Trust Me III; Sabrina's Dream

Chapter One

Summer in England was always such a delightful experience. Ever since she was a child in Kansas, Sandra was under the impression the sun had forgotten to shine on the British Isles. It was a mistaken notion she was happy to overcome, and this was one of those days that left her feeling content with the discovery.

The late afternoon sun caressed the petals of the Tudor Roses that lined the front walk, and a gentle breeze danced among the long stems of wildflowers like unseen fairies bobbing and fluttering across each colorful pistil. In the distance, the sound of Max’s barking could be heard as he ran amid the legs of hefty cattle, causing them to grunt their discontentment with the brown shepherd’s interference. Sandra listened as Creighton shouted and whistled to the herd from the top of his black stallion. He and three stable hands moved around the beasts in an orchestrated dance that easily steered them back into the corral where they would spend the night.

Sandra sat on the front porch rocking and humming a soft tune to her young daughter, Grace, as she slept curled against her mother’s breast. The image of her husband atop his sleek, powerful Welsh pony was one that made Sandra’s heart skip, her palms sweat, and her cheeks flush. It was a sight she secretly held inside, tucking it away between the pages of her own private, somewhat perverse, fairytale.

Brandon’s laughter mingled with the soft clucking of chickens from the nearby coop, adding to the comfortable, relaxed feeling of the day. Sandra watched her son kick the soccer ball around the front yard with his young cousin, Justin. Much to their fathers’ delight, both boys were becoming very good players, considering their young ages. This gave Creighton and his brother Derek so much pride, they never ceased to inform all who would listen just how amazing their boys were, and how their futures looked bright as Football stars.

The chime of the old grandfather clock echoed through the open door of the house, striking four o’clock. Sandra’s grandparents, Nana and Papa, would be over soon to pick up the children and take them back to their own house for the night.

Since Grace was born two years ago, Sandra and Creighton had not been able to spend much time alone without children interrupting, and nothing on their usual level of intimacy. What little spare time they did have, was spent elsewhere on the farm beside the bedroom. It was far from being the type of life either anticipated while on Creighton’s refurbished yacht six years ago.

Creighton had been busy with a new security system his company was developing. This meant he spent most of his evenings working at his London office, while Sandra was left to manage on her own. She succeeded easily in keeping her home and children in order while plugging away with the next installment of her children’s books, but it was never the same as curling up with her husband at the end of the day.

Tonight, however, was going to be different. Creighton assured her they were going to spend the night acting like newlyweds. He was determined they become reacquainted with each other and satisfy their long-neglected deviancy. That was the reason he was working so hard now, trying to get the herd rounded up and the farm put to bed early. He had made plans for their evening, and none of them involved animals or children.

Sandra felt the twinge of nerves as she thought about the night ahead. It seemed like an eternity since they were able to hold each other for more than a few extended minutes. What little time they had been able to sneak in away from children, phones, and extended family, was more an act of necessity. It was the satisfaction of urges, not the exploration of love.

Closing her eyes, Sandra thought back to the first chapter of their lives. To this day, she still couldn’t believe she had surrendered her virginity to a man she’d only known a few days. There was a part of her subconscious that still scolded her for not running away when he brought out his kinky kit, but Creighton Ashford was a man like no other. His silent strength gave her the courage to try his perverted ideas, and as a reward, she found a love she knew she could never live without.

The sensation of a warm, gentle pressure touched her shoulder and Sandra opened her eyes, unaware she had dozed off. Nana stood beside her with a sympathetic smile on her aging face. She carefully unwound Grace from her mother’s grip and handed the sleeping child off to Papa.

“You need to lay down for a little while,” her grandmother told her. “I’m sure it’s been a while since you got a good night’s sleep.

“Only about six years,” she smiled, then stood up with a stretch. “We’ll come and get them tomorrow evening after Creighton’s finished in London. He wanted to show me this new system they’ve been working on. He seems to think I’ll understand all the technicality behind it.

“You are his partner,” Nana teased as Brandon came running up the porch. “You should know what new ideas the man comes up with.

“Trust me, I am more than familiar with all of his ideas,” she answered with a soft blush.

Nana laughed as she hugged her granddaughter then moved aside when Brandon pushed his way between them, wrapping his arms around his mother’s waist.

