Chapter 5


"That's all for today. Good job, everyone." Katyusha announced and walked out of the class with The Dean. I heavily sighed and started putting away my stuff in my bag and violin case. "You are one talented violinist," Athena said beside me while smiling. "Thanks. You not so bad yourself."

"Oh, I'm flawless." Is she always this big-headed?

"Anyway, I saw two familiar guys running away from your dorm building yesterday. Aren't they Evara's henchman?" Does she have eyes everywhere? I nodded."They want to meet her. Well, their boss does." She looks like as if she's thinking of something. "He's back, huh." I'm confused. Who's he?

"Anyway, do you have something plan for this evening?" I shake my head, no. "Great. Follow me, please." I nodded and followed her. I wondered whats in her mind now. When I noticed we're at the plane runway that belongs to the academy, I stopped her.

"Mind telling me why are we here?" I asked. She chuckled and placed a finger on her lips. "Shhh. You'll know soon enough." She giggled. If only shes not this cute, I'll be asking a lot of question. "They're here," she said and pointed at a plane that's flying towards us. Who's they?

I couldn't help it to look down towards her skirt when the wind hit us. I'm such a pervert. But who can blame me? Just looked at how inviting it is. Such a beautiful girl with short skirts. "Who's in that plane?" I asked to avoid my mind from looking at it anymore.

"My brothers." Her brothers?! I'm meeting the Vladimir brothers?! I can't breathe. "Since the orchestra is tomorrow away, they wanted to stay in the mansion with me. My other family will be coming tomorrow." Oh, my God. The whole clan is coming?!

While the plane taxing inside the vast warehouse, we walked inside and waited for them to walk out. When the door opened, three guys walked down the stairs, and Athena went to hug them all. Like their sister, they all looked like they were cut from a fashion magazine. That's a Vladimir alright.

"Irina, meet Gustow, the oldest, Yuri, second oldest and Zakhey." I don't know how to greet them. Should I wave? Or just smile? Either way, I just nod my head. "Irina." They all looked at me. "No last name?" Seriously, that's the raspiest voice I ever heard.

"I am no one." I simply replied to him. Gustow seems to be thinking bout something. "Athena dear, you expect us to walk to the mansion?" Yuri asked his sister. "No silly. Your ride will come. I arranged everything. How's everyone?" She seems to be close with Zakhey because how he would wrap her arms around her waist like that.

"Little baby sister, we're all fine. Except for Zinovia. She's angry at us for leaving her alone in the mansion." Athena wrapped her arms around him. "Why didn't you bring her here?" Gustow pushed his black hair back. "Tatiana will never get on the plane if she's not there with her." Just how many siblings does she have?!

"Your ride is here. Beat it, boys." She kissed their cheeks, and we watched them go. "How many siblings you have?" I asked when we walked back to the academy. "Eight of them. I am the fourth daughter in the family. Second youngest. My little sister, Tatiana, is 15."

That is such a big family. "What about you?" She asked. "Well. Two older siblings, a younger stepsister." No harm telling the truth. It's not like she knows who's my stepsister is. I chuckled. "What's so funny?" she asked. I shake my head. "So your other siblings will come tomorrow, huh? To have such a big family, you must be tired of hearing their constant nagging."

She shakes her head. "They all supportive of my decision to be here. They hate it at first because of how influenced our father is, but I told them how it matters to me, to be strong and all." Influence enough to buy everything he can get his hands on and turn it to disaster.

"Even though he's our father, we never approved of him to build the nuclear power plant. We thought it'll destroy the world balance and nature around us." Wait. Did she just tell me how wrong her father was? From the news coverage, the Vladimir clan did years ago, they approved of it.

"Well enough about me. What about you? You must have a story." She questioned. I don't know where to start. Should I start with the evilest dad ever live or the solitary confinement, he put me when I was a kid and when I'm an adult now. Not to mention my titanium bones.

"There's nothing to tell. I'm just Irina after all." I smiled. "Liar. I know you have some story in there, Irina." He can see through me. It must be her killer instinct. We were just talking when we saw Evara carrying two huge bags from a car. "Looks like she has a job to do," Athena announced.

"I told her millions of time that The Empire only used her as a pawn. She never listened to me." She still cares, huh. "Yea. I told her the same thing yesterday. Such a waste." Athena nodded. "She should just work for Volin. The pay is okay. Not to mention extra credit for every kill." Seriously? Someone's life is just an extra credit for her.

She's one heck of a woman.

"The Empire requested for the head of Seraphim Blade. And they hired the best for it." Athena chuckled. Wait. Am I losing my mind? Did she just said... "I'm sorry. Who's head?" Athena smiled. "Only the ruthless assassin of all, known as Seraphim Blade. The Empire whats her head."

Why would they want my head out of all my body parts?

