Chapter 4


I dismembered my guns and put it back together in record time, again. Why do I have to be so lovely with that pervert! She's the one who walked in on me while I'm naked! This is another reason why I insisted on having the room on my own! I sighed and looked at all the weapon I own on the table.

Varvara did say I shouldn't be too narrow-minded and thought about my late parents teaching. But, I can't just simply let it go. I was born as an Artem. And an Artem always stayed in the past. Not the present. "Evara.," Faina called out to me. "Are you done with the inventory? If so let's have something for dinner. I'm hungry."

"I'm done. Let's." When I turned to my best friend, I wondered what she's wearing. She's wearing a black lace dress and a deep V cleavage. I can totally see her cleavage because of her big-breasted chest. "Stop staring at me. At least I got the job done. He was so rough to handle."

She sighed. "Are you hurt?" She shakes her head. I'm glad. Knowing Faina injured in her mission will make me angry. She's the fragile one in the group. While Varvara is the brain and Zoya the 'think-before-you-act' kind of girl. I'm merely following their orders. That's how we rolled.

"You need to change to an article of decent clothing first." She laughed and changed right in front of me. She buttoned her dress shirt and walked towards the door. "Faina.. the skirt." I threw her the skirt and waited for her to put it on. "Don't walk around without your skirt again." She chuckled, and we walked out of the underground facility.

"What do you think of Irina?" She suddenly asked me while waiting for the elevator. "What is there to think about?" I bantered. "Oh, come on. Only idiots will not see her beauty. And that rugged attitude she has really turned everyone on. Plus she has this mysterious side we don't know about."

She's right. She does look mysterious. We both entered the elevator. When it moved, Faina sad something again. "I think Varvara like her. She's been asking about her every day. She seems worried, as well." She's right. Varvara does do that a lot now. She never shows any type of special treatment to the other student before.

"Aren't you jealous seeing Irina and Athena close together?" Her question startled me. "Wha.. she broke up with me. There's no need to be jealous of someone who closes to Athena." I lied, but I know she can sense it. Faina always has that vibe.

"You really need to learn how to lie to me and the others." Faina voiced out. When the elevator door opened, Zoya was waiting for them at the other side of the door. "Oh. Hey. Wanna join us?" Faina invited her. She didn't say anything, but she followed us closely.

"I walked past the room where Varvara and Irina have their little talk. Is it true Irina saw you naked?" I stopped dead on my track and turned around. "WHAT?! SHE TOLD HER?" Zoya nodded her head. "That's mean... wait, is it in your culture when someone saw you naked you automatically his or her wife? Regardless the gender."

Thank you for stating the fact Faina. I pinch the bridge of my nose. "I was hoping she wouldn't know about that. Let's hope Varvara didn't say anything about my culture." Suddenly Zoya chuckled. "Too late. She knew." My eyes widen. Varvara! "Well, I'm not living in the past anymore. I'm a modernised Artem."

Zoya giggled. "I'm glad. Because I heard Athena telling her friends that she wants to date Irina. It's good that you're modernised Artem." I can sense she's having fun telling me this heart-aching drama to me. "So? I don't mind she's dating that bitch. She's only my roommate."

"Who saw you naked twice." Thank you, Faina, for being the one telling me the bad news. But, I have to admit, knowing Athena wanted to be with Irina... making me a little bit unsettled. I sighed heavily as I walked in the cafeteria. "I heard the classical music student will be doing Bayushki Bayu for the opening act," Zoya informed us.

"Seriously?" I asked. She nodded. "Your ex suggested it." I handed my stuff to Faina while I'm going to the food counter. On the way, I tied my hair in a high ponytail so my hair won't be a drag. "Hey, Evara." I know that voice. I decided to ignore it. "Don't ignore me." I keep on walking forward.

When I felt her hands grabbing my wrist, I turned and twisted her hands away from me. But I didn't notice her other hand was caught on my neck and nearly choked me to death. "I just want to talk." I released her other side, and we both walked out of the cafeteria to the garden.

"You can release me now," I said, and she did. When I face her, she didn't change at all. Always as beautiful as ever. Her smile, her mesmerising eyes that could quickly swipe me off my feet. "Are you still angry at me for ended our relationship?" She suddenly asked that question.

"This is an inappropriate question. Goodbye." I turned around and started to walk away. She stopped me and turned my body around to face her. This is getting uncomfortable because of how close we are. Before I get to do anything, she actually leaned in and force a kiss onto my lips.

