Chapter 6


"Don't be fooled by their exterior. They are trained assassin from the Europe division. They do look like a group of 10-12 years old girls and boys but trust me, they are killers." Varvara said to me. Apparently, she invited me to her mansion for dinner, but I can see she's trying to tell me about the people who join The Game.

"Sis, I know them. They're from Gloriana Private Academy. I bumped into one of them when I was in Europe. They are hardcore girls and boys if I may add." Varvara took a sip of her drink. "Are you going to be in the game?" She nodded. "Always and will be. I never lose before. Why should I back out now."

Good point. "Irina. Why not telling everyone you're my sister? I mean it's about time I have a big sister around. But I can't even act like one." I chuckled. "Varvara, we're in this mansion having dinner. That's the best sisterly love I received for years."

"How are you and Evara? Any progress?" I was confused by her question. "What kind of progress do you mean?" She winked. "You know. Did you two kiss? Hug? Slept together? Do I need to draw you a picture?" I shake my head. "Why would I be kissing, hugging and sleeping with her?" She faces palm herself.

"You two are married." Again with this marriage thing. "Varvara. We're not married. She didn't even say anything to me. Now please let it go." Varvara laughed. "You're blushing." I ignored her and continued to eat my food. "Looks like you two start dinner without us."

Mom and her new husband walked in on us. "Guilty as charge mom." Varvara invited them to join us as she stood up and took two extra plates for them. "How's school, Irina?" Noah asked me. "Good. Thank you for the pants instead of a skirt."

"No problem, man." He actually wants to fist bump with me. "Just do it, sis. He won't rest until your fist matches up with his." Varvara informed. I did the fist bump thing, and I can totally see his happy face. "I'm in heaven. Varvara you should fist bump with me too." Varvara actually glared at his father.

"Okay. It's a no." He removed his fist from Varvara and sat next to mom. "One more fist bump I'll go, crazy dad." Varvara went back to her seat and continued to eat. "Hmmmmm. Delicious. Very delicious." Mom hummed. She's right. Varvara is one great cook. She chuckled. "I know. I'm great."

"Will you be joining The Game, Irina?" Mom suddenly asked me the question. Should I? I don't know myself. But I probably do. I shrugged. "You will do great Irina," Noah said. "Maybe. But since the Empire wanted my head on a silver platter, I have to be careful."

Great, now I just made the situation weirder. "What did you say?" Mom asked. "Athena told me that The Empire wanted my head." I chuckled. "How can you be laughing now?" Varvara asked me. "Hmm. Living my life have its perks." I winked at her. But I know she's not okay with it.

I sighed. "Mom, Mr Volin, Varvara, I'll be alright. Who knows I might join The Game. And I'm not afraid of a silly death threat. I didn't take the hit of having all my bones fractured and replaced with titanium to just stayed inside a hole." Mom wanted to say something, but Noah stopped her.

"Your an adult. So you know what's best for yourself. Just promise me something." I nodded. "We're here if you need anything. So promise us you will fucking ask us for help!" I laughed. Did my mom just curse?! Even Noah and Varvara is surprised.

The dinner was complete silence. I have no idea if this can get even awkward than this. "I heard Irina being introduced to the Vladimir clan. And I also heard you were drooling over the Vladimir sisters." Noah decided to talk, but he's such an embarrassment. "Mr Volin. Are you trying to make everyone feel better by embarrassed me?"

Noah nodded. "Is it working?" Gotta admit he's a fun dad. "Well, I don't blame myself. Zinovia, Annushka and Natalia really look like goddesses. That includes Athena. Except for the little sister who hates me to the core. He glared at me for no reason."

"Tatiana? Why? Did you hurt her feelings?" I shrugged. "I have no idea myself. All I did was offered my hand and smile." Mom giggled. "At least you and the rest of your class manage to woo them. We received a lot of sponsors now because of that little display. Who would've thought you guys will be doing Bayushki Bayu."