"If they want her head, how can she live without it?" I joked. Athena laughed and its the first time I heard her genuinely laugh. "You're funny, Irina. For an assassin, you do not look like the others with those uptight faces." I smiled. If only you knew, I am the target.


"Never hesitate when your target is in front of you!" Varvara yelled at us. "She might be a kid, but she was trained to kill you! It's either you pull the trigger or they will." Then we all heard a gunshot. We all turned to the direction. "See. Either you or them. Either way, one of you will have to die. Or both of you. This is the life of an assassin."

Geez, Varvara can be so cruel sometimes. "You're out!" Zoya and Faina carried the student that's was shot earlier. "For this part, we use a BB gun but trust me, the real deal is much worse than this." Varvara voiced out. "Such a pain we have to train in front of them," Evara spoke out.

I turned to what she was referred to, and it's the Vladimir brothers. Their eyes were all over Athena who's facing one of the most active fighters in the school. "You ever think those brothers obsessed with her." I voiced out. Evara turned to me. "Are you jealous?" I shake my head. "Yesterday, I saw Zackey wrapped his hands around her waist as if they're lovers."

Evara laughed. "Oh my god, you're jealous." Varvara whistled for me. "Your opponent would be me." My eyes widen. Is she serious? She leaned to me. "Don't hold back." She whispered and pushed my upper body hard. I fell butt first and didn't get to readying myself when she swings her leg to me.

I stopped it with my hand and pulled her leg so she that fall as well. She groaned but didn't stop yanking her leg from my grip. I didn't even notice she used her other leg to kick my head. I released her and hold my aching head from the blow. I heard laughter around us.

She stood up and waited for me to be on my feet, as well. "No more games. Real combat starts now." By the corner of my eyes, I saw the Vladimir brothers stood up from their chair and went to the wrestling mat to see our fight clearly. Athena and Evara stood side by side as well.

The first swing Varvara throw was hard to avoid. She has really been improved well. "Don't hold back!" She screamed and swung her legs to my side. I gasped for air. I may have the bones made from titanium, but her kick is something else. "Attack back! Remember what you learned!" She screamed and throws a few punches to my lower abdomen.

When I can get a grip of my breathing, I glared at her. She seems to be happy about it. She changed her pose and motioned for me to charged forward. I literally ran towards her and flipped my body upward to grabbed her by the neck using my legs. I smirked and lifted my upper torso up and face her confusing reaction.

"Sorry, sis," I whispered as low as I can before pushed her body off balance and made her fall on her back. I changed my position and literally choked her with the strength of my thigh as if we're wrestling. She held her hands up, surrendering herself. I got off of her and helped her up. "Pretty sick move there Irina."

She smiled and patted my back. When I walked back to Evara and Athena, they both just looked at me without blinking. "Where did you learn to do that?" Evara broke the silence. "Audra Academy taught us everything we need to know. Including self-defence in the form of wrestling." I smiled.

"Audra Academy? You transferred from Audra to Volin?" I turned around and face the Vladimir brothers. I nodded my head. "Are you by any chance, Irina Audra, the daughter of Larion Audra?" I can see Both Evara and Athena's eyes widen. What should I do? Me and my big mouth!

"She's not. You have the wrong person. If you do know her, you should have figured she's in solitary confinement because of her last action towards Alina and Maksim Audra, her own siblings. Their death is one mistake." Gustow nodded his head. "That's true. I'm sorry. I've been mistaken for somebody else." I brushed it off, and mouth, thank you to my step sister.

"Why do you, the student president care so much about her?" Yuri asked Varvara. "I care for every single student equally. Now, let's get back to training." Barbara clapped her hands. The Vladimir brothers apologised and went back to their seat. When I turned to Evara and Athena, they seem to be in their own little world.

"What Varvara said made me realised something." Athena voiced out. "It must be hard to be in Audra. If solitary confinement as your punishment, weeks without any food or drinks." Where is she heading to with that statement? "Meaning you must be facing a lot of trouble to get yourself here. Am I right?" Oh, that way. Phew.

"You'll get used to it. Trust me. That pitch-black jail is not something you'll afraid of. It's something different. You should be afraid of the tomb of torture that was built underground. But it was mainly used for a student who backstabbed the academy. Who violated the true meaning of Audra."

Varvara clapped her hands to gained our attention. "I want to inform you that the registration for The Game is underway. You have 2 weeks to give me your name if you want to participate in the nation against other schools of assassins." The Game, huh. I wonder how bloody it can be.

I was always so busy with my mission I didn't get to try to be in The Game when I was in Audra. But if I'm not mistaken, my last school called it as Igra. "You will put your name, right?" Evara asked. "Of course, little damsel. I will always enter my name in The Game." Athena answered.