At first, I against it, but her firm arms wrapped around my body, and I can feel my knees began to weaken by this gesture. It's been so long since my lips kiss on. When I realised we've made out in the first place we met, I pushed her away and wiped my mouth.

She fell butt first, and I was worried she might hurt herself. I was this close to helped her when I heard she let out a dry chuckle. "I miss that taste, Evara. I truly am." Is that all she missed?! How rude! "I'm sorry for breaking your heart." She looked up to me with her sad eyes.

"I am worthless, and I let my family hurt you." Yes, she is useless and weak! "I have nothing to say. I heard you're going to date, my roommate. Just date her and leave me alone." She was confused. "What? Since when? Where do you hear this nonsense?" I blushed. Did Zoya just lied to me?!

I am so embarrassed. "Are you jealous? Or you actually want her for yourself? I must say, her kiss is one hell of taste too. She's experienced." I clenched my fist. She got up and lifted my chin up. "Don't worry. I won't disturb your relationship when you manage to have her in your grasp. For now, I will do as I please."

If only I can punch this bitch without getting into trouble with her parents. "I miss you, Evara. Let's kiss more in the future." She winked and leave me alone with my anger. I swear I will destroy your sorry ass in The Game!


I was walking back to the dorm when I heard someone playing the violin in my room. Obviously, it's her, but I decided to not enter the room. I leaned my ear on the door and listened to the melodious sound that the violin making. She's one talented violinist. Full of sorrow, love and passion.

I may not know the music that much but hers made me want to listen more. But somehow the tune getting sadder by the second. When I can't hear any more sound, I walked in and noticed she's laid on her bed. "You have a letter. I placed it on your table. A guy with a black suit and sunglasses came here earlier."

She informed me. I went to my table and read the letter before tear it to pieces. It's them, alright. The crest is a giveaway. They expect me to kill someone with no money involved?! That's funny. I chuckled. "What is your business with those low life?" She asked me.

"None of your business." I simply said. She got up to a sitting position with her messy hair and a loose shirt. Oh God.. I do hate her to the core, but that sexy look really gets to me. "You shouldn't be involved with those monster. They will only use you. That's how they work." She seems to know about my employer.

"Do you know what my family do? Well, before they were killed." She shakes her head at my question. "We are one of the leading organisation that believes that the corrupted world leaders and any type of stupid person that messed up the world order should be killed." She scoffed.

"Why didn't you kill the leader of the Vladimir organisation? They used their money to exploit all of the world's nature reserve and used them as their private entertainment." She got the point there. But... I messed up and dated one instead. "Just forfeit and leave the Empire. Find someone that will appreciate your work. Such as the Volin."

She said and laid back down. Did she just worried about me?

"I'm going to have a bath. Don't walk in on me!" She waved her hand. I placed my blazer on the bed and grabbed my towel. This time I make sure to lock the door. I stretched in front of the mirror and let my hair down. I looked at my lips and remembered the time when Athena kissed me.

I traced my lips and chuckled. "Someday, you will kneel in front of me," I said to myself.

I went to the tub and check if the temperature is okay. I began to strip and went inside the warm water and let my body relax. This water really eases my problem a bit. Now that the Empire reaching out to me, I have no choice but to oblige. But they really need to send some money to me if they want a good result.

I'll contact them later then. I know that guy will never hear any reason, but for me, I will make sure he will. I was just about to close my eyes when I heard someone knock on the door. "What?!" I rudely asked. "There are 2 guys who wanted to see you. I think it's the one who sends the letter earlier." I sighed. Can't I have some decent time alone?!

"Just ask them to wait!" I yelled.

I got up from the tub and grabbed my robe. I tied it up before walking out of the bathroom and glared at the two guys waiting for me. "What do you want? This is a school. I thought we agreed on to never meet me at school." The guys turned to Irina. "She's fine," I informed. They both sighed.

"The boss wants you to come with us. He needs to talk to you alone about the new mission. That's why he didn't include the money this time." My eyes went to the bags they're carrying. "What's in the bags?" I asked. They both smirked and placed the bag on my bed.

"Only the best for our favourite assassin." They opened the bag, and my eyes sparkled at the new toys I received. "M-61 and M-134. We have the M-249 in the car. Now, please follow us." Irina threw something against the wall that made both of the guys startled.

"The Empire. The most useless organisation in the world. You two bozo should get out of this room before I skin you both alive." The guys tried to be cool, but their hands were shaking and their legs trembling. "We have rights to be here." Irina stood up.

"You know." She cracked her knuckles. "I've been waiting to crash's someone's jaw all week. Since I've moved here from Russia, my hands just aching to punch someone. Step up and be my punching bag, low life." I stopped them before they actually charging her.

