Volin Women's Academy


104.21k words

33 chapters



Table of Contents


Volin Women's Academy is a prestigious institution for the gifted. Well known for its beautiful and talented young maiden, the student was put into a strange entrance exam. Inside of the famous exterior, it is also known for creating and shaping young ladies to become the world most dangerous assassins.

Irina Audra, a 21 year old female who was chased out by her father after an unwanted incident that claimed someone life so dear to them. Irina accepted her faith and decided to called her mother, who divorced her father many years ago.

She accepted Irina with open arms but Irina has to follow whatever her mother told her and that is to enroll in Volin Women's Academy. Irina has a secret that only her family and staff know that she is known as the Seraphim Blade, the world most dangerous and fearsome assassin.

The whole school was on high alert when they were told than the infamous Seraphim Blade will be joining them. But none of them ever know how the Seraphim Blade looks like.

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