Volin Women's Academy

Chapter 1


"You are no child of mine!"

I abruptly waken up by my father's loud voice in my dreams. I looked around the moving car and sighed heavily. "We're not there yet?" The female driver looked back to me using the reared view mirror. "No Miss. 10 more minutes." I sighed again and looked out of the windows.

My name is Irina Audra, the daughter of Larion Audra, the chairman of the world's leading secret association for assassins. I was raised in a very dark situation where I'm always looking up to death. After the end of my older brother and sisters because of my own foolishness, my father chased me out and disowned me as his daughter.

I am now just Irina. I sighed when I saw the vast building of the place I call home. It's a complete change from my old environment but, my mom is the only person who I can count on.

"Madam Dasha will be very please miss. She's always been telling us the staff about you and your other siblings. And of course, my condolences for their passing."

"Staff? Is that mean your an assassin as well," she shook her head.

"No, ma'am. I'm just one of the people who created the weapons used by the student." It gained my attention.

"You made guns?" She nodded.

"Blades, axe, bows, you named it. I am also a part-time driver." She smiled and entered the vast gated community.

"So this is Volin? It's enormous. Larger than Audra." The driver smiled.

"It's the only higher education institution that has every course known to man. Only the best for our young ladies." I wondered.

"Do you have demonology?" The driver nodded. "But the student who took that class is an anti-social but exceptional student."

When the car stops, I saw a glimpse of my mother walking towards the car.

"Irina?" She questioned. I smiled. But something weird just happened. My mother actually hugged me. I have never been hugged before after they both died. The only person who did was my late sister, Alina.

"Oh, Irina.. how I miss you. I didn't get to see you at the funeral. I was wondering where you might have been." I returned the hugged.

"I was in solitary confinement throughout the funeral. I was forbidden to see my sister and brother for the last time."

"Oh, no Irina. Did he do something to you? Your father, I mean." I didn't respond to that.

"I take that as a yes." Mom pulled away from the hugged and looked into my orbs.

"Come on. Let's go in. I'll introduce you to the dean." I followed her inside and was bewildered by the enormous hallways.

"You own this?" Mom nodded.

"It's my husbands, but I get my fair share as well.

"I'm sorry Noah and Varvara can't make it. They both busy with the first day of the school session." I stopped behind her.

"He's the Dean?" Mom shakes her head.

"He's the chairperson like I am. We own this academy. The principal is behind this door."

Mom turned the knob and walked inside. I followed her closely.

"Paris?" Mom called out. Seriously? The dean's first name is Paris? What's her last name. Hilton? I giggled at my own joke.

"Dasha? She's here already?" When the dean walked out from the back door, I was in a trance.

This beautiful woman in my new dean?!

"Irina, meet Dean Volin. Your aunt." Mom winked at me. That's her way of telling me she's off-limit. "Irina." I offered my hand.

"Paris Volin. The Dean." She smiled and took my hand in hers. "Have a seat. We'll discuss your needs and future plan so we can arrange everything."

"My what?" I asked. "What she meant was, what is your dream? I mean this is a higher study academy. You must have other interest than assassination." Now that she mentioned it... I have no future plan. I could only have one job, and that's being an assassin.

"I have none." I'm such an honest child.

"Oh. Okay then. Do you have any interest? From there we can work something out." The dean said. My interest? I have no interest except for killing a human being.

"Umm. Killing a human being is my only interest for now." The dean turned to my mom.

"Irina how bad was the school in your father's academy? Does he provide you with enough clues for the future?"

"All we have to do is studying like a normal school does. You know, the basic, maths, history, English? Foreign language, biology, physics. And for our extra class, all the student are compulsory to be in assassination classroom. Where they taught us how to be one."

"Hmm. Your father still as traditional as ever I see." Mom suddenly said.

"But I do have a talent." Finally, both of their faces lightened up.

"I know how to play the violin. I can read music." The dean smiled.

"We can work on that. How about we registered you in classical music course? We have the best of the best violinist as your teacher."

"But of course you can change this anytime when you feel it's not you. For the time being, classical music is your choice." I nodded.

"It's settled then. Oh, the students are obligated to stay within academy ground. That's mean you have to stay here. But of course, you can stay in the provided mansion. That's where Varvara stayed in."

"Because it's the new school semester, you will see a lot of freshman girls running around, trying to adapt. So you might need to be extra careful. Some of them are known to be the daughter of a serial killer." My eyes widen.

"But of course the Volin girls know how to protect themselves." Mom smiled.

"Oh.. I do have a request. Is that's alright." The dean and mom looked at each other before nodding their heads.


"All I'm asking that no one should know who I am. None of them will know I am your daughter, or I am the Seraphim Blade. Only us. Is that okay? And I don't want to stay in the mansion with Varvara. Everyone will talk about it. I just want a normal school life, and I don't want to be the centre of attention."

