Episode#4: The beginning of something good

Episode#4: - (The beginning of something good)

Swathi and karan were gazing swara with shocked expressions, while she was playing with ath in her arms. She was well aware of their gaze, but she doesn't want to look towards them, because in her life she met many people, who just gave a look of pity after knowing about her this inadequacy.

Don't know why but she doesn't want these people to pity on her. The thing she don't know, that they both were not having any pity for her in their eyes, there was just shock and only having pain in their eyes, which they felt after getting to know about her.

So what! if you can't speak? We can speak na, so it's enough. Swathi said nervously, after coming back in her senses, as she realized that they were just gazing swara with shocked expressions from a very long time.

Swara look towards swathi with shocked expressions and found her giving a warm smile towards her. Karan also came back in his senses after hearing swathi and nodded his head vigorously.

Bhabs is right little birdie, Karan said cheerfully.

Swara look towards both of them like they were some aliens. Priya (bookshop owner) is the only one who didn't pity on her, because she was having a 5 years old daughter who also can't speak. That's why maybe she never behaved with her differently.

But! these two people? Swara was standing lost in her thoughts when she felt two soft little hands on her face. She looks down and found ath was trying to cup her face. He was bouncing like a jelly in her lap.

Swara smiles a little, and set him properly in her arms while giving a kiss on his forehead. Ath giggles on getting a kiss and hides his face in the crook of her neck.

He just loves to hide his face in the crook of neck of that person, whom he likes whenever he goes to theirs lap or arms, swathi said while chuckling. Swara smiles a little and pat ath's back lovingly.

Why are we standing like this? Karan said after sometime and both swathi, swara gave him a confuse look.

Arrey I mean to say that why are we standing here. Why don't we go and sit somewhere else? Karan said cheerfully.

Swara tried to say something when suddenly they heard a voice from behind. Trio turns around and found Priya standing there.

Swara you go and have some free time with them, Priya said to swara because she was happy for swara, that finally someone is here, who is not showing any sympathy towards her.

Let's go and before anybody can think about anything, karan held swara's hand and dragged her towards the food court, first she startled but then calms down and followed him silently.

Swathi with guards followed them, karan took all to one table in food court. Swara nervously sat down with them, while ath was in her lap.

Swathi sat down and start doing little conversation with swara, but as swara can't speak, that's why it was difficult for swathi to talk to her. Karan meanwhile was doing something on his mobile.

Swathi called him many times but he was very busy, so to gain his attention she slapped him at the back of his head. Swara giggles (mutely) on seeing this. karan said "ouch" while rubbing his head.

What bhabs? Karan said while rubbing his head.

Idiot I'm calling you from last 5 minutes, why the hell were you not paying any attention. Swathi said while giving him a death glare.

Umm who actually I'm trying to find an app. which can teach me sign language, Karan said with a sheepish smile. Swara who was playing with ath snapped her head towards karan, with shocked expressions.

Tears start flowing from her eyes and within no seconds she starts crying bitterly, as no voice came from her mouth that's why swathi and karan didn't noticed her earlier, but when they heard ath's voice they look towards them and get startled after seeing swara in such a bad state.

Karan you idiot, why you made her cry, swathi said while scolding karan because she thought that swara is crying because of him.

Karan was looking guilty while swara was crying silently, swathi tried to calm her down while scolding karan who was looking hell guilty. Swara tried to say something with sign language but both didn't understand.

Swara what are you saying? Swathi said while trying hard to understand her signs but both (swathi and karan) can't be able to understand.

She is saying that; don't scold him, as she is not crying due to him, she just got little emotional after hearing him, a voice said from behind and all turns around on hearing the voice.

Rishi...Swathi said in a little surprised tone because one; they didn't expect him there and secondly how he understood what swara said.

Really, birdie? Karan said in a little happy tone after hearing Rishi, on which swara nodded her head in "yes" while signing in relief as finally they understood.

Rishi how you understood what swara was saying? Swathi asked Rishi who was now standing beside them.

Swathi, I learned sign language years back for time pass only, but I never thought that it will be useful for me some day.

By the way, who is this little Barbie? Rishi asked Swathi while gazing swara who was now trying to make karan understand some simple signs, as he asked her to make him learn some signs.

Swathi told Rishi everything; he was having a smile on his face, because for the first time he was seeing karan this much cares free with someone else other than them. Suddenly swara showed some sign to karan, which Rishi understood.

Karan was asking how to tell in sign language about, "you are like my little sister". A smile came on Rishi's eyes which first time reached to his eyes because, the shine which he saw in Karan's eyes while asking swara about that line is something which he never seen before.

Karan in 5 to 6 tries learned that sign not properly, but acceptable one and then he showed that signs to swara while saying that this is for you, who in return was just stunned after seeing him pointing towards her.

