Chapter 10-11

Chapter 10: The Confrontation

Catherine woke in bed beside her “groom”, but a confused Charles wondered why Catherine was in his bed? Catherine flashed the wedding ring that was on her left third finger and was horrified to learn that they were husband and wife!

“How did this happen?” Charles questioned his “bride.

“You don’t remember the wedding?” Catherine asked him. “I’m saddened you don’t remember!

“I was engaged to Ashleigh? So why is I’m now married to you?

“Ashleigh? Who’s that?” Catherine feigned ignorance. “Have you been cheating on me?

But Charles didn’t get the chance to answer when Ashleigh entered the front door. Not seeing Charles, she went up to their bedroom to discover her “best” friend in her bed with Charles.

“Say it didn’t happen?” Ashleigh asked each of them.

“What? That I’m not Charles wife?” Catherine said as she flashed Ashleigh the ring on her finger.

“You bitch!” Ashleigh yelled as she fought with Catherine over her plot to take Charles from her. “You were always jealous of what I had! You just had to make sure you had him first!

“The marriage was consensual.

“Oh, really?” Ashleigh questioned her friend, as she glanced at a confused Charles. “Then why does the groom look confused as to what is happening?

“A night of great sex?” Catherine taunted her friend.

“You consummated this sham of a marriage?!” Ashleigh said as she slapped Catherine.

“What can I say, it was passionate lovemaking!” Catherine continued taunting.

“So great, I don’t remember it, nor the wedding!” Charles chimed in, as Ashleigh realized how Catherine managed to do what she did.

“So, you did it! You drugged him in order to marry my fiancé?!

“It’s legal.” Catherine said, holding the certificate for both to see.

As Catherine relished in her revenge against Ashleigh by marrying her fiancé, Charles promised Ashleigh he would find a way out of this mess. But little did they both know, Catherine intended to make it impossible to keep that promise!

Chapter 11: The Attempt on Ashleigh’s Life

Charles managed to see Ashleigh at her mother’s home when Catherine was napping. He wanted to discuss a way to rid this town of Catherine, but Catherine was pretending to sleep and followed Charles to Ashleigh’s mother’s home to spy on them.

Catherine had to think fast in order to keep Charles married to her. No way was Ashleigh going to win this one!

Then she remembered the favor that was owed her by a long-time rival and pulled out her cell and sent a message:

Catherine: Remember the favor U promised 2 pay a year ago?

Unknown caller: Yeah? What do U want?

Catherine: I want Ashleigh Crimson dead!

Unknown caller: Okay. I’m on it!

Catherine: Thanks! U won’t regret it!

Unknown caller: By 2morrow @ 5, Ms. Crimson will b history!

Satisfied, Catherine put her cell back in her bag and head back to Charles’ apartment to wait for her husband. She wanted to look especially nice for her seduction.

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