Chapter 4 : Zara Greig

Mia is about to wet her pants in nervousness, the cool men in black suits did arrive and assisted her towards that expensive car that she wouldn’t be able to ride into if it weren’t for her new job as THE ZARA GREIG’s newest nanny. The bodyguards are polite and silent, the ride has been a quiet one as she was left to ponder on her thoughts, torn between feeling hesitant and determined at the same time. It has been a short ride and they arrived at the mansion soon enough. Her mouth drops obscenely at the perfect image of the Mansion, top-notch, spotlessly clean and very well taken cared of, the air around the place smells like cash, cash and lots of cash.

The head servant by the name of Evelyn welcomes her with a warm smile and an open arm hugging her close as if she is a long lost friend of hers, the chubby woman seems to be so happy there is someone to take care of the small child again.

“Welcome Ms. Henson, the staff here at the Greig’s mansion is expecting your arrival. Let us show you your room and then I will personally take you on a mini-tour around the mansion so that you can know your way around here when you start taking care of our little Zara.” She kindly said as Mia agrees with a smile. Thankful for the help given and slightly nervous about what is about to come.

She dumped her things inside her room, a beautiful small room with butterflies painted all over the walls and followed Evelyn around. She wanted to know more about her employer and of course about the little Miss she is about to take care of.

“This is the living room, it takes twenty people to clean mind you. The entrance right there is controlled by the security team, they have an office in the basement and they control every security detail around the area, CCTV, automatic locks and such. That door will only open to people who are recognized by the A.I and so you are needed to go down there later for profiling and picture taking. The grand staircase is there but the family doesn’t usually do it, there is another stair down the hall there.” Evelyn drone on and on as she pointed every nook and cranny.

“This door with a little crown plastered on it is Little Zara’s room.” She jovially said.

“Can you tell me more about her?” she eagerly said.

“Oh, she is a hellion our Zara but she is only like that because she needs some love from her papa. Zian, unfortunately, got no more love to give. His late wife already took it to the grave. Zara is going to be five years old in a couple of months now, she is a little bit intense and means but I think she just wants her papa’s attention. Deep inside she is just like any other regular kid.” Evelyn casually said as they walk past the child’s room and into the next sets of rooms.

“These are sort of guest rooms now, Mr. Zian is an only child so, no other children grazed these rooms but years and years ago, little masters and mistresses, the children of the master of the house stayed in these rooms.” She mysteriously said as Mia looked sharply back at her.

“This is an ancestral house? There are ghosts in, here right?” she fearfully said as Evelyn laugh at her statement.

“What are you saying? Of course, there are, every place has a ghost. Are you a sacredly cat Mia?” she asked with a grin.

“A little…” she said in her tiny voice as the head servant pats her on the head in pity.

“Don’t be, there are lots of people in here, you won’t be left all alone. One piece of advice though… don't let the little mistress know about your…weaknesses or she might use it against you. You need to survive Ms. Henson, we are all rooting for you.

Mia smiled warmly at the woman and finds herself on a mini-tour around the mansion and when the time they are finished, it is almost dark.

“Would you look at the time. Here is your room Ms. Henson, as you can see you are placed just beside Zara’s room for convenience. We will bring up your dinner for tonight, the Master called and informed us that it is your first night so you should take a rest and he will meet with you at breakfast tomorrow, he will also introduce his daughter with to you.” Evelyn informed her and she nodded her thanks.

When she is finally left alone in her butterfly themed room she smiled to herself, it is time to make friends here in order to survive the following days, she won’t have her usual freedom like when she is just babysitting kids where she can get home when their parents finally got home, where she will be with the kid 24/7.

“You can do this Mia. Fighting!” she shouted to herself, holding her clenched fist up in the air, not noticing the door to her room being opened silently.

“You crazy!” a small voice suddenly said.

Mia shrieked in fear as she jumped on her bed and looked around the room in shock, remembering Evelyn’s words about ghosts.

“Who’s there? I know I am new here but please go away. I am scared of a ghost.” She said out loud crossing her arms around her chest in an attempt to guard herself against unknown entities.

“Nanny Crazy!” Zara shouted in glee as she claps her hands, she went there to see the new one they brought in and she is happy to see that she is fun, unlike those who went before.

“Nanny?” Mia whispers to herself as she looks downwards and finally takes a look at the child that she is supposed to take care of.

“Hi…” she said in wonder, looking at that angelic face and adorable curls that are bundled up messily on a bun on top of her head.

“You here to take care of me?” she said in curiosity.

“Why, yes. I am here to take care of you and we will have fun together.” She said with a huge smile, hoping to make the little girl like her sooner than later.

“I don’t like Nanny.” She said with a scowl on her face, crossing her arms.

“Why not sweetheart?” she hesitantly asked.

“I want daddy and I don’t want you.” The child insisted as she continues to scowl, trying to intimidate her with her expression to no effect of course, that just makes her look ten times cuter.

“I said you will meet her tomorrow Zara. You are really so hard-headed. Go to your room.” They both turned to look towards Mark who suddenly appeared at the doorway.

“Daddy…” Zara expectantly turns to her father who motions for her to get out, one of the maids walks inside and ushers the young child who looks at her father with longing before she was taken out of Mia’s room.

Mia frowns at Mark, disagreeing with how the man acts towards his child. Doesn’t he know that love is crucial for a parent and child bond? That he is lucky to have his child with him and vice versa?

“Excuse my child. She does whatever she wants and I hope you will be able to teach her manners.” He said as he looks at Mia and wonders why she is standing in the middle of the bed.

“You know what Mr. Greig, you are wasting precious opportunities to be with your child.” She suddenly blurted out, not minding that her job is on the line. She just won’t sit around and let him neglect that child, she knows what it is like to feel so alone in this world, she experienced that in the orphanage.

Zian lifted an eyebrow and walks slowly towards her, this woman has the audacity to confront him about his parenting skill as if she has the right to do so.

“You don’t have the right to meddle with things that don’t concern you. I hired you to take care of my child, I didn’t hire you so you can criticize me.

He lifted a hand and put it on her chin, making sure that she is looking directly at him.

“I am your boss and you should always respect me. Remember that Ms. Henson.” He dangerously as he slowly slid his fingers off her chin, turns around and slammed the door shut as he goes.

Mia put a comforting hand on her chest, finally able to breathe properly now that the man is away from her. She doesn’t know it, why her heart clenched painfully and its heartbeat went crazy fast when Mark touched her innocently on her chin.

“Why…why am I feeling this way?” she whispers to herself as she stared at the close door as if it held the answers to her questions.

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