Chapter 3


"Alright ladies.. pick up your weapon. If you're unsure which to choose, please do meet one of our student-teacher as your guidance." Varvara announced as I walked in the private sector of an underground training facility. "Did you accustomed to this weird place already?" A voice asked me from behind. When I turned it's Athena in her... Ummm... bondage gear?

"Sorry. I just for here from one of my mission. I have no time to change from this skimpy outfit." She laughed it off and excuse herself. "My oh my... she has the looks, brain and the body to be as good as Faina." The VP suddenly appeared beside me. "What is your expertise again?" The VP scoffed.

"Poison. I create some of the most dangerous poison known to man." I should listen to the lesson more. "Come on. Pick up your weapon. Once she's here, you all will have to fight her. With or without a weapon. And don't worry, most of the guns and blades here are fake." She lightly pushed my back towards the weaponry table.

I decided to take a dagger and walked away from the table. Why are we even in this place? This school is getting weirder by the second. "I hope you guys ready for me." I looked up, and Evara was holding a sword on each hand. She begins to attack every student in the whole room, injuring them.

I thought the VP said the weapons are fake!

"That is how you're going to protect someone you loved one?! How pitiful!" She said after injuring a student who's covering another student behind her. I was surprised that Varvara and the others didn't stop her. "Don't be afraid. We have the best doctors available." Athena walked back beside me.

All of the blood reminded me of something that happened while back ago. "Good luck." Athena suddenly said and walking away from me. When I heard someone scream, I turned around to see Evara is charging at me. I jumped back and stick the landing, but she's not giving up.

She started swinging her sword at me repeatedly. But I kept on avoiding it. "Stay still!" She yelled. She expects me to be hit?! Seriously?! I used my dagger to deflected her swing, but it was no use when I realised it's a fake weapon! She gave me a creepy cynical smiled and pushed her sword harder towards me.

I noticed the dagger beginning to cracked. I need to think of something... fast! Think Irina! Suddenly my eyes wandered to her chest. Wow.. cleavage. I smirked and literally groped her breast, and she yelped. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING PERVERT!" She jumped away from me and covered her chest. It's probably the worse move ever because now she's pissed.

By now, the whole class will never stop teasing me about this. But I just have to! It's for surviving... yes... surviving.. oh God Irina! As if they all will believe you.. pervert! "You will pay for this!" My roommate threatened me. Oh shit! She suddenly charged at me without her sword and kicked me down so that I laid on the floor.

She sat on my stomach and tried to hit my face. If only she's not trying to kill me, this pose is such a fantastic feeling. Come on, Irina! Stop thinking dirty while you in trouble! I need to stop her from hitting. I just need to. It showed that she's a professional. Every punch she threw was powerful.

But the effect will break her fist. "I'll break your jaws for this!" She said, but I caught her fist quickly. "Evara... you can stop now." Varvara's voice echoes and Evara actually stopped herself from hitting me. She stood up and walked back to Varvara and the others. "Class, that's how you stop an attack. Not taking it."

Varvara announced. "As an assassin, you need to find your opponent weak spot. And what you just witness right there is how you do it. For Evara's case, her breast." Evara scoffed. "She's a pervert!" I shouldn't have touched it. Now the whole school will think I'm a pervert. There goes my reputation.

"Don't worry Irina. You're still an angel to my eyes." Athena whispered in my ear. I thanked her with my smile and looked down. That was close. I really don't want Evara's knuckle to be hurt. Maybe Varvara noticed how serious it goes and called off the training. I looked up at my step sister and smiled.

She gave me a little nodded and tapping on her watch. I was confused. "To be an assassin, a physical exam is important. Being one meaning your body, soul and mind will be put on a test. There's a lot of unspeakable things will happen." Suddenly I remembered my physical exam at 5.

"Excuse me. What time is it?" Athena showed me her wristwatch. It's 4:45. Darn it! Now, where is the nurse's office again? "Hey, where's the nurse's office?" I asked Athena. She turned to me. "Why? You're sick? Did Evara hit you that hard?" I shake my head. "I volunteered myself to help the nurse today. I somehow forgot to ask where the office is."

She smiled. "The administration building. Second floor. Third door on the left. I think the nurse's name is Luciana. I think. The nurse's keep on changing every time." I thanked her and raised my hand. "Yes, Irina?" Varvara spoke out. "May I be excused? I have some urgent matter to attend to. I promise I'll give my all tomorrow."

Varvara nodded and gave me a piece of paper. "Present that to the nurse in charge." I thanked her and walked out of the secret facility. Illy mind seemed to thought back at the time where Evara and Athena nearly got into a fight. I wondered what happened between them. I wanted to ask the student-teacher, but I can't even get a moment alone with one of them.

I suddenly stopped and looked around the empty stretch of hallways when I think the walk towards the elevator taken too long. Hmmm... which way to the elevator again?


"Everything is in their place." The nurse said after checking, rubbing and tapping every part of my body. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but Madam Dasha asked me to be thorough." I brushed it off. "It's okay. That's what I have to endure for having this body." The nurse smiled. "But I was wondering how could your bones became this..."

