Chapter 3: Interview

Zian was married to his childhood sweetheart Serena Vandermoor when they were twenty, his wife got pregnant soon after and carried the child full term but has the misfortune to die in childbirth due to complications. Zian has never been the same since. It felt like he died with her and with that he neglected the baby that was left behind.

He has moved on already, that is what he says to himself every single day but everyone knew that he still can’t look into his child’s eyes. He knew how he mistreated her by ignoring her, by not caring for her and by leaving her into the servant’s care when he, one of the parents is still there, still breathing and still able.

It was hard and he tried. He really tried to not harbor some negative feelings for the child who did nothing wrong but to survive and live but it pains him, it pains him to look at her and realize that because of her birth, his one true love has died. It pains him that people whisper behind his back on how cruel and cold he is, he heard them alright and he doesn’t speak out to defend himself. It pains him because he knows it is true. He became empty when Serena left. She took him with her, now he just lets the days past by until he can follow her wherever she is right now.

He felt guilty, last night he has done it again. He made his daughter more aloof with him but he doesn’t know how to approach her, how to be at ease around her. She has her mother’s spirit, he heard every naughty deed that she has ever done and it pains his heart even more. Serena might just be filled with joy at the sight of her rumbustious child.

He reaches a hand and then stopped, he stared hard at the doorknob wondering if he should barge in and apologized to the child.

No, a full-grown man like me doesn’t need to apologize to a child. She is a child for god sake. She will eventually forget about what happened last night and act like nothing happens once he crosses path with her again.

He continued to convince himself as he, coughs and straightens out before turning away from that door. Away from the forgotten child.

He drives off to work that day with ease, wanting to fix the relationship that he has with his daughter one step at a time. And for that to happen he needs to make sure that the child is being well taken cared of for once, the servants in the Greig household are so busy they are not able to focus on the child for too long. He needs to find someone who can take care of his fiery child. Someone who is strong enough to handle difficulties and yet still has a patience of a saint.

“Good morning Mr. Greig! Your schedules are all set, please see the blue folder placed at your table, meeting with the directors will be after lunchtime as you wished and I finally have what you really need in your life.” Grace confidently said, feeling proud of herself and silently praying for a pay raise.

Zian turns and looked at her in curiosity, lifting his eyebrows in a silent gesture to explain further.

“My best friend extraordinaire, the most trusted baby sitter in town I might say finally said yes to my proposal and she will be here to personally meet you and apply for the Nanny position. Isn’t that great Mr. Zian? I literally saved your life and I think I need some pay raise after this.” She crosses her arms and looks at her boss with a challenging eye as she

stares him down, very serious about wanting extra cash she forces herself to not blink and win the staring challenge from her boss.

The phone suddenly rang and Grace turns to pick it up.

“Shit...I lost again.” She mutters under her breath as she takes note while Zian hums under his breath and proceeds to walk inside his office.

He is, of course, thankful for his secretary’s help in finding a Nanny for his child but he will never show anyone the satisfaction of seeing him happy. He promised to himself that he will never be happy again until he can be with Serena in the after-life. Ignoring that happy news, for now, he is set to have a productive day at the office, following his schedule strictly and punctually that at four pm he forgot about the applicant that is scheduled to be there at his office.

Walking back at his office with ease and his mind still filled with the proposals and reports that are presented to him, Grace has no choice but to follow him as he walks and turns the corner.

But then someone came barging in on him with such intensity and force that his body has no other choice but to fall down. Grace shouted in shock as Zian literally fell on his back with someone on top of him.

Wincing at the sudden pain on his lower back, Zian growls low in his throat, opening his eyes and glaring at that someone who bumps hard into him. He found himself staring at an apologetic woman who has a funny look on her face and seems comfortable enough to lay down on top of his person.

“Uhhh… hi.” Mia shyly said as she tries to smile but it actually looked like a wince, seeing that he bumped into the CEO, on her way to his office which seems to be on the opposite way of where she is going. Her luck really sucks.

Zian didn’t answer her and continue to glare at her, silently hoping she will stand up now and leave him the hell alone.

“I’m sorry I bumped into you.” Mia chuckles awkwardly as Zian looked incredulously at her, does she want to have a chat in the middle of the hallway and right there on top of the company CEO’s body?

“Security!” He shouted fiercely as Grace suddenly moves and grabs her best friend off of him.

“No need for that sir, she’s not…She’s …she is crazy but she is the only one brave enough to take the job as your child’s Nanny. Please forgive her, she is my best friend Mia. Hey bitch, stand up and get the fuck off of him.” Grace hisses the last words to Mia who chuckles and nods her head, bowing repeatedly towards Zian.

“I’m so sorry sir, I am just in a hurry and I didn’t see you. I’m so sorry.

Zian gets up with a loud prolonged sigh and dust himself off, taking a peek at the woman who is applying for the job. He can forgive her as long as she promised to stay and take care of his wayward daughter.

“The office is right there…not here. Don’t you have any sense of direction?” he calmly said as he shakes his head and walks away, not minding if Grace didn’t follow him.

“What the heck are you doing girl? I mean, Mr. Greig is a yummy son of a bitch but no one has ever harassed him as you do. Was it big? Did you get the chance to feel it?” Grace asked with a naughty grin as he leads her best friend into the office.

“Grace! I…I am not focusing on things like that geez. I fell on top of him for Christ's sake…” Mia complains but blushes under that knowing gaze. Yes, the man’s body is rock hard with muscles, all over…his package included.