Swara was just gazing karan with wide eyes, who was looking extremely happy. Rishi smiles a little and came towards karan. He while patting his back look towards swara, who was now gazing Rishi with confused expressions, as her attention diverted from karan to Rishi.

Rishi understood her confusion, that's why while grabbing ath from swara's lap said;

I'm atharv's father "Rishab," Rishi said with a soft smile on which swara felt nervous as she is meeting him for the first time and he is having some intimidating aura.

Rishi bro how come you here? Karan asked Rishi, who told them that he was nearby when he called the guards to know about their whereabouts, so when they told him he thought to come here.

Swara was fidgeting with her fingers as she is feeling like an outsider suddenly. She turns to go silently when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turns around and found Karan gazing her with confused expressions.

Where are you going birdie? Karan asked being confuse, on which swara with sign said him something, which he didn't understand but as Rishi was gazing them he told Karan about that.

She is saying that she don't want to interfere in your family talks, that's why she is going. After hearing that, karan stiffened and without saying anything, he left from there.

Swara made a sad pout after seeing his retreating figure and turn towards swathi and Rishi, in which swathi was giving her a death glare and left from there after stomping her foot and grabbing ath from Rishi's arms.

Swara felt sad, Rishi who was standing there came towards her and pat her head a little.

Swara! I don't know you properly yet, but one thing I know that the sign about sister which karan learned from you is completely true. Because I know, he thinks about you as his sister. As I have never seen him happy this much which I saw him today.

Swara with teary eyes told Rishi in sign language that he (karan) is now angry with her. Rishi laughs a little and said.

Don't worry he will come back within 1 minute. On which swara gave him a confuse look but before she can register anything someone pulled her in a tight bear hug from behind after grabbing her arm.

You are and you will be my family, as from today you will be my little sister, store this little thing in your peanut size brain understand, Karan said in an angry tone and left from there after stomping his foot.

Swara was trying hard to register that what the hell just happened, while Rishi for the first time just burst into laughter after seeing karan's antics and swara's expressions.

Rishi while controlling his laughter to swara, "told you."

Swara gave him a sad pout, on which Rishi just shook his head while chuckling and again put his hand on her head.

God bless you, and he left from there while patting her cheek affectionately. Whole scene is seen by Swathi, she also came back to hug swara. After seeing the smile on rishi's and karan's face swathi just look towards swara with a warm smile.

I think, finally I got the reason for their smile which will reach to their eyes, Swathi said in her mind and left from there after thinking something. Swara also left from there towards her work, but this time she was having a bright smile on her face.

Priya noticed that smile on her face, she felt extremely happy after seeing her happy, because she knows it very well that how much pure hearted yet broken girl swara is.

1 week later:-

In this one week, many things happened, as karan almost every day comes to meet swara in which one time he also brought ath with him, while swathi talked with swara on messages, as she was busy in household things.

Rishi was extremely happy after seeing a little change in the environment of their mansion, as because karan was now chirpier than before. He knows that this is just a beginning because RV and Sanskar are still left.

Rishi I'm thinking to invite swara at home, Swathi asked Rishi who was reading some file while sitting on their bed.

Good idea, I also want to meet that little Barbie again. Rishi said with a soft smile. Swathi noticed that smile and did a little happy dance in her mind because she was sure that swara's innocent yet pure hearted aura will fill their mansion with happiness.

Okay, I will text her and will say her to come to our mansion on this weekend, because I know she gets very tired due to studies and work.

How many people she have in her family? Rishi asked suddenly from nowhere.

No one, as once Karan told that she lives alone and don't have anyone in her house. Swathi told rishi sadly.

Where she live? Rishi asked swathi on which she told him that she lives in chawl which is in XYZ area.

What? Rishi shouts suddenly on which Swathi startled a little and look towards Rishi with horrified expressions.

Rishi what happened? Swathi said with worried tone.

Swathi, the area in which swara is living, is 45% surrounded by drug dealers and local mafia. Why didn't you told this thing before? Moreover, what the hell that idiot karan, was doing till now if he knows that swara lives in that area, Rishi said in an angry tone.

Swathi becomes shocked after hearing all this; she becomes worried and said to Rishi what we will do now?

Firstly, let's call karan, Rishi said to her while grabbing his cell phone, he dialed karan's number who picked it up on 2nd ring tone.

Karan you idiot, why the hell swara is living in that area till now when you know it very well that, that area is very dangerous for normal people to live there, Rishi scolded karan without giving him a time to even say a "hello".

Karan was all horrified after hearing all this, as in excitement of having a little sister he totally forgot that in which dangerous area she was living. He only asked swara once that where she lives, after that he totally forgot about her residence as in this last week, he used to meet her for almost half to one hour that also in little hurry.

Screen freezes on Rishi's angry face and karan's horrified face.

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