Hugs and kisses were exchanged then Sandra stepped off the porch and waved while Papa strapped the still sleeping Grace into her stroller and headed down the path toward their own farm. She watched until they were at the end of the road, smiling as Brandon chased ahead of his elders, spinning around to laugh and shout for them to hurry.

Sandra walked around the house and watched as Creighton walked his horse into the barn, followed close behind by Max. With the aid of the hired ranch hands, all the horses had been cleaned and brushed, the cattle corralled and the chickens and pigs fed. There was nothing left for Sandra to do, so she slowly walked back up the front porch and into the house, closing the door behind her.

Supper still had half an hour before it would be finished, which left just enough time for a quick shower to make certain she was ready for their special night. She hurried up the oak staircase and into her bedroom, wrapping her long sandy-brown hair on top of her head as she moved. Within fifteen minutes, she was showered, her body smooth with a thin layer of lotion and a soft scent of Creighton’s favorite perfume on all her sensitive parts. She stood in front of her massive walk-in closet trying to find the right outfit to match the man’s desires. She could hear his cheerful whistling downstairs and felt her heart flip within her chest. After all, they had been through, all they had done and everything he had taught her, he still had the ability to make her feel nervous.

Sandra chose the new powder blue satin negligee Creighton brought home a few weeks ago and slid into it. She rummaged through her drawers and found the matching panties and as she was about to slip them on, she spotted the thigh high stockings hanging inside the closet door. She bit her bottom lip as she fought the urge to giggle, then gathered the long black stockings and removed her blue gown. If the man wanted to play, she was going to make sure he knew she was ready for him.

Creighton washed his hands in the kitchen sink before tossing Max the scraps of steak Sandra set aside for him. The kitchen smelled delicious with the aroma of supper simmering on the stove. Sandra had moved easily into the role of wife and mother, though she still didn’t care for cooking. Fortunately, she had learned several new dishes and they shared in the kitchen chores. Broiled steak, baked potatoes with homemade gravy, fresh corn on the cob, garden salad, and chilled red wine. What more could a man ask for?

He shut the burners of the stove off and took a slice of cucumber from the salad as a rustling sound brought his eyes toward the doorway. The action of stuffing the vegetable into his mouth was forgotten, his hand frozen in midair as his gaze locked on the vision a few feet away.

Sandra had opted for the old leather bustier and matching heart-shaped thong he’d purchased when they first set out to find Aryana. Six years, two children and a life of farm living, and she still fit it like a leather glove. Her long slender legs were hidden inside thigh-high black boots. Her earlobes draped in diamonds with the matching floral designed diamond necklace around her neck. She was a sight he would never grow tired of looking at.

“Is supper something that can hold until breakfast?” he asked as he stuffed the cucumber in his mouth and edged his way toward her.

“No and I don’t plan on allowing you to put my hard work on the back burner while you fulfill your lustful appetite,” she argued in a teasing tone. “Go take a shower, by the time you’ve finished washing the smell of cow dung off your long, lean body, I’ll have everything ready.

“Including dessert?” he asked as he pulled her into his strong embrace.

“Your mother brought over a homemade cherry pie, but you don’t get it unless you finish your entire supper.

“That’s not the dessert I was hoping for,” he told her with a wicked grin. “I’m in the mood for something a little more on the…chocolate side of sweets.

“That might be arranged, but not until you get cleaned up,” she argued, pushing him away from her.

“Are you saying you don’t want to play?

“No, I’m saying you reek, darling. Go shower before I lose my appetite.

Creighton leaned in and kissed her hard, swatting her bare backside as he passed her by on his way up the stairs. Sandra glared at him as she rubbed her exposed bottom, causing him to laugh gleefully. He took the stairs two at a time and disappeared around the corner to their bedroom. Sandra couldn’t help but smile. Playing with that man could prove dangerous, but she had managed to tame the beast a long time ago and enjoyed every second of it.

As she moved their supper onto plates and carried them into the dining room, she realized the nervous stomach she was feeling had turned to eager anticipation. She loved the way her husband touched her, the way he made her beg for more. Just the thought of playing with that man-made her palms sweat and the flames of her dormant libido blaze white-hot.

Sandra finished setting up the table and slipped the chocolate sauce and whipped cream on the chair beside her, away from his line of sight. She wanted everything ready by the time her husband returned, and as much as she refused to admit it, she too was considering putting supper off until breakfast.

