The Runaway Mafia Queen

By ktish7


61.21k words

53 chapters



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"Did you finish the process of your admission in this college?" He asked her in a low voice calmly.

"Yes?" She hesitantly said after a few seconds.

"You chose Economy Major?" He lifted up one of his hand and pushed the tendril that was falling on her forehead, behind her ear.

She unconsciously shivered at his touch and replied in a soft tone,


"What about Hector?" He asked casually and shifted her more closer to himself.

"You don't know what Hector's chosen?" Her eyes widened, "You both live in the same house. Are you both brothers or what?"

As soon as the words slipped out of her lips, she slapped her hand on her mouth, surprised at her own audacity with the way she had talked to him.

"I am sorry." She immediately panicked, fearing his anger, "It just slipped out of my mouth."

He bent his head down and tapped his nose with hers playfully. She scrunched up her nose cutely and immediately a pink blush covered her face.

Had she even realized that it had been almost an whole hour but she had no



Sakina Anis

nice book

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Promising story

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This looks interesting

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I will read this next. it seems promising.

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nice novel

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nice novel

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i like the story

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Nice book

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great book so far

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Sounds good

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