The dark limo reflected my insides, peaceful, dark and cold, I always have this feeling before stepping out of the limo into the crossfire of the flashing camera but all I had to do was answer a few questions, avoid Edward and get back home without breaking down; I heard Rhea take in a deep breath, I turned to her with a smile and grabbed her hand.

She wore a classic silk dress in a pale with diamond accessories, she didn't want to steal the show but she didn't know that she does with just a smile, I nodded at her as the cars doors went open and we were helped out, I waited for Rhea join my side and when she did, she grabbed my arm as we made our way to the line, we stood waiting for our cue when Julia and Eric came walking past; they gave us hugs because walking into the red carpet and began to pose.

Julia looked spectacular in a white dress with black lace falling all over it, Eric was a very handsome man with blonde hair, blue eyes and smoulder of his sharp jawline in a classic black suit, they have been in a relationship for five years and going strong; he was a big goofball of a man; just then Edward and Cecilia past by and my heart sunk.

Edward looked like heaven in a maroon suit, it moulded his body in both strength and knowledge, he posed for the cameras as I watched the flashes moved over his face, he smiled as the shadows appeared and disappeared with the capture of his image, the shadows around his strong nose, down his jawline, across his lips; I kept playing back memories of him and me until Cecilia grabbed his arm, smiling, her red and black dress hangs loosely around her legs then fit tightly around her waist, her bodice was a corset while the bottom was a hoop skirt with transparent fabric layered over it.

I watch them with a ping off jealousy touched my heart as Rhea grabbed my hand and I nodded at her when I was called to the red carpet, I posed with Rhea as the countless camera went off before I told them to pose alone which I did, I kept my face straight with a smile not too big, not too small and not too forced until I was called to answer some questions.

Multiple people were calling my name as I step to my favourite interviewer with a smile "good evening, Nefertari black, you are looking gorgeous tonight" he said with a big smile into his mic as I thanked him "who are you wearing tonight?"

He pointed the mic to my face "I am so honoured to be wearing David Koma tonight and even more grateful to be wearing a custom-designed dress, thanks to David Koma" I blow him a kiss through the camera "and Cecilia for hooking me up with this masterpiece" I said as the interviewer told me to swirl around which I did.

"just gorgeous" he commented "now, it must have been such an experience to be working with great stars such as Edward Jones and Cecilia Adams, how does that feel and how was it working with them?"

I thought to Page's notes about the two actors and I smiled "it was an amazing experience, they are some of the most talented actors I had the privilege of working with, too sweet like they can't that sweet, sweet" I explained "working along with side them was tough, I can't recall how many times I stood just admiring their acting skills instead of doing my part but Page was very understanding when it comes to that" 

"that's awesome" he smiled "speaking of doing your part, I rumour has it that you sang live for this film, what was the process of that?"

"well, Page very much influenced by the amazing Les Mis and she wanted to bring that process into this musical, so instead of going to the studio to prerecord all these beautiful songs, I got the chance to perform it live which is amazing because I got to sing alongside Edward, Jordan and Jonathan who are great friends and amazing actors as well" I explained as I looked to Julia who was having interview just next to me, we smiled at each other before going back to what we were saying "being alongside Cecilia gave me a true view into her character and how to approach it music-wise" 

"that's amazing, thanks so much Nefetari for your time and I hope you enjoy the movie" he smiled as I nodded.

"Thank you for your shining presences and enjoy the movie as well," I said as he said cut and reach over the barrier, hugging me before I moved on to my next interview.

"Good evening, Nefertari Black," the man said with a weird look in his eye "it's amazing how you look today, amazing dress by David Koma. How are you feeling today," he asked as he pointed to the mic.

"Doing great, just a bit anxious but overall excited" I smiled 

"that's amazing" he smiled before his face fell and in its place stood a serious and annoyed look "such a big film and great experience for you at this moment, for the young people what would your advice be about breaking into this business and staying in this business," he said with an evil smile at the last part but before I could answer he went on "what are the mistake that you have done that you would warn young people from doing, so they may exceed your breaking points?" He asked as my heart practically stopped and I stood in front of him, staring blank into the camera, so he continued the question "since your Broadway days, being blacklisted and scandalous past, what would you advise?" he said before aiming the mic back at me.

"I...I...I.." Julia suddenly appeared next to me with a smile.

"so sorry to cut this short but they calling for a group picture" she smiled before wrapping her arm around my waist and escorting me to the group.