She had just finished opening the wine when Creighton joined her a few minutes later, smiling at the slight pink hand mark still on her backside. He had always had a strange taste for sex, and she didn’t mind it. The one thing he enjoyed was looking at her bottom, pink from the strike of his frisky touch. He knew she enjoyed teasing him as much as he enjoyed finding fault in her actions, just so he would spank her. He knew she liked it nearly as much as he did.

“Everything smells delicious,” he told her, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her backward in his embrace.

“It’s your favorite if I’m not mistaken,” she answered, resting her head back against his shoulder as his mouth began to trace warm kisses along her neck.

“That you are,” he growled softly, pulling her hips back against him hard enough she could feel his erection through his jeans, twitching anxiously against her cheek.

“Supper,” she grumbled weakly. “It’s going to get cold.

“I’d rather have you warming my palate than a juicy steak.

Creighton nibbled her earlobe, tugging on the dangling earring with his teeth gently as he swatted the opposite butt cheek, then over to the one he had left his mark. Perhaps his assault was not as rough as the last time, yet it was enough to make her tighten her bottom against him.

“Be patient, sweetheart. You’ll have both soon enough,” she promised, then moved away from him to sit in her usual chair at the dining table.

Supper was a mixture of heated temptation as well as delicious food, though Sandra honestly couldn’t remember tasting much of it. She had spent nearly three hours working on the perfect supper and then ate it without taking much notice.

Creighton, on the other hand, was as enthralled with the show as much as the food. Sandra’s hand shook nervously as she rose her wine glass to her lips, spilling a drop on to her chest. Unconsciously, she wiped it off with her finger and slipped it into her mouth, causing his breath to catch in his throat.

Once she realized how intently he was watching her, she began to feel wanton. She knew by the look in his eyes that he was nearly spent but felt the desire to tighten the flames smoldering inside his jeans. She always knew that teasing this man could lead to a very potent reaction from him, but it was just the type of game she was eager to play.

Slowly, she dipped her finger into the gravy covering the leftover potatoes on her plate. Leaning back in her seat, she placed her finger to her lips and licked it off with the tip of her tongue. Sandra could hear his breathing deepen when she slid her finger into her mouth and moaned. A moment later she drew a deep sigh and straightened up in her chair, smiling sweetly across to the man watching her with blazing eyes.

It only took two additional bouts of silent teases from his wife before Creighton was finished. His temperature rose a full five degrees, and his pants felt as if they had shrunk two sizes. As much as he was enjoying her capable flirtation, he was eager to move onto the next few hours of physical enticements.

“Are you ready for dessert?” she asked standing up to take their plates.

“I’ll clear the table,” he insisted a little too eagerly. He needed a minute away from her to reign in his desire. “You pour some more wine and dish the pie.

Creighton didn’t see the wicked grin she offered him as he hurried out of the dining room. He set the plates in the sink with a deep sigh, then ran his hand through his dark hair in an attempt to rein in some level of control. It had been three long months and only one quick encounter in the wee hours of dawn to keep them satiated. Since then, the warmest thing he had shared with his wife was a cup of coffee.

Closing his eyes tightly, he began thinking back across the years with a deep sigh. He waited and planned two long years for a chance to get her in his arms, and never once had he strayed. Even though Sandra didn’t know him - or at least remember him - at the time, he considered himself as much hers as she was his. He never even thought of another woman. How was it, after all that time, he now found it difficult to control his lust for her, for more than a few days?

“Is everything alright?” Sandra called to him from the next room, making him realize how long he had been away.

With another deep breath, he smiled, shut off the light, and rejoined her. With a gasp of surprise, he came to an instant halt inside the threshold, his overheated desires came burning back with a force that made his heart pound and his pants feel even more uncomfortable than before.

Sitting on the edge of the table, completely naked except for the stockings and thigh-high boots, was his very beautiful wife. A bottle of chocolate sauce next to one hip and a spray can of whipped cream near the other.

“How about a little Peinture corporelle tonight, and the pie tomorrow?” she asked with a wicked grin.

“Chocolate sauce and whipped cream,” he moaned as he took a step toward her. “My favorite dessert. I love making you sticky.

Sandra couldn’t help but giggle as his hands reached out and cupped her full breasts.

“You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known,” he assured her, repeating the words he had told her so often over the past few years.

“But you’re having a hard time restraining that little beast of yours, aren’t you?” she asked with a knowing grin.

