Chapter 12-13

Chapter 12: It Only Gets Worse

After the hit on Ashleigh’s life, Charles knew he needed to get out of his marriage to Catherine. He needed to see his attorney about what he could do to have his marriage annulled. Surely, Catherine didn’t play by the book since she drugged him? That had to account for something?

So, after visiting Ashleigh in the hospital, who was recovering from nearly being gunned down, Charles headed to his attorney, Grant Buchanan—yes, his twin brother is his attorney—to see what he could do about this so-called marriage.

After telling Grant his side of the story, Charles his brother’s office, secure in the notion that Grant would get him out of this marriage. That’s where Charles was thankful—Grant had always had his back, ever since kindergarten when they started their first day of school together. They weren’t identical twins, but fraternal, and a schoolmate started bullying young Charles, and it was Grant who saved the day for Charles. No one ever bullied Charles again, thanks to Grant.

Charles failed to see that Catherine had followed Charles to his attorney and deduced that he was attempting to get out of the marriage, “You’ll be sorry for leaving me!” Catherine quipped to herself in her car as she followed Charles to the hospital to see Ashleigh.

Meanwhile, Grant had his paralegal, Lisa, research statute and case law to see what she could find. Lisa was a good paralegal and sharp in her knowledge of how to research case law and statutes. Lisa hit pay dirt and found precedent to get Charles out of the marriage.

“Thank you, Lisa, for a job well done, as always.” Grant said to her. “I guess I’ll head over to the hospital to let Charles know he can start proceedings for an annulment.

Grant was about to head out of the office when a bomb was triggered and blew the office to smithereens taking Grant and Lisa’s lives as well as two other staff.

Catherine smiled at the handiwork of her hit man as she sent a text: “Everything’s going according to plan!

Then heads over to the hospital to watch the fireworks as police inform Charles the news of his brother’s tragic passing.

“Looks like you and I will be husband and wife forever!” Catherine smiled joyfully to herself as Charles and Ashleigh held each other in grieve.

Chapter 13: Catherine, the Navy Seal’s Bride

Charles calls an attorney now that Grant is dead after his office was blown up, in attempt to divorce Catherine. But Charles can’t find his phone that he laid on his nightstand the night before. As he frantically looks for his phone, Catherine shows up in his bedroom (Charles demanded they have separate bedrooms) with his phone in hand.

“Looking for this?!” Catherine asks with sly smirk on her face.

“Where did you find that?!” Charles demanded.

“I found it lying on the counter in the kitchen.” Catherine lied. She really had it in her own bedroom after she snuck into Charles’ bedroom and swiped after he fell asleep.

“That can’t be? I know I laid it on the nightstand last night?” Charles replies unsure if he did or not.

“Well, maybe you dreamed it?” Catherine adds.

“Maybe…” Charles said, unsure if he did or not, unaware that he was drugged by Catherine. “Anyway, I need my phone. I have a conference call to make.

“Nope. Not going to give it to you.” Catherine said. “I can’t trust you won’t contact Ashleigh.

“I won’t call Ashleigh.” Charles said, attempting to promise his wife.

“Sorry.” Catherine said as she left Charles’ bedroom and took his phone with her.

Charles followed his wife to the kitchen where she began to make breakfast for the two of them.

“Don’t make anything for me. If you won’t give me my phone, I must head to the office so I can get my conference call.” Charles says as he heads outside to his car, leaving Catherine alone.

But Catherine had Charles followed by her hit man and report to her husband’s whereabouts. She wanted to know everything Charles did.

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