Chapter 4

My mother-in-law's words put an end to my marriage. However, I clenched my palm hard and my nails sank deep into my palm, hoping to use this pain to remind myself not to show weakness.

"What's Brian's attitude?" I asked with a little hope.

I hoped I could get a different answer. I had been with my husband for eight years, and I still didn't believe that he would give up our eight-year marriage easily.

"Sister, why are you so naive? That's what Brian means, too. Otherwise, why would I sit here with mom to wait for you?" The woman called my mother-in-law mom affectionately, which broke all my fantasies.

It was only then that I realized how stupid I was. I even thought that Brian would realize his mistakes and did something to make up for me.

Now, I finally understood that children were more important than anything to the Wilson Family.

"Okay, let's get a divorce." As I said this, I wasn't that upset anymore, "I'll get a lawyer to prepare the divorce agreement. Tell Brian to move out."

Hearing this, before my mother-in-law could say anything, the mistress said first, "Wait, why should Brian move out? Brian is not the only one who cheats. You also have an affair and have a paramour, do you?"

When my mother-in-law heard this, her cloudy eyes immediately flashed with light, "Alicia, you bitch. You are my son's wife. You're already useless enough that you can't bear him a child for so many years. I really don't expect you to have the cheek to commit adultery. What a shameless bitch you are. I used to wonder why my son insists on divorcing you. Now I know it. It turns out that our Wilson Family has a bitch as our daughter-in-law. Don't dream of taking our house after what you've done. Listen, you can't get a single cent of the house and car."

My heart was filled with anger, and my blood was boiling with anger, "My parents gave me the down payment on this house, and I paid the mortgage. This house is mine!" I emphasized the word "mine".

My words seemed to ignite my mother-in-law's anger. She screamed and pounced on me, grabbing my hair, "Alicia, it's so shameless of you to commit adultery. I'll teach you a lesson for my son today!"

Seeing this, the mistress quickly came over. She pretended to stop us from fighting each, but she actually wanted to restrain me.

I instinctively struggled to break free, then pushed away my mother-in-law, who was tearing at my clothes.

My mother-in-law lost her balance and fell to the ground with an "ouch". The mistress called out "mom" and immediately went to help her.

When I saw the insincere concern on the mistress's face, I sneered in my heart.

"What are you doing?" Just then, Brian's cold voice came from the door.

Seeing that Brian had returned home, the mistress ignored my mother-in-law, who was still lying on the ground, and immediately ran to Brian to cry, "Brian, you're finally back. You don't even know that sister wants you to leave without taking any property after divorce. Mom was so angry that she scolded her, but she hit mom."

Brian's eyes turned red when he heard this, and he immediately came over to grab my collar, "Bitch, you are so shameless. How dare you hit my mother!"

When I saw Brian had clenched his fist, I knew that it was useless for me to explain at this moment. I simply made up my mind and decided to fight them. I sneered, "You are a bastard who cheats on me. You have no right to call me a bitch, and this house is mine. I want a divorce even if you don't. You and your mistress don't want to get a penny."

"What did you say?" Brian roared and slapped me. I staggered a step and the smell of blood spread in my mouth.

"You bitch. You are so stubborn that you are reluctant to admit mistakes. I'm going to teach you a lesson today." He slapped me again, and my brain was buzzing.

"Bah!"I said, and spat out the blood in my mouth. Looking at the man I had loved for eight years, I sneered, "You're a man, but you hit women. You are such a coward! Today it's me who cuckold you, and tomorrow the mistress behind you will cuckold you. You are a complete good-for-nothing!"

Without a word, Brian picked up the vase on the end table and threw it at me.

I quickly dodged it. The porcelain hit the ground with a loud bang, but the flying shards inevitably scratched my neck and cheeks.

At this moment, there was a sudden knock on the door, and a faint sound of concern could be heard from the neighbors outside.

Brian was going to ignore it, but there was a more urgent knock on the door.

Brian glared at me fiercely and gritted his teeth, "Be careful what you say later." Then he signaled the mistress to open the door.

"Oh, what's going on in your family? Is something wrong?" An aunt asked with concern and tried to poke her head inside.

Hearing the neighbor's question, before I could say anything, my mother-in-law, who had been watching me get beaten up like a play, suddenly burst into tears, "You don't know that my daughter-in-law is too wicked. It's okay that she doesn't give birth to a child for our family all the time, but she even commits adultery. Her behaviour has brought disgrace on our family!"

My mother-in-law's cries attracted more neighbors, and a few of them exclaimed when they saw the wound on my face, "But you shouldn't hit her like this. What if she dies because you hit her so hard?"

When my mother-in-law saw that something bad was going on, she immediately continued to cry, "You don't know that after she has done such a shameless thing, she still wants my son to leave without taking any property after divorce. I was so angry that I just scolded her a few words, but she hit me. She was really lawless. If my son hadn't come back to stop her, I would have been killed by her now!"

When I heard this, the corner of my mouth twitched. I had seen people who distorted the truth, but this was really the first time I had ever seen someone talked nonsense like my mother-in-law.

In the past, my mother-in-law and I had never been close. When she saw me, she kept a cold face. I did everything she wanted. Thus, I had never seen such a vicious side to her.

"Alicia, I don't believe you are such a person. How can you hit your mother-in-law?"

"Yes, yes. It's your fault. Instead of admitting that you were wrong, you hit your mother-in-law."

"You look like an easy-going person. I don't expect you..."

I didn't even have a chance to explain, and everyone was already criticizing me.

My mother-in-law confused right and wrong. I clenched my fists in the face of everyone's criticism, turned around and pointed at the mistress with hatred, "Don't sling mud at me. They bring a pregnant mistress to my house. What do you want me to do?"

I yelled at a group of neighbors who were watching the show. They were stunned for a moment, and all turned to look at Brian. Then they began a new round of accusations against Brian.

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