Chapter 5 : Mia's first day

Nervousness sinks in as Mia woke up early for her very first day as the newest nanny to Zian Greig’s daughter. Last night’s confrontation with the man has been unexpected and to think that she is feeling some tingling sensations just by a mere touch of the man’s hands on her chin.

Get a hold of yourself. She thinks to herself as she prepares to meet the man that makes her feel things.

Putting her hair into a ponytail and finally taking on that hideous white uniform with white sneakers on, she winces at the horrendous outfit as she looks in the mirror.

“I look like a freaking nurse.” She mutters as she turns around to see if the size fits perfectly on her.

It fits well, how come they know my size though? It wasn’t reported in my resume. Wait did Mr. Greig already did a background check on me?

From the way she sees Zian, the man would, of course, make sure that she has clean records before letting her near his daughter. It is understandable as the man came from a family of wealth and security has been of most importance for them.

“I can do this! Fighting self!” she cheerfully encourages her reflection in the mirror and put a smile on her lips as she went out of the room.

Evelyn instructed her to meet Mr. Greig for breakfast where she will formally be introduced to the child, she is about to take care of, the little one’s little break in into her bedroom last night wasn’t counted as a proper introduction so today is formally her very first day of work. Walking briskly towards the kitchen, she turns towards the grand table and is surprised to see Zian there at the head of the table, quietly reading the newspaper. While Zara is sitting on his left, wearing a glum expression on her face, clearly not happy to be wakened up early and is making everyone aware of her mood by pouting her lips and scrunching up her eyebrows.

Zian turns towards her and stared coldly at her, he loudly sighed and look dramatically on his watch.

“You are one minute and thirty seconds late at this meeting. I expect nothing of this sort from you, Ms. Henson.” He seriously said as she looked incredulously at him.

Is this man even serious? Like what the hell?

Her mouth almost dropped from that statement as she suppressed her irritation by avoiding those intense stares and taking deep breaths to calm herself.

“I am sorry Mr. Greig if I am one minute and thirty seconds late, it won’t happen again as I make sure next time, I’ll be at the location of our meet up fifteen minutes ahead of time.” She said with the biggest fake smile she can muster.

It doesn’t fool the man though, who lifted an eyebrow at her and motions for the empty seat on his right, in front of where little Zara sat.

“Take a seat.

As soon as she is comfortable Zian folded the newspaper and the servants arrived in line, carrying trays and putting the dishes in front of them. Mia looked nervously at them and smiled in greeting, she feels nervous all of a sudden by the show of grandeur.

Is this really just breakfast? I feel like I am at a five-star restaurant. She thought to herself and as the servants quietly walk out of the room, she turns towards Zian.

“We should start the day with some food first and then I will discuss what will happen from your first day onwards.

“Okay, Mr. Greig.” She mutters and started to eat, enjoying the food and she suddenly has a nagging suspicion that the mansion holds a personal chef, this fried rice with eggs looks beautifully down with decorations, if she ever cooks come eggs it will be put above her rice without any thoughts for presentation. She will eat the whole thing anyway, why bother making some efforts.

When they are almost finished, Zian grabs a handkerchief and gently swipe his mouth with it. Mia looks at the kid who has rice all over her dress and smiled fondly, Zara notices her staring and scowled at her, crossing her arms in the act of trying to intimidate her. She chuckles under her breath and turns to the man when he coughs loudly to get her attention.

“Mia, I want you to meet my daughter Zara. She is four years old and attending nursery school but was suspended because she always fights with her classmate, she is about to return there by next week. You should be prepared to travel between the mansion and the school, no detour. The safety of my child will be your topmost priority and as I am a well-known man, the probability of my child being kidnapped in exchange for money is huge so I am a stickler for security.

Mia nods her head in agreement, she will, of course, follow that instruction carefully as the child is now her responsibility.

“Next, she is a handful, but she is not a bad child. I hope you will be patient enough to understand and to continue taking care of her.” Zian gently said as he turns an eye towards his child, seeing her expression which puts a little turn on his lips.

She looks like her mama when she does that. He thought with longing as he remembers his wife’s scowling face when she is mad at him.

“Papa, I don’t want her.” Zara grumpily said as she pointed her tiny finger at Mia.

She smirked and smiled genuinely at the child.

“Oh, but I… I like you and I want to take care of you. You can’t just get rid of me baby girl.” She teasingly said with a wink.

Zian looks at Mia as she smiles, noticing how different that smile is compared to the smile she always shows him. Noticing how simple yet beautiful and classy she looks without makeup on, her lips look nice too with just her lip balm on…

“Mr. Greig!” Mia loudly called him out as he shakes himself out of his reverie and looked confusedly at her.

“Come again?

“Your phone is ringing.” She pointed out with a noticeable blush on her face before turning away from him.

He looks down on the table and saw his phone, finally noticing that it is indeed ringing. Cursing himself for spacing out and making a fool of himself he answers the call.

Mia takes a peek every now and then at the man who is speaking with someone on the phone, silently wondering why he spaced out a while ago, staring at her as if he is in deep thought.

Do I look ugly today? Maybe I should put some makeup next time. Grace said being presentable is a must. Yes, that is what I will do tomorrow to avoid instances like this.

It’s not that she doesn’t want to be stared at by a handsome man or what but no matter how hot and attractive her boss is, the fact still remains that he is a certified JERK in her eyes and nothing will change that.

“I have to go, there is an emergency meeting and I want you to two to always be together today. Have a little get to know each other, this is a trial week for you Mia and you can actually experience taking care of her before your final judgment if you are taking the job in or what. That’s it. I will go now.” He said in a hurry as he stands up and walks out of the dining room without a backward glance.

Mia shakes her head at the man, he doesn’t even talk to his child, say goodbye or give her a kiss before he goes away.

“Zara, I am your new nanny and we will have fun together.” She said with an encouraging smile at the child who looks more sad than grumpy now and she knows that the reason is her uncaring father.

“I don’t know fun. I don’t know what happy feels like.” The little child said, shocking her with that statement. How can a mere child talk as if she is an adult experiencing depression?

“Well, I am here now to show you how to have fun, even without the help of others you can find happiness. Just trust me okay?

She said with a sad smile as she stared at Zara, the little one has his father but he is mostly absent in her life. She is just like her when she is young and alone in the orphanages, with her friends being luckily adopted and had the chance to have a wonderful family to take them in, she is left there every year hoping for someone to love her and take her away, but she wasn’t that lucky.

Every night she is plagued with the idea that she doesn’t deserve a family or be happy and those were not nice thoughts to have when you are young. Looking at Zara now she vows to help the child in every way she can even if the little one doesn’t want her help.

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