“It’s been three weeks,” he complained. “Do you have any idea how hard it is to sleep next to you every night and not have the energy to touch you? I’m not a monk for God’s sake.

“Then maybe we should skip the games and go straight for the glory?

“Not a chance in hell,” he growled. “I have waited a long time to make you scream and I’m not backing out now.

Creighton eased her down across the highly polished table and lifted her boots to the arm of the chair. He pulled it close and sat down. He lifted the plastic bottle of chocolate, amazed that it was still cool from being in the refrigerator. With a wicked grin, he eased her knees apart until she was spread open in front of him, and slowly began to drizzle the sweet dark sauce across her smooth pubic region.

His smile increased as the slow, cool drops flowed across her labia then between, covering her swollen clitoris. Sandra gasped at the sensations erupting inside her. She tried to find something to clench in her fists but found nothing. He had cleared off the plates, and she had tossed the napkins in the rubbish. All she could do was place her hands against her thighs and prepare for the onslaught of his pending approach. By the time Creighton’s hot tongue mixed with the cool liquid, she was panting as heavily as if she’d run ten kilometers.

Very slowly, he began licking the sweet syrup from her flesh. Sandra closed her eyes tightly, moaning as he explored her sticky body. The touch of his tongue against her had her hips writhing with need beneath him. She knew it would take little to make her explode against his mouth, and try as she might, she knew she was not strong enough to resist for long.

Creighton wrapped his arms around her hips, easing her closer to the edge of the table. He held her as his willing prisoner as his tongue moved closer to her throbbing clitoris. He knew precisely how much his lovely wife could take before she had exhausted her limits.

His tongue continued to explore her, licking and probing her sweetened body. Sandra bit her lower lip as he nipped at the tender bud of her clitoris. Her moans were becoming urgent and her heart was racing. She was rejoicing in his touch and nearly climaxed when he slid his long finger into her hot body. He played and teased her delicate canal, allowing his fingers to mimic his mouth.

A soft hissing noise sounded between them, but she paid no attention to it until the cold foam sprayed across her. Instantly, she groaned as Creighton covered the junction of her legs in sweet white cream. She felt sticky and wet, as his tongue began the torturous, slow licking. The mixture of warm and cool was enough to do her in and Sandra knew her resistance was spent. She cried out as she gripped her knees allowing her body the needed release she had been fighting.

Creighton was relentless as he slipped two fingers inside her and began thrusting them at a wild rate, taking her through the dark passage of desire with a deepening climax. Before Sandra could regain her muddled thoughts, she felt the hard tip of his thick penis press against the opening of her vagina and push through, hard and fast. She gasped and he stilled until her hips wiggled a little, encouraging him to continue.

“I’m sorry, my love,” he moaned as he raised her up in front of him. “I couldn’t hold out any longer.

“It will cost you,” she smiled, moaning deeply as he began to thrust against her.

“And you,” he whispered, pushing twice more before filling her with a different liquid that promised to leave her a bit stickier.

Several breathless moments passed by as they clung to each other, unable to do much more than pant. This was how lovemaking was between them. Urgent, demanding, passionate. It always left them with a burning need for more.

“Are you tired or can you go for more?” he asked, kissing her ear and tracing the lobe with his tongue.

“I can last as long as you can,” she assured him, smiling at the soft chuckle that echoed through the still room.

“Then let’s go upstairs. I have a number of plans for you tonight.

“Like what?” she asked as he helped her off the table and back on to her high heels.

“I have a very specific kit that hasn’t been used in a long while,” he smiled. “I think there are a number of things I could use to keep you awake and alert.

“Then let’s go,” she assured him. “We only have a few hours before dawn, and I want you to make me completely exhausted by the time the sun rises.

“I am obliged to please you,” he said with a wicked smile as he lifted her in his arms and carried her up the stairs.

Creighton had turned down the bed before he joined her for supper. Spread out across the end were the old familiar feline colored mask, cuffs, and leather whip. Sandra smiled as he set her on her feet and gently began caressing her buttocks.

“I know what you want,” she told him, his mouth trailing hot kisses down her neck and across her collar bone.

“You do?” he asked, lifting one firm breast to his lips.

Sandra moaned as he began sucking hard, gently helping to express the milk she had built up inside. He relieved the ache left behind from weaning Grace from her breast before he raised his head and smiled, gripping her bottom hard in his hands.