"Before you could be in the group, you will have to face your own comrades. Let me say this for once, this is not a drill. The four-person who still standing by the end of the day will be chosen to compete in the national games. Get yourself ready and prepare to woo the principal and chairperson."

This Game certainly going to be the best thing that happened to the life of an assassin.


The little concert is today, and I have goosebumps all over my body. The nervousness I feel since last night, still visible, even after hours of bubble bath that I took. "Nervous?" Athena asked me when she walked into the theatre backstage with the others.

I nodded. "Don't worry. I'm sure all those countless hours we spent practising will pay off today." The Dean made herself visible and touched Athena's shoulder. "Your family's limousine just made its way to the academy front gate." She informed.

Athena grabbed my wrist and dragged me out of the backstage. "Wait! Why am I following you?" I asked. "I want you to meet my family, silly. Now be gentlewoman and don't ask a question." She seems excited. That's good but why do I have to be dragged to this!

On cue, two black limousines drive up the school's from the front entrance, and it stopped in front of us. When the door opened, a very intimidating man walked out of the car and stared at us. "Daddy." Athena literally jumped to his arms and hugged him. Well, now I can see the brothers resemblance.

So this must be Levka Vladimir, huh. The person who responsible for thousands of casualties from the Godly impossible nuclear power plant. "Who's is this lovely girl you bring?" Did she just call me lovely? I gave him a very awkward smile. "This is my friend, Irina." Levka offered his hand when Athena pulled away from hugging him.

"Levka, Vladimir. How do you do?" I shake his rough hand. "Irina. Just Irina." He smiled and released my hand. "This is my wife, Alexei." He introduced his wife, who just walked out of the car. "Irina." I shake her hand. "And this is one of my princess, Tatiana." I smiled at her. She didn't smile back, but she did glare.

She's so different than Athena. She looked more like Gustow. Edgy appearance and mean-looking eyes that could pierce through you. The only thing that she has in common with Athena is her hair. Her long silky black hair. "Let me introduce you to my other sisters." Athena dragged me towards the other limo.

She opened the door, and my eyes can't get enough of how beautiful Athena's sisters are. "Meet Zinovia, my oldest sister." She flipped her hair and smiled at me. I smile sheepishly. I must look like an idiot right now. "The blonde is Annushka." Now she's a goddess. She offered her hand, and we shake hands.

She looked into my soul and chuckled. "Stop drooling over me, young girl. I'm engaged." She winked and blew me a kiss. "Hey stop it!" Annushka smiled. "Last but not least, Natalya." I just can't get enough of looking at her short mini dress with that beautiful, beautiful curve.

Athena does have a perfect portion on her chest, but shes outranked everyone! "My eyes up here, little girl." She smiled and pinched my nose. "She's cute. Athena, why all the cute girls found you and not me?" She asked her sister, seductively.

"Because I don't sleep with them on the very first date." Wow, any guys or girls that could date them will be one hell of a chance to be taken care of by an angel. "Stop drooling over my sister, silly. Am I not enough for you to nibble on?" She pout. Oh her pouted face to make me want to kiss her right there, right now. Wait, nibble?!

"We'll expect perfection, little sister. Don't embarrass me." Zinovia said. Oh yea, she's the famous classical music conductor. Of course, she expects perfection. Her ears are so used to beautifully made music. "Will do, sis. Now, get your sorry ass to the VIP booth." We both watched everyone simply gave them the way.

I saw mom and Noah, Varvara's father, greeted the Vladimir clan. "Come on. Let's go backstage. We are the opening act." I obliged and followed her. I saw the student-teacher group walked into the theatre hall with the other student following them. Evara smiled at me, but it goes as soon as it came.

Is that her way of saying good luck? When we arrived at the backstage, every single student that participates in the concert looks like they have their worse nightmare. "I'm about to puke." One of them said. Athena whistled to gained everyone's attention. "Don't be such a wuss."

Well, that's not actually a good start if you want to give a pep talk.

"Listen up. Yes, we do have significant people watching us from their seat, using their binocular. But remember this, we have been practising for this stupid concert for weeks. Now, let's use our sleepless time and do this shit." My bad. She does know how to create an atmosphere.

When we were called to the stage, our heart can be heard beating from our chest. From the stage, I can see several most influential people in the world. The underground bosses, mafia's, every single one came to this dreadful day. I thought this is just a welcoming party for the new semester.

Why does every important person come here?

The Dean lied to us. "That snake in the grass. She used this chance to lured sponsors for The Game." Athena said while placing her violin under her chin. We began our little symphony, and the whole theatre listened to us. When we ended the song, we received a standing ovation from the Vladimir siblings and several underground bosses.

The Dean look please, and so does the chairperson. "Looks like we manage to gain more sponsors for the Game," Athena whispered at me.

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