She stopped when she noticed I looked down. "I'm sorry. I was way out of line." I looked up and shake my head. "No. It's fine. Well.. countless mission made my body tired. That's all." The nurse went back to her station and waited for me to put on my clothes

"But to have almost all of your bones replace by an artificial one made from titanium, that's bizarre. Even for this line of work." She's right. It's bizarre. But I can't say anything. I was just a puppet for him. I may have his blood in me, but after mom was chased out from the Audra mansion, he treats me like I'm not family at all.

It's all my brother and sister. I am nothing. I'm only be used when the situation is not under control. "Don't worry Irina. Just think of your scars and incision as how strong you are. Literally." The nurse smiled. I put on my blazer and sat in the bed again. "My scars, huh?"

I looked down to my hands and gave out a dry laughed.

"I despise them. All they do is reminding me off my despair." I looked up at the nurse. "I guess I have no choice than to live it up." I noticed the nurse's eyes flickered. Did I say something weird? "By the way, I just noticed you're wearing pants instead of skirts. Is that allowed?" I nodded. "Special request to the chairperson." I chuckled and excuse myself.

"Remember, you're not his puppet anymore. You're just Irina." The nurse voiced before I closed the door. I decided to go to my room. There's no harm in skipping dinner for one night. I was enjoying the night scenery and soft wind when I heard a loud screeching noise made from a motorcycle.

It stopped beside me, and when I turned around, the person riding it waved at me. I still don't know who it was because of the helmet. But from the racing suit the person wearing, it's a woman. "Hey!" I was surprised to see it's Athena. "We still have time for dinner. Want to join me at the cafeteria?" She politely asked me.

"No, thanks. I have no desire to eat, but where did you go after the last class?" She smiled and placed the helmet on the gas tank. "Well, I was summoned by my older siblings. So I went home." I nodded my head and examined the beautiful beast she's riding with.

Hmmm... Ducati Testastretta DVT (Desmodromic Variable Timing), L- Twin, 4 Desmodromically actuated valves per cylinder, Dual spark, Liquid-cooled... this is an Xdiavel. "From the thorough staring, you love bikes?" I nervously laughed and slowly nodded. "I once own a Hayabusa. But I can't bring it here because it belongs to my father."

I sighed slowly thinking of my little devil back at Russia. "Here." She suddenly threw me the keys. "It's yours now." She simply said and unmounted her bike. "What? No way. This is yours. And I can't afford it.." not with the low pocket money I receive from mom. She smiled.

"I'm giving it to you, so accept it. Besides, I have more at the mansion. Not to mention the overly expensive supercar." I shake my head, no. "No way. You don't even know me that well." Athena pushed my hand away and leaning in. "Just treat it like it's a gift from me. To you. For congratulating you entering this distinguished academy."

She's persistent!

"No. I can't simply accept it." I handed her the key back, but when I felt something wet on my lips, my eyes widen. Did Athena just kissed me?! She fucking just kissed me! "There. I just kissed you. Accept this as my gratitude showing how sorry I am." She pulled away and winked.

"I'm sorry for making you blush this hard." Athena was all cute, my heart couldn't take it. "IRINA!" I heard someone called for me from a distance, but I was too in a trance with Athena's breast so close to me. "IRINA!" The voice gets more intimate, but seriously, I will ignore everything if the most beautiful girl in school is this close to me.

"IRINA!" I felt someone tugged on my shirt and pulled me away from heaven itself. Athena was confused as well when I was drawn away from her. I missed my footing and fell butt first on the ground. When I looked up, it was Evara. "Sorry for disturbing your date but I need your help with something. Come back to the room."

She turned to Athena.

"If you think you could buy her with all of your gifts, you're wrong." Was all she said before dragging me towards our room. Seriously what is wrong with her and Athena. She slammed our door when we're arrived she didn't even bother to turn around. "Stay away from her. She's bad news." Was all she said before walking into the bathroom.

"I thought you said you need my help with something," I yelled a little. "Varvara asked me to give you the thing on my table." I turned around and saw the violin case. When Evara walked out of the bathroom, she suddenly turned my body to face her. With her left hand under my chin and the other holding a wet cloth, she literally wiping my mouth with it.

"We really don't want her germs to be all over you." She said. "Ummm..." she stopped and turned around with her back in front of me. "Stop hanging with that evil woman. She's only going to give you more problems." She spoke out before she went to bed and covered herself with her duvet.

Wait a minute... did she just blushed?!


"Student, meet Katyusha Voya."

The Dean introduced to us her guest who walked in the classroom like she owns the place. "Katyusha? As in the war song?" The class erupted in laughter. The woman chuckled. "My name is unique, yes? But no, am not a soldier. Just someone who loves classical music." She smiled.

Somehow I think her smile is not sincere at all. I can tell she's holding her anger. "Katyusha Voya. The famous music conductor, huh. I saw your orchestra with my whole family a few years back. I must say it's one of the best." Athena suddenly voiced her opinion out.

