Chapter 7

“You did what?” Grace nearly spit out her coffee once she heard what Mia said through the phone, disbelief is etched on her face as her mind slowly processed what she heard from her best friend.

“This is too early for this Mia.” She complains as she tries to breathe normally again.

“Bite me, I wasn’t able to sleep,” Mia mutters through the phone, taking a peek through her compact mirror and noticing the strain on her eyes at the lack of sleep.

“It is understandable that you lost your temper on him because Mr. Greig is a dick but girl…you just fucking got there and you are already fighting with him. I mean, do you want to get kicked out as soon as you get there? May I remind you that you are on your trial week there?” Grace asked in disbelief with a hint of being impressed at her best friend’s bravery…or shall we say stupidity?

“I can’t help it. He is so mean and cold towards his own child, I mean she is his own flesh and blood. It’s understandable to be sad for the one you love that passed away, but being stuck in the past when you have a reason to live right here by your side is just plain stupid. His child needs him now.” She fiercely defended herself as Grace sighed in understanding.

Mia has a caring heart and now it seems like she has taken that small child under her wings and she will do anything to protect that child from now on. Grace sighed in understanding and rolled her eyes at her friend.

“As usual, the protector of children around the world. Let’s just hope that you still have that position, be ready at all times. Just control your temper and don’t talk back at him anymore.” She advises as Mia agreed with her silently.

She knew that this job is crucial for her to earn more and by earning more she can do more to help the orphaned children that needed help in order to make it through life even without the luck of finding a forever home or family to adopt them as their own.

“I know, I just called you to let off some steam. I think I will go crazy here in a few day's time.” She mutters darkly as a scream suddenly jolted her up, turning quickly towards the door.

“Listen, someone just screamed and I need to go now. Talk to you later, bye.

“I hope that child isn’t involved with all that screaming. Bye bitch, call me later.

Mia runs towards the door and opened it up, looking at the door beside her own which was left open, it was Zara’s room and she immediately walks inside ready for the worst. Looking around for the culprit she saw a maid who is clutching on her uniform and is crying silently on the floor.

“What happened?” she tersely asked as she went towards the woman to help her up.

“Miss Zara threw a box of toy spiders at me, I thought they were real.” She said while crying, still shaken from what happened and Mia turns towards Zara who wears an evil grin.

“She went here Mia, and she is not my nanny. Why is she the one to wake me up? You…Mia is my nanny and the only one allowed inside my room.” The child imperiously said as she cutely crosses her arms and glared at the maid.

“You can go now. From now on I will be the one to wake her up okay? Stop crying now, look at the bright side dear you won’t be subjected to this kind of scenario anymore.” She comforted the maid who ushers a weak thank you before going out of the room.

Mia put her hands on her hips before looking at the small child who looked back at her without fear.

“What you did was very wrong baby.” she admonishes the child who didn't look apologetic.

“I will do what I want.

“No, you won’t, from now on you will listen to me.” She firmly said as she ushers the child for a serious talk about good manners and behavior.

Zian was informed of what happened and is patiently waiting for that woman to show up again with his child. Tapping his fingers on the table he knew that he is feeling something for her, he admits to himself that he is attracted to her for some reason. He always dated tall, chic and sophisticated looking girls just like his late wife but Mia is not like those other girls. She was short and always seems to wear jeans and snickers instead of skirts and heels. She is as natural as she can be with her friendly charm and a bright smile. She is everything he avoided in a woman.

He shakes his head in an attempt to clear his mind and turns his head around once he heard footsteps and hisses coming his way, for sure Mia has been so pissed off at his daughter for her naughtiness. He silently observes the two who are briskly walking towards the dining table. Mia assisted the small child in her seat. Zian waits for a few more minutes, knowing that any time soon Mia will complain about what his child has done. He is sure of it, all of the nannies are like that. Complaining as soon as they can.

“That’s it, eat well and maybe we will get out for a stroll in the park. What can you say about that?” she cheerfully whispers to the child who excitedly nods her head and let her feed her in silence.

Zian lifted an eyebrow, surprised at Mia’s patience towards his child. It is a good thing then, maybe she will be able to stay with them for a very long time. He coughs awkwardly which captures the two’s attention.

Mia looked at him, nervously waiting if she is off the hook yet. She has been so brave last night because she has been angry at that particular moment but after a good night's sleep, she finds out that her bravery has evaporated already.

“I will be home early later,” Zian said out loud while continuing to eat, not looking at the two.

Mia looked at him in shock.

Is this his way of apologizing for what happened last night? Ugh, …he sucks at apologizing. What more can I expect from a jerk?

“Good. Your child needs some time from you. No matter how little it is.” She huffs under her breath as she turns away from the man again.

She really has no shame, even now she is berating me. Zian thought with a small grin as he shakes his head and continued to eat.

Meanwhile, the servants are all looking at the exchange, one maid whispers excitedly towards Evelyn.

“Look at that grin. It seems like the master is starting to change in front of our eyes and she is only here for a day. Oh, I hope they fall in love and live happily ever after.” She romantically said as Evelyn nods in agreement.

“I hope so too. It’s time for this house to be filled with love and laughter again.

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