I sighed when I remembered the conversation with the dean and my mom. I literally begged for it, but I saw their little smirked. Whatever it is, they planned something. Something sinister. Something out of the question kinda vibe. I followed the map they gave me to my dorm.

Just how many building do they have? Even Audra Academy has only 3 main building and a dorm. That's it.

But I have to admit, the view of this scenery is one hell of a walk. I never dreamt of seeing the sun after what had happened to me. I have probably been in the solitary confinement for too long. I tried to be as invisible as I can be and avoided every eye contact the students gave me.

Sometimes I hope no one even heard of Seraphim Blade at all. That nickname always gave me the trouble to be myself. I stopped where I am and looked at the map again. "Where you headed?" A familiar voice asked me. "Umm.. the dorm." I looked up to see it's my mother.

"Through that path, towards the little garden and there you see a huge cemented sign saying 'Dormitory'. That's your station." She is sarcastic. "Thanks, ma'am. I appreciated it." I smiled and waved her my goodbye.

I stopped by the entrance of the dormitory. Like what mom said before, a lot of freshman girls running around, making friends or should I say allies. "NO RUNNING IN THE HALL!" A voice startled everyone, and when I walked inside the dormitory, I was greeted by an angel with nice-looking knockers.

"And who are you? What is your business coming into the freshman dormitory?" Shit. This is the freshman dorm?! I messed up again. "I'm Irina. I'm looking for room 225." The blonde woman looked at me thoroughly and hummed. "My name is Zoya Lev. I am the Vice President of the student in Volin Women's Academy.

"I'm Irina." She seems to be thinking of something.

"Your dorm is the second building. Five minutes walk from here. This is the freshman dorm and for students who need to adapt to their new environment. From the looks of you, you must be a professional." Shit. She can see through me! How is that even possible. I excused myself and walked towards my dorm.

When I arrived at the second building like what Zoya mentioned earlier, I hope it's this place. I suddenly heard someone giggled behind me. Automatically, my nerve grabbed the person by the neck and aimed my knife at its throat.

When I noticed that it's a girl, I released her immediately. "Seems like you're on edge." She straightened her dress up and smiled. "The name is Faina Rodion. Room 227. You?" Should I apologise to her? I did just tried to kill her. "Irina. I'm sorry for my action. It's just automatic to protect myself. I don't like being sneak upon."

"Oh. It should be me who apologise then. I'm sorry." I brushed it off. "Can you please show me the room 225?" Suddenly she gasped. I have no idea why but she just gasped. "Room 225? Seriously?" I slowly nodded. She suddenly laughed and bending down, continued to laugh.

She must be one of the famous serial killers. "You should pray that she's in a good mood." I tilted my head confused. "What?" Faina smiled and showed me to my room. I thanked her, but she said good luck to me for no reason and walked towards her own room. I shrugged and tried to use the key that was given to me.

At first, the door won't budge, but when I tried to push it even harder, it opened. I was about to walk inside when someone placed the tip of the gun on both my eyeballs. "Why are you breaking into my room?" That voiced questioned me. Her voice is melodious, but from what I received now, she must have a rotten attitude.

"I was assigned to this room. My names Irina."

"Who the fuck assigned you to my room?!" She said through gritted teeth. "Here.. the papers." I present the paper I received from the dean. She released my eyeballs and took the papers forcefully. I rubbed my eyes, and when I looked up, I see an angel in front of me. A rotten angel but she's an angel alright.

She suddenly screamed and tore my paper to pieces. I was surprised by her action because my class schedule was on the same paper as well. "What... hey!" She glared at me and aimed her gun at me again. She expects me to be afraid of a little gun?

"You seems to have the nerve to be brave in my presence. Do you know who I am?!" She walked forward and aimed her gun to my forehead.

"Should I know who you are?" I countered. "You piece of shit! You should die.. now." I didn't even blink when she pulled the trigger. "You didn't even flinch, huh." She giggled and threw the gun away.

"It's blank. You show no fear at all. You must be a professional, Irina?" I didn't answer her question. "I am Evara Artem. You should be grateful you're in the same room as me. Everyone willing to kill for me just to be my roommate. Somehow that dean dares to disobey me."

She walked towards the door. "Don't change a thing in my room or you'll be dead. For real." She slammed the door on my face, and I sighed heavily. Great. I have a psychopath as a roommate. Can this day get any more 'exciting?'


It's dinner, and I have no idea where to go. I decided to follow the other group of student and hope they went to the place where they suppose to get some food. The map didn't help at all. It made me madder every second, trying to break the fucking code in every corner.