"Athena Vladimir. Nice to see someone I know in this class." Athena smiled. "Say hello to your sisters for me. And of course your brothers." Athena nodded. "Likewise." The Dean clapped her hands to gained everyone's attention. "Since we have a welcoming concert party for the whole student, the chairperson asked for the classical music student to perform a symphony as an opening act."

The Dean turned to Katyusha.

"Katyusha was kind enough to be our conductor, and she's willing to stay with us until it's over." Katyusha looked around the whole classroom. "We have several people with violins, the cello, clarinet, trumpet, Viola, harp, piano... hmmmm.. we can work with this."

Athena suddenly raised her hand. Katyusha allowed her to speak up.

"How about we do Bayushki Bayu?" Katyusha acted as if she's thought of something smart and nodded vigorously. "Nice idea Athena." Seriously? A lullaby? Why that among all the grand symphony. "Since my whole family will be here, it's perfect." Athena seems excited about it.

I mostly spend the long hours of class either sleeping, yawning or just talk to Athena. She somehow always woke me up from my little slumber. I can see she's wanted this mini-concert to be a success. I heard of the Vladimir family before. They are prominent in the music industry. Maybe that's why.

But, how did she became an assassin? That's just weird on so many levels. "Hey, if I'm not mistaken, you sister, she's one of the famous conductors as well, correct?" She stopped walking and face me. "How did you know? Did you google about my family?" She wiggling her eyebrows.

"Don't flatter yourself. I know you because I heard about your family not long ago. Hey, is it okay if I asked you a question since we friends and all." She nodded, and we both cleaned up our stuff. "What is up with you and Evara?" She stopped whatever she's doing and sighed.

"Well..." she zipped her bag.

"She's my ex-girlfriend." She chuckled and smiled at me. "We broke up after she met my whole family. Trust me. She was not always this mean and bitchy. She's actually quite a doll. She's poise, kind-hearted but when it comes to killing, she's the queen." If I knew this will turn to a mushy tale, I shouldn't even ask her.

"Now she's angry at me for ending it and not for having my own opinion on things. We were in love. Now it's over, and we're enemies now." She said with ease. As if it's a joke for her. "Irina. The student president wanted to see you now." The VP gained my attention.

I thanked her and excuse myself from Athena. Walking towards the student president office is something I never dreamt of doing. This is one big school, and I think I lost my way. Again. "Lost?" Evara asked me. I nodded. "You're hopeless." She grabbed my wrist and lead me to where Varvara is.

"I swear, you're one hell of a transferee. Even Varvara loves you. And Athena." I heard she sighed. "Well don't you? Love me, I mean." I joked. "There's no way I'm going to do that. You're a pervert. I mean tell me who else ever seen their roommate naked... twice!" She got the point.

"But did you like what you see?" It was low, but I heard her clearly. "I don't know. I mean Athena kissed me." I teased. She released my hand and pointed at a building. "Just find a big sign saying student president plate." She said and leave me alone. Geez. She can't even take a joke.

I continued to find Varvara. When I opened the front door, I saw her waiting for me while crossing her hands and tapping her foot on the floor. "What have you done to my best friend?" She asked when I closed the door. "Which one?" Varvara walked up towards me. "Evara. I noticed she's been grumpy even more now."

Should I tell her? First, I saw her best friend naked twice. Second, she saw me being kissed by her ex. And third, she wiped my mouth after being kissed. "Well..." I trailed. I could hear her foot tapping on the floor, telling me she's waiting. Oh God, she's exactly like mom. "Well?" She questioned. I nervously laughed. "Well..."

She stomped her foot, telling me she's out of patience. I flinched.

"I saw her naked twice, and she warned me not to be friends with Athena." Her eyes widen. "You saw her naked? TWICE?!" I nodded and looked down. "How come you manage to see her naked. Not to mention, TWICE?!" She questioned. "Well. It's a habit of not knocking before entering the room or bathroom." Varvara faces palm herself.

"No wonder she's this moody. Her life consisting of rules and before she even knew the existing of Volin, she's a very conservative girl. By conservative, I mean, a person who trusts such things like whoever kisses them without THEIR consent will automatically be their LOVER or something."

I don't see the connection. She sighed.

"You saw her NAKED twice! That's mean you're married, dumbass!" Now it's my eyes that widen. "But she was mad and wanted to kill me!" She started to walk forward. "Every girl who didn't expect it will kill you! You need to do something about her little misunderstanding. The game is about to happen soon, and she needs all the concentration for it."

I tilted my head.

"The game? What game?" I asked. "After the welcoming concert party, the academy will be participating in the game. It's called the game because it is a game. With human target." That gained my attention. "Where do I sign up?" She sighed. "I have a feeling you're trying to avoid the real topic here."

I gave her a dry laughed. "There's an audition for it this Friday. If you can manage to woo the best of the judges, you're in." I smiled. "Oh! There's only four-person chosen for it so.. competing against a school filled with assassin.." Varvara laughed. "That's near to impossible."

"Are you forgetting something?" She shrugged. "I am Seraphim Blade," I said and smiled at her. "I can do anything to woo them all.."

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