“Uhhh, you got one chance girl and you screw it up. Anyway, we just got off from that boring meeting with a few investors and his mood probably isn’t that good, wait what am I saying? He’s always not in the mood, you better get used to it. When we get there, straighten up your outfit, get that wide beautiful smile in there and answer him like you are in the miss universe pageant. It’s your time to shine babe, don’t be nervous because you got this job in the bag. No one wants to take care of his kid because she’s a real naughty lass.” Grace widely smiled as she encouraged her best friend but her smile slowly turns into a grimace as she looks down on her outfit of the day.

“What the fuck are you wearing?” she whines in annoyance at that polka dot printed flowing skirt and a turtle neck blouse with laces on the wrist.

Mia swallows nervously and wonders if she looked horrible as Mrs. Tanner said when she left the apartment.

“You said I should dress up in formal attire and I don’t have a formal attire.” She glumly said as she wrings her hands. She is the town’s best baby sitter and when she takes care of kids and babies, she doesn’t need to dress up in heels, tight skirts, and a formal blouse.

Grace huffs under her breath and laughs it off. She is very confident that her boss will still hire her best friend due to a lack of applicants for the position.

“You and me on a shopping spree next week, whether you like it or not. Time to update that closet of yours Mia.” Grace determinedly said as she dragged her friend inside, make her sit for a while before walking inside the office to check if Mr. Greig is ready for the interview.

“Sir? Mia is ready for the interview. Shall I let her in now?

“Your friend, she’s not usually that careless right?” Zian asked as Grace’s breath hitched on her throat in sudden fear that her boss might take the incident a while ago against Mia’s favor.

“No, she is the most responsible person I know and she is just about to wet her pants with nervousness about meeting you because I told her you are a boss from hell who wouldn’t give me any pay raise.” She quickly said as her boss glared fiercely at her.

Zian ignores her jibes as usual and flicks his wrist in irritation.

“Send her in,” he mutters under his breath as he taps his fingers on the table while waiting for that woman.

That horribly dressed woman who had the audacity to plaster her thin body to his own, accidentally waking up that urge in him as a man and he hates it. He hates her for doing this to him, making him aware of someone’s body again, making him lose his focus on his dead wife. Sadly, he can’t send her away because what Grace has said is true. He needs her for his child, Zara.

He looked warily at the timid woman who walks slowly into the office followed by Grace. He stared pointedly at Grace who ignores him and produces a rag out of nowhere and proceeds to clean the room, her back to the two of them.

Mia smiled politely towards him, Zian claps his hands together.

“I have a few questions for you Ms.

“My name is Mia Henson.” She nervously said as Mr. Greig finally took her resume, and look at its content.

“You are quite young…” Zian mutters as he saw her age and looked back at her.

“My daughter, as Grace probably told you has an attitude of a spoiled brat and many nannies already come and go. Do you have what it takes to take care of her without losing your temper?” Zian looked directly at Mia, making the younger squirm on her seat as she felt those electric blue eyes stare into her soul.

“Yes, I am very patient around kids and I hope I can meet up with your daughter so we can be great friends.” Mia smiled confidently as Grace turns her head towards her with wide eyes, silently praying for her innocent friend’s life when she finally gets the chance to meet the little devil.

“I like your enthusiasm Ms. Henson but can you work under pressure? I am being realistic here, taking care of my daughter is like going into battle and fighting for your life and safety. Can you take it?” Zian seriously said, remembering that wailing nanny that resigned when Zara throws a snake at her when she is eating inside the kitchen.

Mia takes a chance and looked back at Grace, who is now looking at her and silently urging her on.

“Yes, I think I can manage it, Mr. Greig.” She whispers in fear.

“We will have a trial week, get ready with your things and one of my drivers will pick you up from your apartment and drive you off to our home. When you survive that first week you have the job and I will double your pay.” Zian said with finality as he turns towards his secretary.

“Please prepare the contract, Ms. Florian.” He said as he dismissed the two of them.

Grace put up a hand and looked expectantly at her boss.

“You said you will double up her salary after one week, right? Can we switch jobs? I mean she can be your secretary and I will deal with that little angel.” She insisted as Zian turn his back towards her, grabs a folder and ignore her as usual.

Grace gritted her teeth and dragged her friend out of the room.

“Dick…” she whispers loudly while slamming the door shut.

“Do you always get away with this?” Mia said in wonder as Grace tries to calm herself.

“Yes, because like daughter, like father. Every other secretary quits too because he is such a dick head, that boss of mine. Anyway, as he said you will be picked up by the driver…”

“Wait, are they like those cool dudes from tv, wearing all black and glasses?

“Well yes, they are bodyguards and drivers at the same time, they wear formal clothes because Mr. Greig is rich and he needs top-notch protection. Listen, call me when you get there, tell me everything about that lovely child and then do your best. If everything is not going right just think of all that money you will receive, baby. You can save up and do what you want with it, this is your chance to be productive, take it and do well.” Grace said with a smile as Mia turns a hesitant smile towards her.

“What if, one of these days I found out that I can’t continue or I can’t take that little girl’s attitude?” she quietly asked, fear evident on her tone.

“Then you can go. The door is open and I won’t judge you for it, dear, when that time comes, I can only say that you did your best. That’s it, don’t worry I am confident that you can do it.

She hugs her best friend and thank her for getting her this job. Today he will meet that little girl and vowed to take care of her as best as she can.

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