Chapter 4

"That's TheLokes for you. The best author still, of the year 2562." I heard the announcement of the host so I gave him a small smile while standing off from the seat.

I heard the claps of the people inside the stadium. Some of there are chanting my pen name and some of them are clapping really hard like they were delighted with my success. But, I can't be this happy. This light novel is special. It's for the first group of people who've supported me. I stared at the large screen, showing my face while walking to the stage. I sighed and give them the biggest smile I can offer right now.

"Thank you." I began with these two words.

A loud noise encrypts the stadium. Clapping and chanting are all over the place that made me chuckled. I saw people, staring at me with their glamorous eyes, telling me that my works are indeed a masterpiece. But my eyes were captured by a man, standing from the corner of the room. He wears a black cap but his eyes are fixated in my direction. His grins make my spine shiver but I disregarded his presence. 

"My artworks, the words, and a glimpse of the chapters are all for you. I won't be standing here, receiving this precious award without all of your support. Thank you very much, especially to the TheGreatLokes Club who gave me a special gift last week. It made my heart flutter and my happiness was all over my body. I love you." someone shouted my pen name as a big banner was raised in the air. 

"We love you TheLokes. Thank you for existing." I smiled as I read the banner in the mid-air.

"Thank you for existing too, my dear," they shouted as I replied.

I bowed down my head and decided to go back to where I was seated. It was the last day of Era 2562. The program was ended with a fireworks display and a big gathering for other artists, authors, and actors around the globe. I was on the verge of finding Adriano when I saw him talking to the guy who's staring at me. I took a glance at them which they began to walk away from the area.

"Congratulations TheLokes! Still the Best Author in Era 2563! We wished for the greatness of your journey next Era!" I heard claps from my staff that made me smiled. 

"Thank you. Thank you for being a part of my journey. I won't be the best without your hard work." I lowered down my head to give them the respect I actually admire them for.

I looked at Adriano who was completely a dozen off from the party we held in. I walk in his direction and offered him a drink. He just looked at me and took the drink I gave him.

"Thanks to you too," I said with sincerity.

"What for?" he managed to ask.

"For staying with me, through ups and downs. The best manager I ever had." I smiled.

"I am your first manager, Loke." and we both chuckled.

We don't expect things, bad things to come to us. Things that we are not certain about, holding it in our lives. It will definitely change our lives and especially the people who made it through our lives. This is how we live by. Expectations, realities, painful experiences, and problems.

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