That question opened a can of memories I suppressed for years, it came flooding back with every step I took: 

I remember that night backstage, I remember the torture I went through, I remember him with another girl, I remember the pain, the bruises on my skin, the imprint of his arm against my back when he pushed me down, I remember screaming but no one heard me then I remember him picking up and warning me about telling anyone, warning about being called a liar, money-hungry or even attention-seeking; I remember pushing him away and stumbling into the street with one place in mind but even they looked at me with disgust and choose to ignore my plea especially after I mentioned his name...I remember the headline the next morning, I remember been turned away, I remember it all in flashes of light until I embrace and pulled back to life...

I brought to a suit holding my body, I looking up to see Eric looking down at me with a sad smile, he patted my back as I held onto his shirt as I turned my head to see Steven, Chester, Rhea and Julia creating a wall around me but casually as to not draw attention to us, I took a step back from Eric embrace and smile at him.

"You ok?" he asked as I nodded softly as we were called to take some pictures.

Steven took my hand and escorted me to the growing group of actors, Jordan and Jonathan stood next to Julia while Cecilia and Edward up against each other, I plodded in front with Steven behind me and Chester behind him, Steven grabbed my hand at the back and placed his other hand on my waist as we posed for the camera after a few rounds, we told that wanted Cecilia and me together, so we stood alongside each other:

"David is a genius, isn't he?" she said as we pose around each other. 

"He is and thank you for introducing me" I smiled fakely as she smiled just as fake like me.

"You are welcome," she said before turning to look me in the face "and don't sweat Edward" 

I turned to look at her "what?"

"Edward has a little habit of his to flirt with extras" she with a smile on her face "just be grateful I took him off your hands before you make another mistake" she smiled before they called Edward in to take pictures with her, I stepped away from the group and looked to Rhea before I pulled into the camera but with Edward alone.

Edward placed his hand on my waist, pulling into him as he smiled for the camera "you look gorgeous, darling" he said so softly I thought I imagine it. 

"Thank you" I placed my hand on his chest and smile.

"Zack couldn't make it to the premiere," he asked as I stared up at him.

"why would Zack come here?" I asked as Edward's face fell slowly but he replaced it with a smile "is something wrong?" I whispered.

"no, love, just smile" he whispered as his hand move up to my upper back, he caressed the skin there and my breath hitched up "lets us get through the night because we have forever, love" he whispered as I was about to speak when Cecilia pushed me aside to take more pictures.

I stepped to Rhea as she grabbed my hand as I smiled, I began to turn but Rhea held me in place, I let go of her hands and turned to see Cecilia kissing Edward as the paparazzi went crazy for the image, I watch the image with a blank numb feeling settled on my chest as a replay of an odd memory:

I stood in the middle of Edwards trainer, going through the songs over and over again, trying to grasp the emotion in the scene but we couldn't embrace it, that and the fact Edward couldn't contain a serious emotion, so he laid his head against the wall of the trainer, he smiles was contagious as well as the atmosphere around him and I watched him for it; I watched his sweet smile and the intelligent phrases that fell from his mouth, the way he made me feel as if I was the only person in the world.

Nancy brought a box in a shape of a circle, apparently a gift "what's that" I asked as Edward slowly opened the box which almost split in two to relieve macarons "macarons?"

He smiled as he picked up one "the best biscuits that will ever lay of your tongue" he smiled "well, my ma famous Soda bread biscuits are the best but this is a close second" he offered the biscuits to me

"They high overrated," I said as Edward rolled his eyes.

"Have you tasted one?" he asked as the macaron was brought near and near to my lips.

"no but it looks pretty average" I waved his hand away.

"Just one bite, lass" he whispered as I look at him for a moment before leaning in and taking a bite of this biscuit, the crunchy crust melted away in my mouth like the deep flavour of strawberry middle replaces it, I licked my lips as my eye widened at the flavour, I went in for another bite and unintendedly grabbed his hand, bring the out of this world biscuit to my mouth and began to devour it piece by piece, the biscuit swashed as the icing poured through the sides onto Edward's finger which I wasn't too shy to lick.

I licked his pointing finger then moved to his thumb without any discretion until I heard him clear his throat, I pulled away avoiding his eyes "sorry" I expressed in a low whisper "it just so amazing" I said as began to clean my face.

He pointed to my lip "you have a bit of something" he said as I looked up at him, he leaned in and wiped the icing from my top lip with his thumb then brought it to his lips, his tongue darted out of his mouth before he put his thumb into his mouth.

"truly delicious" he whispered as blushed at his forward notion, forgetting about mine...

