To Our Pinky Promises


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23 chapters



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Alexander West and Emily Waterhouse were once inseparable. They were the best of friends. Through thick and thin, they'd stick together, they said.

Fast forward 4 years later, and no one, except the few people that were around during their middle school days, even knew the friendship Emily cherished so dearly ever existed.

Alexander West, the sweet boy she adored and loved, and who adored and loved her, had turned his back towards her and started hanging with the bad boys crowd.

Some called it the summer fling, some called it a fleeting romance, but to Emily, despite having been short-lived, the friendship they had was so much more than that.

He was her rock.

The only guy she'd let into her life and felt 100% comfortable with.

Until everything came crashing down on her and left her under the pile of rubble.

But even after 4 years, Em still can't let go.

Is she the only one that has stayed in the past? Or had the boy she shared that past with never left in the first place?



Catherine Shinde

when will the further chapters updated?

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ayra medina ahmad raziff

to our pinky promises

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Meredith Jones

nice read so far

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