“So, what do I want?” he asked again and watched with a frown as she pushed out of his grip and walked into the closet.

A moment later she returned with three items he missed when setting the stage for their adventure. He smiled as she closed the bedroom door and flipped on the stereo that sat on the dresser’s edge.

“Which one of us wants to play tonight?” he teased as she handed him the red beads, the golden balls, and the leather-covered hand.

“I figure if I do what you want, you’ll oblige and give me what I want.

“I was planning on spending a great deal of time giving you everything you need, even if it takes all night,” he assured her and stepped back toward the bed, lifting the bottle of warming gel that awaited them.

“What about your needs? If you spend all night satisfying me, when are you going to find your own gratification? We might not get a night like this again for a while.

“Then let’s play the right way,” he insisted, sitting down on the edge of the bed, patting his lap.

Sandra walked to him obediently and smiled as he took her by the hand and eased her down across his knees. She closed her eyes and fell into the sensations of his firm massage. His hands were strong, yet he was as gentle as if she were a newborn babe. A few moments later she felt the slippery warm beads press against her anus as he slowly slipped them inside her rectum, one bead after another. Sandra could feel her heartbeat against his legs as she willed herself to remain relaxed, but when the cool metal of the golden balls pressed against the moist opening of her vagina, she nearly relented.

Creighton pressed the balls up higher, his long fingers exploring the inside of her canal until she again began panting. With a knowing smile, he helped her back to her feet and stood up, turning the music up. He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, dancing with her. One firm large hand cupped her breast as the other pressed gently against her lower abdomen. They moved together for several long moments as their favorite Yanni CD played on, each falling into the rhythm of their own thoughts.

After two songs, Creighton moved away, slipping his pants off as he sat back on the edge of the bed. He watched her move and knew she was getting hotter. Within a few minutes, she would be begging him to spank her until she came. He watched her closely as she moved her hands over her exposed body, remembering the first time she danced for him. She was so naïve and so shy, but she quickly relaxed, moving for him until he was panting like a dog. Much like he was doing now.

He loved how at ease she had become with her body and how easy it was for her to tease him when she wanted to. She knew exactly what it took to bring him to the edge of release, and she liked to tease him as much as he enjoyed it. It was nights like this that brought them closer together in their marriage, as well as lovers.

“How hot are you?” he whispered when the song ended, watching her breasts rise and fall in a steady rhythm.

“Very,” she gasped.

“Enough?” he asked and smiled as she nodded eagerly.

He patted his bare legs and waited patiently as she walked to him, laying across his lap without hesitation.

“What do you want?” he asked, feeling the need to hear her lustful answer.

“I want you to spank me until I cum,” she assured him and braced her hands on the edge of the mattress in preparation.

“Let’s try something a little different,” he told her.

She felt him move as he reached behind him on the bed. She closed her eyes as his long fingers began to caress her labia in a touch that was both stimulating and ticklish. Several long moments passed by before he slipped his fingers into her wet opening, toying with the metal balls hiding inside.

Sandra moaned softly as he played with them, caressing the moist canal. Then she felt the tip of something cold and hard pressed against her vagina, and she knew without looking he was sliding the glass vibrator in, alongside her ben-wa balls and his fingers. It felt full, even a little painful, as he pressed the objects upward, filling her completely with the sex objects that promised a unique orgasm.

Slowly, he slid his fingers out of her, then pressed the bottom of the vibrator. The soft shaking sensation started, and she gasped as he turned up the speed, filling her insides with a tingle that seemed to echo through every inch of her. She closed her eyes and tried to relax around the sensation, but felt the passion begin to build again.

Gently, he pulled her legs closer together, closing them around the objects tightly so she had no excuse to delay her release, then slowly began to massage her exposed buttocks.

A soft slap across one cheek took her by surprise and she once again drew a sharp breath. The leather hand fell down across her buttocks once more and she moaned as it struck at just the right angle to press against the beads.

“Do you like that?” he asked in a low, husky voice.

“Yes,” she assured him in a moan-filled whisper.

“Do you want more?


“Beg me, my queen,” he ordered, flipping the lid on the warming gel open.

“Please spank me,” she panted.

“Tell me why?” he demanded as he drizzled the clear gel across her backside, just as he had done with the chocolate sauce earlier.