When I saw a building with 'Cafeteria' on them, I was this close to tears. The only meal I had was on the plane and its horrible. I went to the food counter and looked at every food that was on displayed. I see a lot of variety, but none of it triggered my taste bud at all. I sighed and took a fish sandwich and a can of soda.

After I paid for the food, I searched the area for an empty seat. Most of the places were occupied by groups of girls I really don't want to associates with. When the only available table was located in the centre of the cafeteria, I took a deep breath and proceed. "Better than those girlish group."

The first bite of the sandwich made my taste bud felt something weird. The food was delicious but... something... the ingredient perhaps. But before I could muster up all the possibility, I heard the whole cafeteria turned to silence. Not even a single voice was heard at all.

When I looked up, I saw a group of girls walking in with all their gracious presence. I know them, and one of them is my roommate. Now that I saw them in groups, I can see who's the boss between them. It's that Vice President of a student, is it Soy? I can't recall her name. When I noticed them walking towards me, I wondered what's going on.

Some whispering behind me and some even chuckled. They stopped in front of the table and smiled. Except for my roommate. She's glaring. Like always. "You're sitting on our table." The VP announced. "I didn't see your name on it." I simply said. She cleared her throat and pointed at the edge of the table.

Of course. Me and my big mouth. "As you can see, my name is on the table." They all crossing their hands on their chest and tapping on the floor with one of their foot. "Remember me? I showed you the room earlier." I nodded. "Fiona is it?" She shakes her head. "It's Faina. You should listen more."

I apologised. Suddenly my roommate slammed her hands on the table and glared. "Get the fuck off our table. We don't share." The VP grabbed her by the collar and pulled her back from me. "Don't be rude. She's new." The VP sat on the table with me. "Since Varvara is busy, we can let her just for tonight."

My roommate scoffed and turned her head away from facing me. Faina, as usual, smiled at me. "So, Irina. How do you adapt to your new environment?" The VP asked. "I can manage. Besides, I'm an ex-student of Audra. This is much better than that hell hole."

I noticed Faina and my roommate looked at each other. "Audra Private Academy? Isn't that the school that beat you." My roommate shoved Faina's mouth with my sandwich. Oh, no.. my dinner is gone. Suddenly a static sound was made from the television surprised us all.

I saw The VP stood up and whistled to gained everyone's attention. "Keep your eyes on the TV!" She shouted and sat back down. My eyes were on the television and watched as mom suddenly appeared. "Hello, student. I am Dasha Volin, the chairperson of Volin Women's Academy. I am here to welcomed every single of you to a wonderful school year."

I noticed mom reaching for something. She showed a small dagger and smiled. "With this, I officially announced that Volin's operation is now in commence. For the new student of Volin, your first mission will be attending an orientation that will be held in the main gymnasium tomorrow morning."

What just happened? Is that all she's saying? So she's telling me to attend the orientation tomorrow? What am I? Grade school? "You will have to go orientation, huh? Suck to be you." My roommate said. "Evara, did you forget? Varvara told us all that we have to be there assisting her with the orientation."

My roommates face turned red. Not from embarrassment but from anger. "What?! Hell, no! I refuse!" The VP suddenly grabbed her by the hair and shoved her face on the cafeteria table. She pressed my roommates head on the table, and I can slightly sense the killing aura extracted from her.

"If you disobey the president, I'll personally kill you with my own hands." She released my roommate's head and sat back down. By now, everyone's eyes were on us. By how swiftly she moved, she must be a professional assassin as well. But I have my doubts with Faina. She seems to be the soft one.

But from my line of work, never judge a book by its cover. Sometimes the least showing person is the deadliest of them all. "I'm sorry. But, who's the president of the student?" I asked. They all turned to me. "Varvara Volin of course. Don't you get brief by the welcoming committee? She's there, you know."

The VP answered me. "Well, can't blame her. She's a transferee. Varvara dealt with the freshman." Faina added. Suddenly my roommate stood up and turned her body towards the counter. "She's always that grumpy?" Faina nodded. "She just hates having a roommate. She thought she said that clearly to the dean before."

"So she's angry at me?" They both nodded. "Just don't get to your deep sleep. Who knows what she might do to you." Faina joked and winked at me. "Don't skip orientation tomorrow. You'll be brief by then. If I don't see even a glimpse of you, I'll drag you to the gymnasium myself if I have to."

Somehow I think she's serious about it. I turned to Faina, but she just shrugged her shoulder. "By the way, you have the most beautiful brown hair I have ever see. Now that you put it on a messy bun like this, gosh you're gorgeous." Faina being bold.

I gulped my saliva and gave her a dry laughed. "Umm.. thanks.." she smiled and stood up. "You should laugh more." She winked and went to the food counter. "That's the seductress alright.." I wondered what the VP meant by that.

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