The Nanny Wife

Chapter 1 : Mia

Mia is a happy go lucky girl, life is simple for her even though she doesn’t have much. She grew up from the orphanage and has been out of there since she turned eighteen, she still visits there though. Her dream is to make an institution or a group that will help orphan children who were never lucky to be adopted, to find their place into the world on their own. She called them “the unwanted ones”. It’s sad but the reality is not all orphans get lucky, just like her. She has been passed on from family to family but no one has the heart to keep her.

And so, now that she is out and spreading her wings wide, she promised to herself that she will help all the unwanted children around the world and love them as if they are her own. But before that, she needs lots of money. Lots and lots of it, and so we all find dear Mia working hard as a waitress. Her shift will end in a few hours and she is already excited for her 5 PM job. Babysitting. Yes, you all heard her right, she’s the most popular baby sitter in the area and if she doesn't have a schedule she works as a waitress at Rubai's, a popular restaurant frequented by popular people. One of her clients referred her to the head waiter when they are in dire need of an extra hand and that's where she came in. She efficiently blends in the group and as a fast learner, she has been a huge asset in those messy times. Now she is hired as the newest waitress of the restaurant. A feat she is very proud of indeed, now she can write in her cv that she has worked in a high-class restaurant, that's good enough for a high school graduate like her.

“I’m the best.” She mutters to herself as she works hard that day, gain as many tips as she can because why not? The customers like her, she’s all smile and always gives her one hundred percent in every task.

“Mia, come here. Get this wine bottle to the couple right there at the VIP section, table number five. Name is Mister Zian Greig and Miss Gigi Holland, be polite dear. The man is rich, offer them a refill before they even noticed they need one. I’m gonna go in and ask the chef to cook the meals for Mister Greig first.” Keith, the head waiter said as he went straight to the kitchen as soon as he dumped the wine bottle to Mia.

This will be the first time for her to serve the VIP section and it makes her so excited and happy that the head waiter has that much trust in her. She won’t screw this up. She inhaled and exhaled while putting a smile on her face.

“I can do this, fighting!” She whispers to herself as she walks directly towards the couple.

As she gets near the two, she heard the conversation and hesitates, it seems like the girl is forcing the man to commit to her. This is not good, should she just barge in there and offer a refill when the two are clearly fighting?

“No, Mister Keith assign me this task and I need to do it. Well here goes.” She mutters as she walks closer.

“Good evening, here’s a refill of your wine Mr. Greig and Ms. Holland.” She said with a smile.

The man didn’t even look at her but pushes his empty glass towards her in silence. Ms. Gigi is glowering at the man but smiles politely when she looked at her.

“Thank you so much…” Gigi looked expectantly at her.

“Mia, my name is Mia.” she gasps, not expecting the woman to care enough for a mere waitress's name.

“Thank you Mia.

“You’re very welcome Ms. Gigi, I will leave now. Have a nice evening.” She walks out of the scene but she can’t help when she heard hisses from the beautiful lady, wondering what makes her tick off like that.

“You can’t just end things when you’re bored Zian, what about my feelings? We’ve been together for quite some time, why do you have to throw everything away when things get serious?

Mia heard Gigi loudly said clearly not minding that some of the people around them can overhear their conversation.

“You don’t know me woman, and you can’t understand the reason because emotions are clouding your judgment. We can’t be together anymore because you want long term commitment and I can’t give you that.” Mr. Greig calmly said as he sips his wine, not bothered by the lady’s outburst.

Mia’s eyes widens at that statement. What a dick, a woman is begging for his love and Ms. Holland seems to genuinely have feelings for him and yet he just throws it away like trash?

“Mia, you go back to the kitchens and tell the chef to cancel my orders a while ago. It seems like those two won’t be here much longer anyway. Go ahead.” Mister Keith shoves her away as he walks closer to the two, getting ready for the worst.

Mia walks faster and does as she is told when she came back all her co-workers are in a jitter.

“Hey, what happened?

“Did you saw that gorgeous woman with Mr. Greig? she dumped him and then slapped him hard. Good for him, I think he just used girls, make them fall in love with him and then dumped them. A bad guy that one is.

Mia looked in on the table and saw Mr. Zian Greig still eating his meal and then when he’s finished he stands up and thanked the staff, left a huge tip and went out of the premises with his head held high as if the commotion a while ago doesn’t even affect him.

“He’s a cold one…I pity him.” Mia whispers as she looked at that retreating back.

All in all that incident makes her want to hate all those rich men who want nothing but use girls and break their hearts. She’s still in a grumpy more when baby Aldous’s mom picked him up after her night job.

“Hey Mia, what’s with the grumpy mood babe?” she asked her which she denies.

“No, I mean maybe it’s just that time of the month Mrs. Keep.” She said with a grin as the woman pats her comfortingly.

“You’ll survive. Bye Mia, thanks for the help dear. Check your account tomorrow, my husband has a little present for you, not much but we hope it will brighten up your mood dear.” She waved goodbye and Mia waves back.

Her customers are the best. They trust her that much to leave their sons and daughter with her right here in her small flat. Mia shakes her head as if wanting to shake that Zian out of her thoughts too when her phone rings, seeing that it’s her best friend calling she answers with a smile.

“Hey bitch…what’s up?

“You are never going to believe it.” Grace squealed through the phone while Mia rolled her eyes at her friend’s dramatics.

“I don’t want to go on blind dates Gracie, how many times do I have to tell you that?” she mutters as she walks to her kitchen looking for a drink.

“It’s not about that you bitch. My boss is on the hunt for a nanny, you know that annoying kid that I told you about? She scared another Nanny again, this time that woman only lasted for a week. No other agency is offering my boss another replacement because his daughter has a reputation by now so when he asked for my help I did say that my best friend is one of the most trusted baby sitters around our block and….

“Oh, my gosh no...” Mia whines, knowing what is to come.

“Annnddd I said that you will be glad to accept the job…” Grace continues as if she can’t hear her best friend.

“Grace…” Mia weakly said.

“If the price is right,” Grace said with a flourish and Mia stopped what she’s doing after hearing those words.

“Do you think he will pay a huge amount for a nanny?” she whispers.

“Of course bitch, no one wants to take care of his kid any more. Anyway, he said he wants to meet up and take a look at you before hiring you officially and don’t worry I already told him that we will charge him extra if his daughter makes your life a living hell just like what she did with nanny 1006.

Mia kept silent and think about her goal, in terms of money she has to admit that she wasn’t able to save that much because she still needs to support her daily needs, pay rent and donate some of it to charity.

“I think I’m interested.” She weakly said.

“I know you will be interested babe, you got big goals, my little hero. Now be ready and I will tell you the scheduled meet up once I organized his schedule this week. One piece of advice dear, don’t let that little hellion get you.

“I won’t, I mean I know how to make friends with kids babe, it’s my job.

“This one is different, she’s the spawn of hell.” Grace hisses.

“What’s your boss’s name anyway?” Mia curiously said.

“Oh, you didn’t know? It’s Mister Zian Greig.

Zian Greig? What the fuck.

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