“I want to cum,” she moaned.

“Do you deserve my pity?” he asked as he set the gel aside and began massaging it across her bottom.


“Do you want my sympathy?

“No,” she said breathlessly.

“I love seeing your bottom turn pink. It drives me wild. I can’t wait to have you strapped down. I’m going to make you cum so hard you’ll tear the wallpaper off the walls.

“Then it’s a good thing we were wanting to redecorate,” she gasped as he struck her bottom again, this time harder than before.

The two lovers fell into silence as the music played on. Sandra was panting wildly as the need rose hire inside her, begging her to relent and enjoy it. Strike after strike, Creighton continued to spank her, turning her bottom a brilliant shade of red. He knew he wasn’t hurting her, and the idea of having control over this little minx wreaked havoc on his own desires.

Just as she was sure she could bear no more, he wrapped his fingers around the string of the beads and jerked quickly, sending her over the edge.

Sandra cried out, tensing across his lap as her body began to convulse. Creighton moved her to her knees, leaning her against the mattress as he reached for the string to the balls, jerking them out of her throbbing vagina in the same quick action as he had removed the beads.

The sound of her climax escalated as he moved between her legs, kneeling behind her. He removed the vibrator from inside her quivering body and pressed it against her clitoris as he filled her with the long hard shaft of his penis. He rocked against her hips hard, holding the glass tube against her body as he forced her to prolong her release.

Sandra cried out yet again and she felt her orgasm deepen, moving past release and into a realm of complete satisfaction. Thrust after thrust, rocking against her hard and urgent, almost in a violent demand. Creighton tensed behind her, his large hand slapping her buttocks as he exploded inside her tight body. The savage growl was deeper than any she had heard in a long time.

Several hot, sweaty minutes later Sandra found herself cuffed to the leather table Rochelle had given them as a wedding present, anxious and eager for him to be wicked with her.

“It’s been a really long time since we got deep,” he told her, trailing the tip of the leather whip up the inside of her thighs and smiling at the initials tattooed on her beautiful body.

“I’ve missed playing with you, Sandra.

“Not as much as I’ve missed it,” she groaned.

“Then let’s get serious.

Creighton laid the whip across her abdomen as he plugged in the wand. With a wicked glance down to her, he flipped it on and pressed it between her legs and turned it up slowly. He positioned it to rest against her, then took the mask and moved to the head of the table.

“I think you’ve seen enough,” he told her, kissing her lips hard before slipping the mask over her eyes.

He slowly ran his hands across her breasts, pinching each erect nipple and chuckling as droplets of milk formed. He could feel them harden beneath his grip, making his mouth water. He smiled as her hips began to wiggle against the wand. With her restrained on the table, she had limited movement of her body, so forcing her to enjoy every moment of the sensations was simple.

Lifting the whip off her abdomen, Creighton slowly began to caress her sternum. He pinched her nipples again, watching as milk slowly drizzled down the side of the round globes. Eager to explore her delicate body further, he bent over, sliding his hot moist tongue up the side of her breast, suckling her nipples hard.

Sandra gasped at the feel of his mouth on her, wiggling against the strong tingling between her legs. She could feel herself edging closer to another release and tensed her body against the wand.

Creighton could feel her resistance slip and moved his lips down her sternum briefly before taking the whip and trailing it across the outside of her hips. A quick flip of his wrist and the leather slapped against her bare skin, making her groan in pleasure. He moved to the bottom of the table once again and reached for the wand, turning the speed up higher.

“Right there,” she told him, then bit her lips as he chuckled.

“You’ve never told me where to put it before,” he groaned. “What else do you want?

“I want you to make me cum so hard I scream like a banshee.

Creighton laughed out loud as he turned the speed up to its maximum setting and pressed it against her hard. Sandra began to wiggle as much as she could, considering how tightly he had her restrained.

The whip struck against her time and time again, biting into her abdomen, her breasts, and against her clitoris until she was moaning deep. Again, the sensation of heat and desire began to overtake her and as he placed his mouth across her clitoris, she cried out, releasing her pent-up need in a searing heat that seemed to bathe her entire body.

As they lay embraced in each other’s arms two hours later, Sandra knew that this was the life she would never regret being a part of. Frustration and desire may be denied from time to time, but it was worth it when they finally found a few hours together; a few glorious hours of heat and passion she would always treasure.

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