comes to visiting the imperial family's garden or chamber. We really appreciate this experience." I smiled at them before taking a seat at the bench that's overlooking my mother's garden.

The smell of rare flowers mix with top-rated soil does bring some kind of relaxation remedy for my troubled mind. Nothing can beat Mother Nature when it comes to peace and happiness.

When I open my eyes, I realised that the maids were standing behind me.

"How old are you two?" I asked.

"We're both 19 years old, my emperor," so young. I remember when I was 19, I haven't fully accepted the fact that I am going to take the throne. I was wild back then but these two. They don't have that leisure.

"How did you manage to get a job here at the palace?" I asked while admiring the flower.

"There was an announcement so many we decided to try our luck and thankfully, we were chosen by the head maid. We tried to enter Le Stella academy but they told us we're not the people they want to have in their workforce." That's harsh.

"Well, at least here you get to have fun, yes?"'I smiled before facing them.

"Have you two ever fallen in love?" They look at each other before nodding their head.

"There is someone waiting for us back at home. We're actually trying to save up so we could get married. They're both working for the duke. Their pay wasn't much but it's still a job," that's determination.

"That's good that you two manage to find someone to love. At least you have someone to look forward to whenever you went back to your village," they seem happy to talk about their partner. But, they're so young. To think about marriage at this age? Why don't they just have fun for a little while?

"My emperor, do you ever fallen for someone before?" Hmmm ... maybe. I just smiled at them.

"Have you ever heard of the famous legend about the moon goddess, the earth god and the sun goddess?" They shake their head.

"Well, if you don't mind hearing the story from me, I would be glad to tell you two about it," they both nodding their head eagerly.

"Long time ago before the moon, the earth and the sun became what it is today, it was believed that they actually look a lot like us. Like humans. And like humans, they were given the ability to feel, to touch and to breath like us. That includes the feeling of falling in love." I started to tell the story.

"In it's prime, the sun goddess was known to be quite a beauty. Every man and woman who lay their eyes on her falls in love with her on first sight and that includes the Earth god. Unfortunately, the moon goddess had fallen for him but he never acknowledges her affection at all." They seem intrigued to know more.

"Have you two ever wonder why the earth always circling around the sun while the moon did the same to earth? In the legend, it was because their love almost causes disastrous event towards each other. They were cursed to be that way." I stood up from the bench and bend down to smell the roses.

"From that story, love can do so much to us. It brings us happiness, joy and even sorrow and sadness. I'm sure both of you wondering about the reason why I'm telling such story to you two, right?" They nod.

"You two have so much to do for your future. You're just 19 years old and if you two had already determined to settled down at such a young age, by all means, do as you wish but is that what your guts telling you or was it your heart?" I know my question seems rude but I'm just one curious emperor.

"Or ... was it from pure lust?" They look down. It was lust after all.

"Please don't think much of what I'm saying. You have to forgive me. It's just, a close friend of mine decided to follow what her heart says and just throw away her youth for a man who in a few years later treats her like a walking punching bag. I don't wish for any other young ladies like yourself to be in her shoes. Of course, not everyone is like the man my friend decided to love." Lord have mercy on her poor soul.

That moment when I found her lifeless body after she was badly beaten by him, I simply lost it. We grew up together. We're basically like brother and sister. Seeing her being treated like an animal by that so call husband of her was the moment I realised I should stop being childish and accept my responsibility as the next emperor.

"You two should think hard for your future. Don't simply let it go," that was my last piece of advice. I hope ... they will choose the right path.


"They're here," Fred announce when I was reaching for the butter for my toast.

"Who?" I asked nonchalantly since all I can think about now is to fill my own stomach.

"Your court ladies with their guardian. Don't you want to see them before your mother sees them? There is a lot of them this year too. But of course your mother only chooses four lucky ladies to be the candidate," I look up to him while munching my perfect toast.

"Fine," I stood up from my seat and stand by the railing before looking down. He's right. There is a lot of them this year. Pretty sure some of them were a force to be here like last year and the year before. I'm tired of hearing how they hate to be here but because of their parent's wishes, they have to be one of the candidates for the matchmaking.

"Do you think you'll find your bride this year? Will it be political or just a simple term such as love? Is it possible for you to forget the person you've been thinking all this time?" I shouldn't tell him to find out more about Kathryn.

"Do you have any idea what kind of test my mother had prepared for them this year?" I asked simply to divert the conversation.

"Well, from what I heard from her chamberlains, to know who's the perfect bride for you, they have to know how to entertain her taste bud. We all know how you love to have a homemade meal, so ... your future bride has to know how to cook." A cooking contest? That should be fun to witness.

All these nobility doesn't even go into their own kitchen let alone know how to cook! I chuckled while walking back to my seat.

"That should be fun to watch," we both giggled at the thoughts.

"What agenda do I have today?" Fred looks through his iPad as he explained to me about my schedule.

"Ahh ... this is crucial. Since the Palace has guests for the next few weeks and also as part of your part to get to know your future bride, you have to join them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's the former empress wishes. She really wants you to get married this year." That ... sound tiring.

Can't I just take a rain check? Looking at his expression, I can't say no or he'll tell my mother about it.

"Also, the former empress also mention what kind of test you wish to let your future bride have. She needs specific ideas about what kind of person you want to spend your life with." Hmm ... I wonder what kind of test these noble ladies should go through to be my bride.

"To be the next empress, this individual must possess a sense of adventure. A hunting game should be perfect. Also, being an empress of this empire means she has to do a lot of things that I can't such as interacting with the people of Gralia. Spend a day or two at one of GraliA's children or old folks home should be okay for them." Fred looks up from his iPad with amusing looks.

"You really want these ladies to spend a night or two at charity homes?" I shrugged.

"It should be a nice experience for them. Also for our entertainment of course." I chuckled just imagining them.

"Adventurous, good nature, is that all?" Fred looks up to me while I was thinking.

"She must have her own voice." Fred seems confused.

"What do you mean?" He asked. How do I explain to him though?

"My future empress should know how to bring herself even after being humiliated by those around her. I want her to possess a will of steel. Giving up is not one of her traits." Fred nodding his head while I explained to him about my ideal empress.

"Do you really think from all those who came today, at least one possessed such trait you seek? I doubt it, my emperor." I smiled. That's what I'm aiming for.

"Who knows, right?" A maid made herself known as she bows in front of us.

"Your highness, your guest has arrived. I believe he said he's from the Balmonte House." Ah! My first appointment is here. Fred stood up from his chair and told the maid to bring the guest to the lounge where we shall have our meeting comfortably.

"We'll be there shortly," Fred then turned to me.

"Time is running out, my emperor. If I were you, I will not let Sir Derrick wait for so long. He does have a temper and he doesn't care even if you're the emperor of this empire," he does have a point.

I don't want to get to his bad side since he possessed the biggest military power in my army. Most of the soldier came from his academy. I finished up and wipe my mouth from all the crumbs.

Now, let's get to work. For my people and for the empire.

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