That memory seemed so small and distant that when time and life caught up with me, I felt like an entire past as I watched Edward move slowly away from Cecilia and smiled down at her, he placed his hands on her shoulders then turned to look at the camera with a big smile, his eyes found mine and we stared at each for the longest moment until I picked up my dress and turned towards the entrance of the theatre, I didn't look back with Rhea following close behind.

I walked onto the red carpet with Cecilia clinging to my arm, I smiled down at her as we walked the carpet, we posed for the camera and I smiled brightly trying to hide how uncomfortable I was, I don't know what made me look to the entrance but I did, and my heart stopped, Tari, she looked breathtaking, like a mermaid walking on land, the dress was long and truffled but that didn't contain her beautiful curves, the colour complimented her skin tone to point it looked like glowing white coffee; her hair was in a low bun which only made her neck ravishing to taste but I cleared my throat as Cecilia gave me a death glare before I walked off to do a few interviews.

I couldn't concentrate on the questions so my answers were short, sweet and to the point, usually, I was long-winded but the mystical beauty was taking up all my attention, she held herself with grace and pose as she answered whatever questions that were thrown her way until she was encountered with something that made her face change, not only her face but the atmosphere around took a dark turn and I was about to step in with no context, I was ready to defend but Julia stepped in and got her away from the situation.

I watched her go as Page appeared next to me, all of a sudden "Edward, we are about to take some cast pictures, please this way" 

I looked at the interviewer with a smile and excused myself, I watch Eric holding Tari while her friends stood around her as protection, but not too obvious to the crowd, I walked to the cast and stood ready to take some pictures which we did until the voice doubles joined the party, Tari stood in front of me and looked down at her as a hand grabbed hers, I followed the hand up to see Steven and my thoughts went back to Cecilia's voice telling me she was coming with Zack, throughout this commotion I didn't realise she came with a woman and not him but I shook my head, maybe he couldn't make it.

Not long the photographer wanted a picture with Tari and me, she looked confused when I grabbed her waist and placed her into position then I turned to the cameras and smiled "you gorgeous, darling" I whispered, softly meaning every word as she nodded silently.

"thank you" she blushed as I smiled at the victory of putting blush on her face. 

"Zach couldn't make it to the premier," I asked for my jealous reasons.

"why would Zack come here?" She asked in a confused tone as she stared up at me, my face dropped thinking back to Cecilia words, she lied to get to me, she lied is all I could think of. "is something wrong?" her sweet voice caught my ear and I smiled.

"no, love, just smile" I whispered as I moved my hand up to her upper back, I caressed the skin there, I wanted to touch this soft nectar of skin since she walked onto the red carpet and her breath hitched up which made me smile "lets us get through the night because we have forever, love" I whispered as she looked up at me ready to speak when Cecilia pushed her way through for more photographs.

I smiled next to the vixen as the flashed crossed our face, I was about to look to Tari, to see if she was ok and waiting but Cecilia pulled me down into a kiss, I gasped as my lips touched and an overwhelming sense to push her away came over me but with cameras rolling, the movie not of cinema yet and Page contract around my neck; I endured the kiss, it was hard, wet and too much tongue, she forces it down my throat as if to simulate a passionate kiss but it was disgusting and warm. 

Once the kiss was over, I didn't want to look at Tari and have the shame fall from my face so I looked down at Cecilia with death in my eyes, I then turned to the cameras and smile, giving them a wave before finally turning my eyes to Tari, I expected her to be gone, to have run off and I wish she did because what I saw was her face numb without any emotions, she stared at me for a split second before picking up her dress and walking into the theatre, I needed to go to her but Page grabbed my arm and pulled me to the next interviewer.

The theatre darkened as the previews came up, I sat there with anger on my brow but I couldn't do anything about it now, Cecilia sat next to me, leaning into my space as I leaned into Jordan, the whole thing had me on the edge and a small part in me knew I couldn't fix this situation but I could live in the moment of looking at her; I knew where she sat, just behind Julia who sat next to Cecilia, I could see her in my peripheral view so I turned to watch her blank face.

I had never experienced it, this face she puts on without emotion, not even in her eyes, she looked as if the life was sucked out of her body, I couldn't take it as I was about to stand Julia somehow grabbed my arm and smiled at Cecilia before letting go with a smile that said not to move; I settled back into my seat when Tari suddenly stood up and whispered something in Julia's ear before turning and leaving.

With no one to stop me, I stood to my feet and ran after her, I don't know how she moved so fast by the time got to those old doors, she was at her limo "Tari!" I shouted as she gave me one look like before, the look told me everything I needed to know and everything I didn't want to know but I let her go...


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