Chapter 2

It's already eight, the curtains add an orange glow to the perfect morning light and I realize it's sunrise. My eyes greet the day shine, my heart and lungs expand. I burrow myself into the warm soft sheets and rub the remainders of sleep from my eyes and gaze out at the horizon, it's vivid light extended across a rosy sky. I collect my cellphone from the table beside my bed to surf through it and a large pompous smile spreads across my lips extending to my eyes and deep into my soul. It's a message from him

From: My world

"Good morning my sunshine, I know you are missing my presence to the core and waiting for me to return, even i want to come back as soon as possible. But till the time I come back please do me a favor, take good care of yourself and be safe.
Hope you have a bright day and I will call you the same time as yesterday.
Love you."

His message was absolute happiness as if a spring flower opens. An unexpected warmth rushes through me with his genuinely sweet message. I return to reality with the ticking of the clock and rush out of the four pillars beneath me.

I take a shower, dress myself and enter the kitchen, with one hand I start making myself a venti, tall, frothy, cup of my favorite hazelnut latte and with the other I spread avocado over the toast and sprinkle it with tomatoes as if it were cake decorations. I walk towards the table, take my chair and start typing him a reply,

To: My world

"Good morning my love, I had a very good sleep and now having my breakfast. Hope you also have a good and a wonderful day." I click the send key and the message vanishes in sent items list.

Within no time a message beeps on my cellphone, and it's him.

From: My world

"Thank you and stay, need to inform you something" he replies

His message makes me feel very strange and weird. I am feeling as if he is gone ballistic about something. I want to assuage his feeling and I text him back.

To: My world

"My love, are you okay? Because you don't seem to be one. You sound very strange today. You are not your usual. Has something or someone upset you. You know I am always there for you." I ask him as anxiety commences gearing up in me

Reading my message he answers me almost immediately

From: My world

"Yes, my love all is good. But yes I need to tell you about something over e-mail. So we talk over e-mail shortly" he states

Staying as calm and peaceful as I can, I quickly type him a reply

To:My world

"Waiting for your e-mail"

Tension is building over me and moisture leaving my lips as to what has happened and why is he creating suspense and mysteries. May be I should be kissing and hugging him right now instead of missing him. The feeling of being far away from him when he needs me close to him the most was cringing and breaking me from within.

The wait was finally over and an e-mail pinged up. Not even nanoseconds have passed and I am already reading the mail

From: Charles Brown

Subject: Our dream has come true

To: Caroline Davidson

My love, the wait is finally over and we have received the letter. Our hard work and patience has paid off. My business model will be displayed in the exhibition after two months, and I am going to present about it's strategies and other issues. This business exhibition is Asia's largest exhibition in the business world and people from all over the continent will showcase their models and strategies. 
I understand that you must have felt strange and weird about my reply, but don't you worry about anything, I am good here and rest is going well.
I was just engrossed in reading the e-mail. 
Is it possible for you to video call now...

Tears of joy roll down my cheeks as i read the letter. All the hard work that he has put in all this time, has started getting rewarded. It is as if the Alaska ice has started to disintegrate and turn to water. My happiness knows no bounds. I am fully aware of his dream to hold the 'Business Man of the Year' award one day and these small pebbles are helping him walk forward and achieve his goal.

I quickly gather my stuff for office, close the door behind me and leave. I video call him as soon as I am out of the elevator.

Oh my God! It is such a blessing to see him live every time I video call him, I remind myself. Tears start rolling down my cheeks, thinking what good deeds have I done to deserve this man. He is handsome from the depth of his eyes to the gentle expression of his voice.

"Hi, my love. How are you?"

"I was good, and now I am best after reading the letter. I can't believe it, your dreams are really coming true"

"I know, my heart turned numb and my knees turned to jelly when I received the e-mail. My eyes almost popped out."

"Anyways, how was your yesterday?" I inquire and as he starts narrating like always, I am staring at him without even blinking my eyes, as if I am afraid that if I leave his sight he might disappear. I am sure of one thing that as each year will pass lines will deepen upon his face, he will be more handsome still, as if his soul shines from within. It is getting unbearable for me to be away from him. I am desperately waiting to feel how his lips move in a kiss and how his hands follow the curves of my body.

"Now your turn, how was your day?" he questions, and as i start reporting he hears me as if my words are golden, perhaps like some elixir he's been waiting all his day to hear.

"Baby, today why do I feel that your fingers have grown fat or is it that the camera quality is bad and there is some disturbance in the connection?" he questions quizzically

I stand startled hearing this, I and fat never ever I want this in the same sentence. But from what he said, I can say that he is thinking something so deeply, already with a strategy that's several moves ahead of what I am capable of.

"No, not at all, there might be connection issue. My finger size is the same as it was when you left two years back." I answer him sharp

"Okay! Don't be offended. I was just curious"

We continue our talks, which are sort of verbal dance, one beautifully chaotic one that makes you laugh out loud feel your heart switching on. We are funny together, not so much with others... We just bring that sense of playfulness out of one another.

I had reached the office and needed to disconnect the call. I ask him to disconnect, and as usual he does not.

"Baby, I really miss you and can't stop thinking about you. You are the only person who runs in my brain. You always crack me up." he states

"I love you till the level of infinity. My world starts and ends on you. Come back home soon." I reply in return.

"Baby, let's assume that I am coming back. What will you do then?" I pause and wonder why suddenly out of nothing and nowhere he is asking me this.

"The moment you stand in front of me, I am going to hug you tight, may be I will make breathing difficult for you because holding you won't be enough, I will feel every ounce in you. I will live all those moments again in your arms when I wanted to hold you and I couldn't even reach the air that you breath in."

"Then I think it's almost time for me to smell you in my arms and nuzzle through your hair." and saying this he disconnected the call. I called back immediately but it was late. He already had switched off his phone. This playful hunk really loves creating puzzles.

My eyes turned wide and I almost screamed hearing this. Every muscle in my body froze and my face washed blank with confusion. My brain cogs couldn't turn fast enough to take in the information. What does he mean by almost time?, Is he coming back?, If yes, when is he coming back?, Why didn't he say anything clearly?, Oh God, I hate him the most at this very moment. How could he just say this and disconnect.

I enter my office, but my mind is still hanging over the thing he just said. I am dancing with joy just like a duck who moves through water, thinking that he is going to arrive even though there is no clarity. My mind is still  waving in a head scratching maze.

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