Chapter 2


I slowly opened my eyes as my ears heard the forsaken ringing of the alarm clock. I looked around the room and noticed that she's not on her bed anymore. I was glad that she decided to be out this early because last night was weird enough. I didn't mean to walk in on her soaking herself in the tub. Thank God the bubble covered every little detail of her body.

I smirked. Well. Come to think of it, she's not that little if it comes to her chest. I chuckled when I remembered her reddening face. Shit! What am I thinking! I can't think of her that way. She will kill me! Literally! I sighed and got up from my bed. I grabbed my towel and went inside the bathroom, but this time I made sure no one inside.

While stripping my clothes off, my eyes were all over the battle scar I have on my body. I looked at myself in the mirror and traced the biggest of them all on my chest. This scar meant so much to me, and it holds some of the most inhumane secrets of all. I looked down and laughed at myself. I'm just a puppet for him. No more special than that.

It's a blessing he chased me out of his life. But he's right. I broke his rules.

After I shake my thoughts about him off, I decided to continue my morning routine. After putting on the all-black set of clothes and light make up to cover my flaws, I walked out and make my bed. I looked at the time and scoffed at myself. I remembered the orientation will start at 8 am.

"You need to put on the uniform." A voiced startled me. It's my roommate. "If not you'll get a penalty and I will be blamed as well." When I looked up to her, she's in her uniform. White dress shirt, black blazer and skirts just above her knees with red lining. I detested the outfit from the core of my body.

I will look hideous in skirts. "No, thank you." I was about to walk out when I suddenly felt a chain wrapped around my ankle and pulled me back in. I hit the floor face first, and it brings joy to this bitch. "Either you wear this uniform, or I'll strip you myself!" She threatened, but before she could lift my shirt up and see my scars, I grabbed her hands and stopped her.

"You touch me again, and I'll break your hands." I know I shouldn't say this mean words, but she's out of boundary! She smirked at me. "I like to see you try, Irina." She challenged me. "Let me go." I tried to spat her hand away, but she's determined. "Fine. I'll explain myself to the president so she won't give me a lot of trouble."

She released the chain and stood up from me. I got up and walked out of the room towards the gymnasium. Can this day be any more degrading?! I sighed and noticed a lot of the freshman girls looking at me weirdly. Well probably because I'm not wearing the official uniform I guess.

I tried to be as invisible as I can be like yesterday. I just want this thing to end soon. After I found the perfect place to sit on the bleachers, I watched as the gymnasium was immediately filled with new students. I can't believe they all going to be an assassin after they're graduate.

At the middle of the court, I noticed the VP and Faina stood beside a podium. I tilted my head to see Faina more clearly from where I am. I wondered why she does have a whip with her. When the door was opened by someone, all eyes were on the person walking in, including mine. I know that girl. I talked to her a couple of times before.

She's Varvara Volin. The student president of this academy. I shook my head when she was dragging my roommate inside the gymnasium like a grade school kid. Hmmm. Varvara seems different now. Her expression showed nothing but a fearless leader. She used to be so... "I expect everyone to be in their uniform for this orientation, but somehow I saw a couple of you decided to disobey the rules."

Varvara cleared her throat. "I'll let it slip this time. You girls are a freshman and new student." Her eyes made contact with mine for a brief seconds before continued introducing the girls beside her.

"As you all may know, I am Varvara Volin. The student president of this academy. And this is my Vice President, Zoya Lev. These other two girls beside me are my other comrades. Faina Rodion and Evara Artem." Faina actually waved at me.

"We're students of this academy and also a student-teacher." My eyes widen. Seriously?! I heard everyone gasped as well. "I'm specialised in close combat moves. Zoya here specialised in creating a new form of attacking, by using poison." Zoya waved at them.

"Faina Rodion is our little seductress." Suddenly Faina whipped her whips on the court floor, trying to get everyone's attention. "And Evara here is expert in handling guns, swords, blade, you name any kind of weapon, she's the expert," Varvara smirked.

"You see, dear students. Being in this cruel world means you have to survive. Kill or be killed. That's the real question you should ask yourself every day. Either you pull the trigger or your enemy will. That's where this school exist for. It teaches us to be alive in every situation possible. Any question?"

A lot of the freshman raised their hands. "What do you mean by seductress?" One of the students asked. "Being a seductress has its peek." Faina started to talk. "You could be bold, but for me, to have a clean kill, all you have to do is seduced them. Man or woman. Same trick, same MO, different tactic."

I was impressed by her explanation.

"So basically you're whoring yourself?" A moment of silence when Evara suddenly threw her knife to the student who said such word to her friend. "She's not whoring herself you snotty face." Faina stopped her from walking forward. When I turned to the student, she was so pale but glad that the knife did stab her.

"Being a seductress meaning you get to ride in a fancy car with your target. I've been dealing with the king of mafia and some of the notorious serial killer known to man. This tactic only works if you have the brains to pull it off." Faina nailed it.

It seems that Evara has a sensitive spot for her friends. She's overly protective of them. I'm glad that Varvara manages to have a friend like them. Who's willing to protect each other.


