Chapter 2

I had just pushed open the door when I sensed that something went wrong in the room. Moans came faintly from inside the bedroom.

My heart suddenly jolted. Could it be that I've been too busy to satisfy my husband and he's watching porn?

I walked carefully to the bedroom. The bedroom door was not closed tightly. Through the doorway, I could clearly see the white intertwined bodies on the bed.

That scene numbed my soul at that moment!

I didn't even know how I should react. I just stood there in a daze.

The two intertwined bodies were so passionate on the soft, large bed. The woman cried out in waves, her eyes dazed, her snow-white body covered in bruised hickeys and red marks.

The man on her was something I had never seen before. His eyes were red because of the sex, his actions were rude, and his mouth was full of dirty words. He was having a crazy sex with another woman.

The man roared a few times. And the sound of the water became louder. The woman shouted loudly, and the sharp voice pierced my heart to a bloody mess.

After constant moans, the two of them leaned closely against each other on the bed.

"Honey, tell me, who serves you better, me or your pretty wife?" The woman's fingers gently drew circles on my husband's chest, her voice whispering goosebumps.

"What do you think? She's just a piece of wood. You're my darling." The man kissed the woman's face as he spoke.

"She has big breasts and long legs and a great ass, but none of that helps. She is as good as dead in bed. I paid court to her because she was a good-looking girl, but I didn't know that I'd marry a fucking sexagenarian."

Back then?

Brian and I met at a university, in different departments. Back then, he pursued me as enthusiastically like the sunflower chasing after the sun.

At that time, he was really handsome and energetic. Even though I had no intention to him, my heart, like a stone, was warmed by his long and passionate pursuit of me.

Of course, I was touched by him, but now...

So it was because of my looks? What was the marriage I was so proud of? And what of the sincere love I gave?

"Honey, I have good news for you. I -" the woman paused, then she said two words that made me break down.

"I - am pregnant!"

"Pop!" I finally lost all my strength and my handbag fell to the floor.

Brian on the bed immediately turned around at the sound of voices, and his expression changed dramatically when he saw me standing outside the door. I smiled coldly as I watched the two men panic and put on their clothes, but in my heart I was already in pain.

I turned around and wanted to walk out.

Brian only wore a pair of underpants and came up to grab me. "Alicia, wait, it's not what you think."

"Brian, you really gave me a big surprise. If it wasn't what I thought, then what was it like? Are you going to tell me that the woman in bed is just an illusion?" I was a little hysterical and the words almost came out in a roar.

The two of them were covered in the scent and traces of sex, and I didn't know what else he could say.

But I didn't expect my husband to suddenly look at my clothes. After that, his guilty expression immediately turned into anger. "Alicia, what's wrong with your clothes?"

Brian suddenly grabbed my arm excitedly and roared fiercely, "How dare you tell me off! What's wrong with you? What right do you bitch have to question me? You didn't come back all night yesterday, and the clothes you were wearing were gone. Oh! You are still wearing designer clothes. Tell me, which bastard did you hang out with?"

"It's because of work." I was so angry that I trembled, and every word jumped out of my teeth.

"Haha, work? I think you work in someone else's bed! You're sexually frigid when you're with me. It turns out that you're a slut when I'm not around."

"I used to feel guilty about what happened with Janet, but now I'm acting like a fool. I didn't even know that my bitch wife had already cheated on me. Satisfy me with the same enthusiasm you have with your adulterer!" Brian spared no effort to insult me.

I looked at the man in front of me in disbelief. I couldn't believe that this was my sunny, gentle husband.

"Brian, you bastard!" I was so angry that I trembled and wanted to rush up and tear his disgusting face.

The woman on the side stood up and pretended to walk over, putting her hand on my husband naturally.

"You can't blame Brian. You can't satisfy him, not in bed, not at home..." As she spoke, her hands were already intimately around my husband's waist, and her eyes were filled with contempt and provocation as she looked at my belly.

I looked at her triumphant face, and the sound of her voice made me nauseous.

"Alicia, who's that adulterer?" Brian had already clenched his fists and looked at me with red eyes.

"You already know me. Let us know about your lover." the girl smiled enchantingly and said to me.

"Shut up!" As I shouted with all my strength, I reached out and pushed her shoulder, unable to control my emotions.


The moment my hand touched the mistress, Brian let out a roar, and then he slapped me with all his might.

"Bang," The slap was so strong that it knocked my head sideways.

I widened my eyes and couldn't believe that my husband, who was usually reluctant to say a harsh word to me, had hit me for a shameless mistress.

I covered my sore cheek and my eyes almost filled with blood as I looked at them.

Just then, my nose heated up and a drop of blood fell on my chest...

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