Chapter 6 : Confrontation

Mia finally succeeded in getting Zara out of the dining room and into her room, it’s time for a bath and she will only finish this task if the little one does cooperate with her and looking at her grim expression on her cherubic face, that won’t happen.

“I take baths on my own.” She grumpily said as she crosses her arms again while Mia put a hand on her waist.

“Listen baby, you gotta be in that tub now or else, I will call the security team to assist you in your bath, you wouldn’t like that of course.” She sassily said.

Zara looked shocked at her statement and slowly crept inside the tub. Sitting on the warm water while Mia walks towards her with a bath sponge.

“You know what Zara, you don’t have to make it difficult for the both of us. We can be friends and I can help you out no problem if you just play nice.” She casually said, remembering Harriet, one of the kids she babysits. She is also a mean one and bitchier than Zara. That kid actually cut her hair off at one point and that is when she realizes the power of having a deal with toddlers. You give them what they want and they will be obedient as an angel. Boom, suddenly you have all the power to control them any way you please.

“I don’t want friends.” The child mumbles under his breath, wincing a little as Mia rubs her back with a sponge, hearing the woman curse under her breath as the dirt on her skin was washed out.

“You need friends in order to survive life baby, tell me what do you want and I promise to give it to you. But, in exchange, I will require your obedience and good behavior towards me, as I say I want us to be friends.” She said with a friendly tone on her voice as she continues to rub the small child’s body.

Zara stayed silent and looked back at her in wonder. Eyes wide in expectation and longing, she speaks after a few minutes.

“Can you make my papa love me? If you can, then I will be good. I promise.” She said in her small voice and Mia dropped the sponge and cried openly at that statement, reaching out and hugging the little girl close to her. Comforting her with her tight grip, she swipes the tears off but they just keep on falling.

She remembers herself from this little girl, she feels so sad for her. She just wanted to be loved, nothing more.

“I will do the best I can baby.” She said with determination as Zara looked up at her in surprise.

“Why are you crying?

“Don’t mind me baby, I am just an emotional crazy woman. Listen, just trust me and we will make your papa love you again, alright?

I will make sure of it.

Meanwhile, Zian went to the office without a care for what is happening back in his home. He has money and he uses it for everything he needs. Now the problem with his child is settled, he can focus back on his business. As he sits on his desk he runs a finger on his lips, remembering the new addition to his household.

Mia Henson, he did a background check on her and finds out that she is an orphan who grew up in the orphanage and moves out of there when she turns eighteen, she still visits every once in a while with her hard-earned money that she uses to donate to the orphanage. She looks decent enough and talks politely at him, except for that outburst last night, she is also referred by his secretary and that is safe enough for him as Grace knew her the longest.

He remembers how good and pretty she looks with her uniform on, her face bare and those lips look tasty.

“Shit, what am I thinking?” he whispers to himself as he grabs a folder and started to read the report but finds himself unable to concentrate, his mind keeps on going back to the Mansion, going back to her.

I can be lusting after the nanny?! It is too long since I had sex, maybe I need a quick fuck to get this out of my system.

He remembers his ex-girlfriend and realizes that it has been weeks since they had a good fuck and that is what makes him this cranky.

“Maybe I should just call her and see if she is up for a date tonight?” he said to himself, knowing it is meant for him to just lead her on to get what he wants.

“Or I will just go to that party I am invited to for once and have a one-night stand. Yes, that’s more like it.” He smiled in satisfaction and proceeded to work.

One good fuck and he will get that woman out of his head.

Mia looked at Zara in satisfaction, the child looks better now, wearing her clothes right this time. She also lets her fix her curls right and voila. A brand-new Zara is born today.

“You look, adorable baby, see what a nice appearance can do? When you look pretty and clean and smell good people would want to hug you and kiss you. Your papa might like it too right?” she said with a huge smile.

“No, Papa doesn’t like everything I do.

“Don’t think in a negative sweetie, she will like this look on you and we will see improvements in the following days. Just…”

“Trust you.

“Very good.

Get ready Zian Greig, I will help your daughter to win your heart.

Mia and Zara wait patiently for the man’s return that night, they are excited to see what his expression will be at the sudden change in his child’s appearance but the time comes and go, Evelyn urges the two of them to eat now and don’t wait for the master anymore. When Mia deemed it late enough, she tries to hide her disappointment and anger at her boss, how can he ruin this for the child? What is more important than the happiness of your love ones?

“Come and let us eat now baby.” She fakes a smile as they both sit down to eat.

“Papa didn’t come again. He always does that.” Zara casually said as if that is a usual occurrence for her and Mia’s heart reaches out for the child.

“We will do this again tomorrow and prays that he will be able to come home on time.” She said with a disappointed shake of her head.

When Zara finally slept that night, Evelyn reaches out to her and explained everything.

“Expect him to be always like this, he is workaholic and has no time for anyone else.

“Including his own child?!” she fiercely said as the woman turns an understanding eye at her.

“You are new here and thus has no idea on what happened in the past, he is a good man Mia it’s just that life fucks him up and now we see the result of what he has been through. He will change eventually when he meets his match. Just be understanding and always control your temper, you don’t want to lose your job, right? The Greig’s…they pay well and you can save more money if you stay here longer.

That night she didn’t listen to that advice, she waited for the man to go home and proceed to his room. She stays beside the door and waits for him to come near, he looked up as he saw here there.

“What are you doing here?” he gruffly said as Mia pinch her nose in the attempt to not smell that horrendous flowery smell that seems to come from him.

“Why are you late Mr. Greig?” she said as she crosses her arms, intent to find out what is more important than Zara.

“Why I thought I hired a nanny for my child Mia, not for myself.” He sarcastically said as he turns to open up the door and leave her out there.

She grabbed him by the arms to stop him, he turns towards her in surprise.

“We waited for you and you didn’t come, did you know how disappointed Zara was because you are not there to praise her? She cleans up nicely now and was behaved throughout the day. See what things she does to finally make you look at her in approval.” Mia knows she is pushing her luck and the man might send her away after this but she is taking her chances.

Zian looked coldly at her, grabbed her hand and slid it off his arms, he walks towards her and towers all over her in an attempt to intimidate her. She held her ground but her heart beats faster than Victor’s toy drum back in apartment 101.

“I will do what I like, I don’t need approval from you on whether I could go places or not. You are only here to care for my child, nothing more and nothing less. Don’t meddle in my business or else you won’t like what will happen.” He silently threatens her but she lifted her chin up and stare at him head-on.

“Well I care for that little girl, if you are going to pretend that she doesn’t exist then you should have put her in the orphanage when she is just a baby so she wouldn’t get to know you. Some families might have adopted her and gave her the love and attention she needs, not like this where she needs to pray and beg for your attention. You are so cruel, Mr. Greig.” She fiercely said as she walks out leaving a surprised man behind.

“That nanny just berates me and try to put me in place.” He chuckles under his breath at her spirit. It has been so long since someone challenged him, no other women have the guts to go head to head with him.

You won’t be the one to put me in place, little one.

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