I waited for everyone to walked out of the gymnasium. After a very long day of mindless sitting and listening to this crap of orientation, I really need a bubble bath. At least to calm the nerves. I stood up from the bleachers and walked down the steps. When I heard the gymnasium door creaked, I looked up to see Varvara walking in.

She called me using her fingers, and when I nearly in front of her, she ran towards me and hugged me tightly. "Oh, Irina! I was worried when I didn't see you at the mansion! Why did you decide to stay in the dorm?" She asked. When she pulled away from hugging me, she faces me with her pouting face.

"Are you mad at me or something? Is it because I never call?" Oh, no. She's about to cry. This what I suppose to say earlier. How can someone so fragile like this be the student president and not to mention student-teacher? She sniffed, and I can see tears begin to flow down her cheek.

"Varvara. I'm sorry. It's just I don't want to be the centre of attention."

She suddenly giggled and wiped her tears.

"Your plan didn't work perfectly, though. Your roommate is my friend, and she's one of the popular students around here." So that's why the dean and mom smirking about. They tricked me! "Oh, before I forget... a little gift from my dad." She handed me a brown package.

"Mom requested for some alteration of your uniform. She knew how you hate to use these skimpy short skirts. You're the first to wear long pants." She winked. Seriously? They actually do this for me? "Oh. Since you're in the classical music course, you need a violin correct?" I nodded.

"You'll get it in two days. Mom had it custom made for you. So just relax. Here." She gave me a paper. "Just present this paper to your lecturer, and she will understand." I can't thank her enough. She's been so helpful. "Zoya told me you sat on our table at dinner last night. You're welcome to join us. Don't be shy. Okay?"

I smiled. "Somehow I doubt I'll be joining you guys again." Her face turned sad. "But you'll be all alone. I can't allow that." She's about to cry again. "Hey... Varvara.. listen to me. Don't be that way. I'm used to be alone. Besides, solitary confinement helps me with that feeling. I just want a normal school life."

"But..." I stopped her.

"Please.." I begged. She sighed and nodded slowly. "If you want anything, anything at all, just ask." I smiled and thanked her. "Oh, mom gave me this as well." She handed me a file that was inside her backpack. "She said you need to come by the nurse's office twice a week. You know.. to check your.. bones."

Oh. I nearly forget about that too. Thank God for mom. "Thanks." Varvara hugged me goodbye and walked out of the gym. I decided to step up to my room and rest a bit before dinner. I reached out for my keys and unlocked the door. I turned the knob and walked in. But little did I know that my roommate was just changing her clothing.

Not to mention she's only in her undergarment. We looked at each other face for a second before her face turned red and threw every single thing at me for walking in the room as I please. "ARE YOU A PERVERT?!" She yelled and still throwing the stuff she can grab.

"I'M...SORRY!" I avoided every hit, but when she grabbed a picture of my older sister and brother from my bedside table, I caught it quickly. I was so glad to know that their picture is alright. "Get out! GET THE HELL OUT!" She screamed at the top of her lungs while covering her breast and private parts.

It's not like I can see anything. I scoffed and walked out. I waited outside and wondered what's taking her so long. When the door opened a little, I walked in and noticed she's doing her assignment. I walked past her part of the room and towards mine. I placed the package that Varvara gave me on the table and lay on my bed.

"Hey what clubs you're in?" Did she just ask me a question? "Well, I'm in the classical music course, music club perhaps?" I heard she turned her body towards me. "Who are you to Varvara Volin? Why did she hugged and cried for you? Are you two lovers?" My eyes widen. How did she know?!

"I saw you two in the gymnasium. You look at her lovingly. Who are you? It's almost impossible for a transferee to be here if you don't know the chairperson. I'm curious about that. Zoya and Faina as well." What should I say?! Or do?! I can't tell them.

"We're old friends. That's all." Suddenly Evara slammed her hands on the table. "Liar. I've been friends with her since kindergarten. You're never in the picture. Only us four." Before she gets to ask even more question, we both heard her name and the other student-teacher were being called using the PA system.

"I'll get my answers eventually. You can count on that." Was all she said before walking out of our room.


It's my first day of class, and I'm lost. I may be a fearsome assassin, but I do have such a lousy sense of direction. I sighed heavily. Who designed this forsaken academy. Can they just build a place that actually had signs on them?! I looked through the map again and wondered where I am.

"Need any help?" I turned around to the owner of that voice, and there she was, standing with her glory behind me. "Yea. I need to go to the classical music course room. Where is it?" She chuckled and leaned in. "I'm going there myself. Let's walk together." She invited me.

Now that she mentions it, she does have a violin case. "I'm sorry for troubling you." She brushed it off. Words can't describe how beautiful she looks. So poise and so delicate. She looks so fragile as well. I was utterly in a trance when the wind suddenly blew her silky black hair with grace.

My gay heart is not beating right. I tried to be as nonchalant as I can while the wind literally raping her body. She holds down to be short skirt while walking, but I can see a glimpse of her black panty. I blushed and looked away. "Really hate this part early in the morning. The breeze is good, but it gets crazy sometimes."

