Chapter 2 : To be or not to be

“Hello..are you still in there or what?” Grace said through the phone as Mia tries to shake the shock that she felt when she finally heard her future employer’s name.

Why did it have to be that guy? Out of all the billion people in the world and she gets to be nice towards a jerk who plays with women’s feelings. It’s official, she has run out of luck.

“Mia…” Grace worriedly called her name.

“I’m here, I’m just shocked. I mean not everyone will get the chance to work for that man.” She lamely said trying to hide the fact that he saw first-hand how the man has been rude to his woman or shall we say, ex-girlfriend.

“My boss is one of the biggest jerk in the world but he’s all right I guess. Super workaholic and sometimes I get a feel of him being a perfectionist but he always treats us right most of the time so he’s okay I guess. You are not going to have a relationship with him anyway so you don’t have to worry about pleasing him or anything. Just be strong and take care of his daughter. That will be good enough for him.” Grace casually explained as Mia snorted.

“I saw him, that boss of yours just breaks someone’s heart at Pedro’s and the whole place buzzes with rumors and fake news because of his girlfriend…I mean his ex-girlfriend just slapped him right there as they speak. I didn’t see the exact scene but my co-workers did.

Grace gasps at the juicy news fresh from her best friend’s mouth.

“Oh my gosh…his girlfriend just dumped him? This is so gossip-worthy. Thank you for sharing my dear friend I will spread it around the office now.” Grace giggles as Mia rolled her eyes at her friend.

“May I remind you that I am there when that happened and your boss might recognize me as the waitress who offered them a wine refill when you finally take me there to meet him. If that gossip news reached his ears when he finally laid eyes on me do you think he can’t put two and two together?

“Chill bitch. He won’t recognize you.” Grace reassures her when Mia lifts an eyebrow in disbelief.

“How can you be so sure?

“Because Mr. Zian Greig just doesn’t care about the people around him except for his daughter. That’s how cold and aloof he is. He won’t look at you and won't even notice you if you are not his equal.” Grace simpers as she thinks of her boss.

If he won’t recognize me then I am in. I just don’t want some awkward air around us, I mean I already despise him because of what he did to that girl Miss Gigi Holland who has been so kind to me.

“So what do you say about the job Mia?

“I…I’ll get back to you later okay? I’m just. I need to think first.

“You do that, but please get back to me soon because this is a huge opportunity for you to earn money and I know that you need it.

“Okay, thanks, Grace.

Mia wants to learn more about the man who will be her newest employee and so she searched about him on the internet and find some interesting stuff. He is born in a wealthy family, a self-made millionaire at such a young age, married young and became a dad a year after the marriage. His wife died in child-birth and his daughter Zara is now four years old.

The man has been back in the dating scene just last year and his former girlfriend has been the only one who has been with him the longest. The other girls are just flings and bedwarmers, that is what is written on some articles anyway.

“Maybe he loved his wife so much he doesn’t want to love again anymore.” She quietly said to herself as she looked at the picture of Zian.

The man has been huge when she saw him, she felt starstruck and stood frozen as he and his ex-girlfriend walks past. All six-foot, muscles and a trim beard and those striking blue eyes that would make any girls want to stare at it the whole day.

“Alright, I will admit that he’s hot. I understand why Miss Gigi would want to own that.” She mutters to herself.

She reads one article that makes her changed her mind about the man, it says Mr. Zian Greig’s has never smiled with warmth again after his wife died.

Looks can be deceiving, there are always multiple sides to the stories and it is rude of her to judge him when she doesn’t know anything about the man.

“I think I will give this whole thing a try.

Zian walks leisurely towards the mansion, he inhaled before going in as he braces himself for the upcoming complaints from his servants about his daughter Zara. He is having trouble finding a Nanny for his child. Zara is a very active child that makes her former Nanny’s so exhausted and so frustrated about her naughtiness that the latest only lasted for a week.

“Mr. Greig, we are so glad that you are finally home.” The servant said with almost tear-filled eyes, so watery with relief that Zian almost feels sad for them. Almost.

“What did she do this time?” he asked as he walks inside the house.

“She throws her tray of food right all over her room sir. The carpet is ruined by the juice.” She nervously said as Mark sniffed in distaste.

“I never liked that carpet anyway. It’s fine you can all go back to your duties now. I will take care of Zara after I get a quick shower.” He intends to walk upstairs to his room when a sound of breaking china reaches his ears.

“What the hell…” he mutters as he follows the noise and sees Zara grinning evilly as the head cook shakes her head in despair.

“You broke my favorite cup, Miss Zara.” Jean sadly grabs the cleaning material.

“Zara! You did this? That is such a bad thing to do missy. Go to your rooms and no meal!” Zian said in anger, frustrated at how rebellious his daughter is at such a young age.

The child looked at him, pouting at his orders and let one of the maids take her to her room.

“Sorry about that Jean, I knew that cup was given by your late husband.” He apologized when Jean chuckles and shakes her head.

“Mr. Greig, don’t apologize to me. I lost a cup, no matter how much is its sentimental value it is a replaceable thing, but our children are not. Zara is young and she wants your attention that is why she is making a fuss around here.” Jean said with a hearty laugh.

“I am teaching her to listen and follow her elder’s orders, it is better to discipline them early so they will learn early.

Jean looked at the young man in front of her with pity in her eyes. She has been employed by the Greig family since Zian has been a child himself, she watched him grown to the man he is now and she knew he is a good man but he neglected his daughter when his late wife died. Pain can change people, and with neglect, he is making his child grow into a resentful child which Serena will never want her to be.

“You know what Zian, you don’t need to find a nanny for your child. You should find a wife and a second mother for her. A wife who will keep you warm and a mother who will love your child like her own.” Jean said with a chuckle as Zian uncharacteristically rolled his eyes and escaped from her presence as fast as he can.

“You should follow my suggestion Zian!” the older woman shouted which makes Zian smirks and shakes his head.

“I don’t need another wife. No one can replace Serena.

Zara looked into her panda stuff toy with a pout, thinking about her father who shouted at her as soon as he gets home.

“Papa always shouts at me. He doesn’t love me anymore.

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