"I'll come by at midnight now get out," I commanded them.

When they closed the door, I turned to Irina. "Something bothers you. What is it?" She suddenly pointed at my chest. "They both have been ogling your breast since you walked out of the bathroom. Nip slip." My mouth was ajar open. I can't believe those boys dared to look at my nipple and didn't even tell me!

I clenched my fist and took a deep breath. I didn't say anything and went into the bathroom again.


Thank God Varvara let me borrow the school's motorcycle to go to this dump. Well not really, it's actually a gorgeous and top-notch office building. I removed my helmet and went inside the fancy-looking door towards that man who wants us all to call him sir. I don't feel fond of him, but he's my father's best friend.

He's like an uncle to me, but I hate him to the core. "Ahhh... Evara! Nice seeing you again." I scoffed and walked into his office. When I saw two of the guys who met me in the academy, I asked them to come closer. They both smiled at me. "Thank you for coming. We're worried the boss might kill us."

I smiled back and grabbed them both by their crotch. I squeezed as hard I can but keep a smile on my face. "You saw my nipple and didn't even bother to cover it up for me, huh. The grave is wide open for you both." I felt a hand on my shoulder, and when I turned, I saw him smiling at me.

"Release them. They need that part to produce their kids." I scoffed and head bud both of their heads. "Guys are stupid." Was all I said before sat on the chair in front of the desk. "Well, not all of them. Some do." I just want to kill him right there, right now! "Shut up and tell me what do I need to do!" I yelled.

"We heard that Seraphim Blade enrolled in your school. So we want you to end her life." Well, he's bold tonight. "How much do you pay me?" I asked. He smiled and snapped his fingers. The two guys before showed me two briefcases filled with cash. This is some sight.

"5 million.. for the Seraphim's head." He smirked. 5 million for some silly assassin head? I'm down. Just... Where is this chick hiding? "Alright. If I give you her head, I want this money and... my freedom from your dirty work. Deal?" He was having a second thought. Who doesn't? He's going to let go his most trusted and talented assassin.

"Don't be so cocky if you think there's no one better than you out there." He said when he saw me smiling. "But... fine. I'll set you free if you succeed." My smile gets even more extensive. "But if you lose, the money, your freedom, will be gone just like that." I nodded.

"Sure sure. I'm expecting my toy in 2 days." I stood up and was stopped by him. "The ones I send you is not enough?" I shake my head. "It's enough but how about some new blade. My old one is rusty." He sighed. "Alright. Expect it in two days." I thanked him and walked out of his office.

"You think you're all that?" A voice stopped me from walking down the hallway. I turned to my right and saw him leaning on the door frame with his arms crossed. "Well, I am all that. The best of the best. The Empire loves me so much." He scoffed and walked forward. "Evara. You might be an Artem, but no one can beat your ex-girlfriend."

He glared. "I don't know why he still trusted you with an important mission after what you've done." Oh okay. He's jealous I got to kill Seraphim Blade huh. "What's up to Leonardo? Jealous I got to kill the big guys while you only escorting young lads to school?" I can sense his anger at its peak.

"You can try to touch me, but I'll make sure your hands destroy before you could even do it." He smiled. "Oh, of course not your highness. All I'm asking is a night with you on my bed, and everything will be fine." He's seriously going to ask me that. I giggled. "Even if you're the last man on earth, I will never get your penis inside me."

"Why not?" He asked.

"Because I will chop it off before you could even stroke it yourself. Now, get off my personal space before I pull your tongue all the way to your zipper." He walked back a step and gave out his dry laughter while the people around us chuckled at him.

"You don't scare me a bitch."

"Oh, really? Why are you shaking and trembling?" I asked him. No idea why that man still keeps him in his army. He's such a weak boy. "Don't look at me with those inhumane eyes." Useless man. He's such a waste of money to feed on. "Every bullet I fire, every swing I did with my sword, I lost grip on my human instinct. Don't tell me who I am. You don't know what I've been through."

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me. "Don't expect me to be nice to you after you stupidly asked me to sleep with you. I hate guys who have no heart or the eyes to see how uncomfortable a female is. Next time be a man."

"Evara, stop teasing the weakling." I chuckled. "But sir, he's so fun to make fun with." He wiggles his fingers. I pout. "You no fun, sir." I continued to walk out of the office building and went home to the academy. I have a new mission.

Seraphim Blade, whoever you are, watch how my blade will pierce through your flesh. No one escapes from my wrath.

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