Beware Who You Toy With

Drawing from his training over the years, Sebastian forced himself passive. Eying the creature carrying him into the night.

She shook her black mane like a bird settling ruffled feathers. Glowering down at him, her eyes completely red. Absent any white.

She tossed him once more to get a better grip. And to emphasize to the male that she was the one in control.

You're merely prey. For me to kill any moment...

An inhuman growl rumbled from his throat. A cautioning that he was coming to the end of his vast tolerance.

The woman-bird glanced down at him, surprised he was capable of such a noise. Tightening her grip, she pierced those claws deeper into his arms and shoulders. One hooking painfully under a shoulder blade.

He allowed her the flight. Though his anger had set in.

"You shouldn't have tried to steal from me." He lifted the pendant still gripped in his fist. His lip curled, he continued working to control his irritation.

They'd long since passed over the villages bordering LandingTown, Crystal Lake and River City. Now they were heading over deep Warwood.

Likely to pass over Rosewynn Manor, the Captain's home soon. Sebastian recognized the country well.

He let her fly a bit further. Knowing that he'd need her to veer sharply East to go where he intended her to.

High over the needle trees, he glimpsed moonlight shining on the clearing outside Meadowbrook Grier where the Manor was located.

She intended to fly him far enough from the city. Then kill him. Far from where anyone would hear him screaming.

A low snarl rippled up his throat.

Perhaps she should've recognized the sound as the annoyance of his beast at playing prey so long. An inhuman sound vibrating from deep within his chest to echo over the trees.

"Enough. Cease toying with me." Sebastian snapped. Tilting his head up to her.

She looked down at him, black hair falling about her face as she sneered.

"You're a captive, great lord. I suggest you cease your tongue." Her angry voice ripped through his mind. Leaving a wake of discomfort. It was a dark hiss. Though able to invoke terror, it was still somehow infinitely feminine.

He looked at her lovely underside as he considered what she was.

Contrary to his thoughts, his tone was tired. "This flight grows tedious. Remove your hooks from me."

Smirking at him, she refused to even slow. Great brown wings moving across the night sky. Blocking his view of stars and the moon.

Where she belonged. Elsabet preferred dim lighting. In daylight she was far out of place.

More easily spotted for what I am.

Focusing on her dark intent, she gave Sebastian Bodane a rough shake, driving her claws deeper.

"Reminding me, I'm prey, are we?" He queried. Annoyance tingeing his voice.

Where is his fear? She found it vaguely irritating he seemed incapable of feeling it.

Elsabet could as easily drop him as spare him. He should be afraid...

When she'd glanced back down, his jaw clenched and a muscle there ticked decisively. Anger vivid on his face.

"You think to hold me captive, Harpie?" His rage was obvious. That blue-green look unwavering on her. Flexing his body, he ripped from her grasp.

She released him momentarily but captured him around the waist again.

He jerked around to face her, cutting his own flesh deeply in the process.

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