Chapter 8 : A walk in the park

Mia doesn’t know what to do with the sudden teasing smiles and looks that the staff in the Greig’s Mansion is suddenly throwing her way.

What’s up with them? She quietly thought to herself as she walks outside and into the black SUV that will take her and Zara to the park as promised.

“You know what baby, you live in a strange house with strange people. It is a good thing that you have me with you. I am normal and I like you so much. Isn’t that great?

“You crazy Mia.

“Hush… or else I will tell Mr. Driver to take us back home.” She hisses as the driver winked at her in the mirror.

They did eventually go to the park, thankfully it is less crowded and a small number of kids with their guardians are there as Mia is not sure if Zara is a sociable kid or not and wouldn’t want any trouble this early on in her nanny career.

“I want to play!” Zara shouted as she dragged the smiling Mia with her around the park playpen where the swings are. Another child is playing there with her mom and Zara seems to be irritated that someone is there along with them.

Mia looked carefully at the child and wonders what her reaction would be, she is there to take charge if some unpleasantness seems to happen.

“I want to play.” The child whines as she glared at the other child.

“Then play, this is a public place and you need to learn how to share.” She gently admonishes the child.

The little one crosses her arms and pouts in anger, shaking her head in disagreement with her statement.

“You won’t play until you get that attitude right little one.” Mia waves a finger on her as she drags her to a shady part of the park and pulls out her blanket that she stored in her huge backpack. She motions for the child to sit down and enjoy the peace and quiet under the huge mulberry tree.

They had an uneventful day in the Mansion as Mia forces the small lady to apologized to the maid that she terrorized that day. She knew that Zian promised to be home early and she planned on getting back to the house as soon as she can so she can prepare the child for another chance to be with her father. She knew that this time she will succeed and Zara will be happy at the outcome. This will help her change and improve the child’s behavior.

She is silently musing without noticing that her charge has run away from their spot, she only noticed it when she heard a shrill cry coming from a child.

“Zara?! Oh no, where did she go? Zara?!” She stood up immediately and walk briskly around the area in search of her charge when she bumps into a solid wall, gasping in surprise as she felt those muscled arms surround her before she took a hard fall.

“Why are you running around without my child in sight Ms. Henson?” a baritone voice suddenly speaks and she suddenly has goosebumps upon hearing it. This is such a wrong timing for Zian to appear, she bites her lips, worries etched in her eyes as she slowly turns her head up and looked at her boss.

“I lost Zara.” She whispers weakly, expecting the worst from her boss because of her carelessness.

Zian huffs under his breath and turns to look at his bodyguard who nods in understanding and called someone on the phone.

“It’s confirmed Mr. Greig, your daughter is a few walks away from this spot. Let me lead the way.

Zara let out a sigh of relief at that statement. She bumps her own head as she berates herself for not thinking quickly. Of course, Mr. Greig won’t let them go out of the Mansion unattended, there is some security teams who followed them and are actually there with them for their safety.

Zian squeezed her arms before letting her go and turns away from her without waiting for her. She scrambled to follow him as they finally see Zara who is clearly fighting with a child and what seems to be the child’s father.

“Zara!” She called as she walks forward and hugs the little one close.

“You scared me, I thought someone took you.” She whispers weakly.

“Hey, are you this kid’s guardian? She is very rude you know? No respect for her elders, she wants to push my daughter away because she wants the swing on her own. Please talk to her.” The man seriously said as he scowled at the child.

“She is rude, she told me to get lost and that I had no daddy like her.” Zara insisted as Zian suddenly stepped in.

“I am her father and excuse my child. She doesn’t mingle with the middle-class children so she doesn’t know how to behave properly.” He sarcastically said with a satisfied smile as the man swallowed nervously once he recognized him.

“Mr…Mr. Greig. I didn’t know she is your daughter.” He stutters.

“Now you know, now if you don’t mind it is my child’s turn on that public swing. Scoot.” He said as the man dragged his daughter with him.

“Papa, you are here,” Zara said with a smile as Zian nods his head, still wearing a serious expression on his face but it is enough for Mia. At least he is trying hard now for his daughter.

“Yes, now that I have some time as your Nanny…graciously reminded me. Let us have fun. What are we going to do here Mia?” he turns towards her with a challenging gaze as she is a loss for words and looking back at him in disbelief.

Think fast, what can I suggest that he will do with his child? To have fun and so that he will make time for us again. Hmmmm

“We can…let’s play…uhmm…we should…” she tentatively said as she plays with her fingers when Zara thankfully shouted her suggestion.

“Push me on the swing papa! Just like that girl’s father did to her. Oh, please, papa.” She begs with her hands together as Zian nods his head.

“Okay…” Zian allowed his daughter to grab his hands and dragged him to the swing. He carried the child and assisted her in her seat. Zara’s loud laughter was heard around and Mia smiled in happiness, finally, she sees how Zara became a normal kid with her father finally taking some time for her.

“Beautiful…” she whispers to herself as she watched them and turns her gaze on Zian.

The man still has his “I DON’T CARE” expression on his face but she can see a hint of a grin whenever he heard his daughter’s loud laughter. She stares at him as the two enjoyed their moment together, until Zian turns his head towards her, lifted an eyebrow as he caught her staring at him.

She blushes hard, embarrassed that she is caught staring like a fangirl. She turns away and flicks a finger on her forehead. Reprimanding herself for being careless.

“You need to stop this Mia. Get him out of your mind or else, you are doomed for a heartbreak.” She hisses at herself before fixing herself out and turning around with a neutral expression on her face.

Knowing how Zian feels about his dead wife, she knew that if she entertains this attraction towards him she will just end up heartbroken just like that woman, Ms. Gigi Holland who was dumped by the man at a restaurant where she previously worked. He has no plan on getting serious with anyone, he is a heartless, cold man who wants nothing but a bedwarmer and nothing more.

Very firm on not succumbing to her feelings she promised herself that she will put distance between them no matter how the man tries to get close. That day when they shared a car back home, she feels the tension and the heat whenever their gazes meet and she works so hard in keeping a nonchalant face around him, keeping her feelings hidden. But when Zian walks towards her and grabs her arms, slowly pulling her towards him, her control crumbles.

Leaning down, the man whispers something that makes the hair on her neck prickles.

“Next time, teach us more about how to have fun.” He huskily said as he lets go of her and walks away.

Mia clutches a hand on her chest and whimpers weakly, while looking at the man’s retreating back.

“I am doomed.” She whispers to herself.

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