Character Sketch and Prologue

Character Sketch and Prologue:-

Sanskar Maheshwari: Age 25, recently got the "best and youngest businessman" award. He was in the age where many are just in the start of their careers, but he started working just at the age of 20. He didn't reach to this level by doing any illegal work it was his determination which helped him to touch the skies. He is also the leader of the gang "Black Tigers" and the backbone of his men.

Rishab Kundra: Age 31, the support system of Sanskar thinks about him as his son, more than of any younger brother or friend. He is the only one who knows about Sanskar's past. Having 8 months old baby boy and got married 2 years back. Best tracker of the gang, if you want to find someone rishi is there to dig out his/her details within 15 minutes.

Rithvik Shergil: Age 28, right hand of sanskar the most hyper member of their gang. RV loves all three a lot but for Sanskar he was having some extra love which can't be described in words. He only knows that he was having a worst past, but what is this he never pressurized him to tell because he has seen his state. Best racer of their gang, their enemies will never be able to run away if RV is chasing them.

Karan Gadodia: Age 26, he was the one who is more nearer to Sanskar other than Rishi because both shares almost the same age as Karan is just few months elder than Sanskar. He is the left hand of Sanskar. Among four RV and Rishi being elders, having stronger bond with each other, while Sanskar and Karan are soul brothers of each other.

Together all four shares a very "strong bond" which can't break, but in a group of friends also one always have a special bond with one of them, same is the case with these four. All were having special place in sanskar's life, that's the reason no one ever felt bad that who is nearer to him and who is not because in the end all four are the pillars of each other. All four again were together due to the thin string of pain, but they are strong enough to surpass that feeling deep in their hearts.

Swara Bose: Age 20, lives alone in a small chawl (small room). She has left her family, doing studies. Always remains in her own bubble, only having a friendly relation with the owner of one book shop where she works.

She never paid any heed to anyone who pitied on her or bashed her; she is expert in hiding her pain and showing fake smile to all.



A girl was shown working, she was around 20 years of age, she was making "craft pieces" with wooden sticks, she was sitting on the floor of her small one bedroom house or better to say chawl, she was making different beautiful pieces with great efficiency, that nobody will ever believe that they are handmade.

Within the time span of 2 hours, she made up to 20 small and big craft pieces which were for both elders and children or for decoration purpose.

She is doing her studies and for bearing her expenses, she works in one book shop whose owner allowed her to sell her craft pieces at one corner of her shop. That is why; she was having a small table of her own at one side of the shop in which she sells her craft pieces.

She was living alone and the owner of that shop (which is in one mall), was a very kind hearted lady who always there for her so that she don't feel lonely.

She was happy in her own bubble where she don't want anybody, she never allowed anyone to cross the line of her bubble because she was afraid in making relations. Its true Priya was nearer to her but she was having no idea about her past.

It's true that you should have someone on whom you can trust, but she was not ready yet to trust someone blindly because her painful past is the barrier between her, and trusting someone blindly.

On the Other side of the city:-

Camera reveals a huge mansion or better to say a mini palace.

Front side of the mansion:-

Backside of the mansion:-

Thick forest trees surrounded the mansion. Due to safety purpose, it was located in the out skirts of city. The major jungle area was also own by "The black Tigers" but nobody knows that, as it was always named as the mansion of "Sanskar Maheshwari," the "Business Tycoon."

Sanskar owns the mansion, but Rishi, RV, and Karan gifted it to him 2 years back when he finally decided to appear in front of the whole world as a businessman. He 4 years back started a small company by taking a lone from Rishi, and within 11 months he forcefully payback that loan to Rishi with double interest.

Their trust for each other was blind, and that trust only will help them to win the trust of that person, who is going to rule their hearts without them knowing.

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