The mute boy

Note: (All the silent conversation of Yivanna will be inside *** (star) sign)

Yivanna looked around at the huge hall. It's been ten minutes since she has been captured by the Meliheniyan king. Yet, she did not speak a single word till now. She might be caught off guard by the sudden gorgeousness in front of her, but she did not forget to control herself. She couldn't speak her words, if she did, they would know she was not any boy but a girl. After all, she could disguise as a man but couldn't control her voice. And she could not take this chance. 

One thing for sure, her disguise was perfect! Because no one recognised her as a girl. She should maintain this till the end! 

Suddenly, she felt a cold thing pocking on the side of her head. She turned up to look and gasped, seeing the riflemen around her. Yivanna gulped down a mouthful of saliva. 'Don't tell me, they will shoot me!' She screamed in mind. 

"Why are you not speaking? Just tell everyone, who are you and how did you get inside?" Aron said this time. He was Nicolas's Assistant. Nicolas was Victor's grandfather. 

Yivanna only stared up at him with her scared eyes. She would rather die than speak of her real identity. 

"What are you? Voiceless or heard of hearing? Why are you not answering the question? Don't you know, entering in the private property of the King was a crime? Speak up, what is your motive?" Aron questioned again. "If you don't speak then you will be thrown in the dark cell. And that's a hell, I am sure, you don't wanna go there?" Aron said those words to Yivanna and she quickly shook her head. 

She obviously did not want to thrown in the dark cell! As a princess, she at least knew what dark cell could be! She also heard that Meliheniya and Siyerendell have cruelest dark cells! 

"If you don't wanna go there, then speak up," Aron ordered again. 

However, Yivanna did not speak. She was thinking about what to do and at that exact moment, Aron started speaking, which gave her a mind-blowing idea! 

She directly looked at the king, who was staring at her with his cold and angry eyes. He was very intimidating! Yet, she hold herself and started gesturing. *I can not speak.* She made signs, using her hands. 

Victor arched up his brow. He clearly understood what the boy said. As the king, he had learnt the language to communicate with them in childhood, as his grandmother was mute. Victor also find it useful to communicate with the special peoples in the country, he felt connected towards them. 

Moreover, sometimes, these people were more talented than others and he has respect for talents. So, in his kingdom, hard working and talented people has all the facilities to become officials. In Meliheniya, every human being should know sign language and braille. His grandfather made it as a necessary subject in every school. 

So, along with the needed people, normal peoples also understood sign language. And everyone finally realised why the boy was not speaking. Even some of them started giving him a soft look. 

Meanwhile, Yivanna started feeling guilty inside her. Yet, she did not have any other choice to protect her from all the dangers! She has learned sign language in childhood out of curiosity. Never knew this would be helpful in this crucial time. 

*You can not speak?* Aron asked again in the sign language to confirm him and Yivanna nodded her head vigorously as if she wanted to scream it out! *But, I can hear.* She replied. 

Aron nodded and again asked "Okay, that's understandable. But, why you are here and how did you get inside?" He might be mute buy he could have had ulterior motives too. 

Yivanna pouted her lips and sighed sadly as she described her story in sign language. After she was done, she looked up at the gorgeous king, expecting some sympathetic answer and let her go. 

However, what he said next, literally made her choke on her own breath! 

As she looked up at Victor with expectant eyes, he said "fine then, from now on, you will be staying here in this mansion. With me." He declared and standing up with his Kingly aura, he left, leaving stiffened Yivanna on the place. 


"I have told you not to give her too much space for everything! Now see, what she has paid us back with!" Elizabeth was shouting and fuming in rage. While Eduardo was seating on the edge of Yivanna's bed with a blank face, holding the letter in his hand. 

In the morning, when a maid came to ask Yivanna for the breakfast, Yivanna was not in the room. instead, she find the note she left for her father. 

Eduardo once again looked at the letter... 

'Dear father, 

I know after you read this letter, you will be hurt and probably hate me. But, I never had any option other than running away. As a princess, I have my responsibilities and I know that. Since childhood, I have been obliging to everything you asked. Unfortunately, I can not obey you this time, father. I can not marry prince Xavier. I want to grow up as strong as the princess should be and come back to you, sharing your and Edward's pressure of work. I don't know when, but I am sure, the next time we will meet, you will meet the new Yivanna. I didn't keep your face, still asking for forgiveness. I love you and Edward and I always will. Take care, father.

Your Beloved Daughter,

Yivanna Yolandriya Yohann.

Eduardo sighed. He didn't know whether he was sad or relieved. 

"Why are you still holding this!" Elizabeth snatched the letter from her brother's hand and torn it apart. "Stop mourning over her and try to find her out!" She turned to her assistant "find Yivanna even if she is hiding under the ground!" She almost roared at him. 

Poor assistant, he got scared and quickly nodded his head "as you said your grace." With that, he quickly went out to oblige her order. 

Elizabeth again turned to face her brother "Listen, Eduardo, do not interrupt in my decisions this time after we get a hold of her. I will educate her More which I should have done before and the marriage has to take place. Before that, we have to hide this news to get flush. Perobians should not know about this!" Elizabeth said sternly and Eduardo just nodded his head like a puppet.

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