She voiced out, and when I looked up, her face flushed at me. "Sorry for the inconvenience. I know how terrible my sight is now." I shake my head, no. "You look perfect." We continued to walk towards our destination. "Here we are." She announced. I thanked God for this little meeting.

"Since we're classmate, how about we learn each other's name?" She suggested when she opened the door for me. "My name is Athena Vladimir." My eyes widened when I heard her last name. Vladimir?! Don't tell she's THAT Vladimir. "Irina. Just Irina." She smiled. "Okay, just Irina. Nice meeting you." She giggled and offered her hand.

We shake hands. But, if she's a Vladimir, why would she be attending a class like an average student? Aren't special people like her has the choice? "Which dorm you in?" She suddenly asked. "Room 225." She gasped. "Evara'a roommate? Lord have mercy on your soul." She suddenly said and patted my shoulder.

Seriously why does everyone does that when I told them who's my roommates. "Is she that evil?" I questioned. Athena showed me her award-winning smile and nodded. "She's probably eviler than Seraphim Blade herself." I scoffed mentally.

"Well, I heard rumours saying that Seraphim Blade enrolling in this academy. I'm looking forward to meeting her." If only she knew she already did. I giggled. "What's so funny?" I smiled and shook my head. "Nothing. Shall we continue? Our class will start soon."

She led us to a massive double door and opened it. When I entered, every eye was on us. Well, mostly on Athena. "Sit beside me." She offered. Before I could refuse, she grabbed my wrist and lead me towards her seat. I saw whispering, and some even clenched their fist from seeing me together with her.

Overall, this class is fantastic. It's like lecturing hall we had in Audra, but this is something I will love to learn about. I watched as the student beginning to fill all the seats available. I was surprised to see this many of them.

When class suddenly turned silence, I looked up to see who's responsible for it. A woman walked into our classroom. "Settle down." I was surprised to see it's the dean. "As you all may know, I am Paris Volin. You can call me Miss Volin or Dean Volin. Or just ma'am. Either way, I will respond to you except for professor bitch or professor know it all."

The dean literally glared at a student in front of us. I felt someone tapping on my shoulder. "You're the new girl, huh? How can you manage to have Athena and the student-teacher as well? You're suspicious that's for sure." I didn't respond to that. "Be a careful new girl. You're playing with fire here."

She lightly pushed my shoulder and acted as if she's been listening in class. "Can anyone tell me the similarity of Bach, Debussy, Vivaldi and Brahms?" The dean asked us all? Seriously it's an easy question. The girl in front of me raised her hand. "Umm.. they all dead?" The class erupted in laughter.

The dean shakes her head and ignored her. "Anyone?" I noticed Athena raised her hand. "Yes.. miss Vladimir." The class suddenly become silent. "They all created a beautiful symphony in an era where it's impossible to create such things." The dean smiled. "Correct miss Vladimir. That's how you answered a question."

The dean seems to have quite an awful start with the girl in front of us. "Today we're going to learn music theory since some of us didn't bring their instrument." The dean smiled and begin the class. When the lesson is over, I was just putting away my stuff when Athena grabbed my wrist. I looked up at her, and she smiled.

"Let's have lunch together." Every movement in the class abruptly stopped and turned to us. "Me?" Athena chuckled. "Is there somebody else here that I'm talking to and grabbing her wrist?" I don't know what to say. Should I say no? That would be rude. I slowly nodded at her.

She helped me put my stuff away and dragged me out of the class. The other student was looking at us weirdly, and some even stared at me. Are they... jealous? I shake the feeling away and walked with her side by side. She's very talkative and cheerful.

When we're at the cafeteria, we didn't even walk towards the food counter like we suppose to. She leads me to a sitting area next to the place where I sat on yesterday. Zoya looked up and smiled at me. "Looks like you found yourself a friend. Good for you." She said and continued to read her book.

"Sit sit." She invited me with her wide smile. She suddenly clapped her hands, and two women appeared in front of us with a plate of mouth-watering gourmet. "Please.. eat.." well don't mind if I do ma'am. The first bite was magical. It's like the food is dancing inside my mouth.

"Our family chef is the best, huh?" Athena smiled. I could only nod as my hands are shoving food in my mouth. "Slow down." I heard my roommate's voice next to me. "You're gonna choke if you don't slow down." She said while wiping the smudge on my mouth with her thumb. What the world is happening?! Did she just... wait.. what?!

"Thanks." Athena tilted her head while staring at Evara. "You two are close?" Athena questioned. "We're roommates," I said as I swallowed my food. I turned to Zoya and Faina who's as surprised as I am at the other table. I mouthed 'help', but they ignored me.

I feel like I'm in the middle of something sinister when they both glaring at each other. "Enough! Evara, sit." Varvara's voice echoes in the empty cafeteria. I wondered why everyone decided to be mute now. "You just got touch by an angel, Vladimir."

Evara said through gritted teeth before walking towards Varvara's table. What happened between them? I need to know!

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