"That's all Athena's idea. She suggested it, and Katyusha just followed her lead." Varvara finished her dinner and clapped her hands. "I forgot to mention something. Someone managed to beat me in combat training." Noah actually coughs out some of his food from his mouth.

"Who?!" He questioned. I was confuse when Varvara pointed at me. When Noah turned to me, he looks like he's about to cry. What is wrong with this family. "No one ever beat my daughter before. You really are Dasha's kid." Mom smacked his head. "I am right here." Mom said before sipping her drink and pushed her plate forward.

"Thank you for the meal Varvara. We actually came here to tell you that we have to go to a conference regarding The Game." Mom turned to me. "Irina, take care of your little sister for me. Protect her. Is that clear?" I nodded. I know what she meant by protecting.

She's worried about something. Noah turned to me with his serious eyes. "Whatever happens, just make sure you protect her. This will be the first time we leave her alone without any guards to look after her." Geez. That must mean they trust me with their life.

"You have to stay near Irina. Okay?" Varvara nodded. Faina agreed on letting me stay in her dorm until you two come back." Mom smiled and leave us alone. Noah followed mom's footsteps, and it's just us again. "Don't mind them okay. They're just paranoid. It's just one time, and they make a huge fuss about it."

Varvara cleaned up the table and leaving me with my thoughts. What was she referring to?


I was just walking back to my dorm when I heard as if there's a fight going on. When I turned around, I saw both Evara and Athena were choking each other. I ran towards both of the girls and stopped them from killing each other. "Hey! Whoa whoa! Stop it!" I grabbed both of their wrists and separate them both.

"You two are better than this! Knock it off!" Evara yanked her hands away from me and scoffed. "Tell that to her! She's been on my tail since the beginning! She should be gunned down." Seriously this girl? "You're just saying that. You don't mean it at all. Deep down, I know you still have feelings for her."

I mean, who doesn't. That breast is to die for. She should be considered lucky to had touched them. Ugh. How is that in my mind now, I have no idea. "Me?! You're the one who's throwing away your life by working with the Empire!" She has a point. "As you may know, the Empire used to be my family's organisation! I have to work there so I can get it back!"

Evara screamed back.

Wait! Her late father owned The Empire before that stupid man did?! Geez. What is wrong with the world's orders. "I gave you an option! I can buy the organisation for you, and you can run it yourself! But you decided to be a bitch and ignored my help!"

"I don't want your money! You can have sex with it!" Evara yelled back and turned her back to us. I watched her go. Athena sighed behind me. "Why does she have to be so... UGH!" She's angry too? "I'm going to go now. I have to meet papa." I thought her father gone back. "Papa? I thought he's gone."

She smiled. "Not my father, little lady." She winked and leave me alone. This is getting weirder and weirder each day. I knocked on my dorm door and entered when I heard a faint 'come in'. I looked around before walking in. I noticed she's on her bed, covering herself with her duvet.

"You know she has a point."

"Shut up!" She yelled back. "No! You listen to me for a change. The Empire's new leader suck ass! All he does is killing innocent people. His last mission killed more than 200 life for a price of one world leader head! Yes, it's not you who done the job, but still! You're destroying your future!"

I can't believe I sound like a mother now. What has gotten into me? She removed the duvet and took a little peek to me. "What do you suggest I should do?" She actually asked my opinion? A person she should be killing right now? I sighed. "I don't know. But you should consider Athena's help in this matter. She seems to know her ways in the underground."

"She's working for papa. That's Noah's secret codename. She's working under the Volin name." I turned to her while taking off my blazer. "Maybe you should work under Volin as well. You'll have your freedom, and you can choose your own mission." She sighed.

"What about my family's hard work?" I kneeled down next to her bed and removes her duvet. She covered herself, but I didn't care. I leaned in and smiled at her. "Let Athena do her magic and just wait for the outcome. Believe it or not, she's worried about you. We both are. We know how bad The Empire can be so, please, listen to our plea just for this time."

I thought she was about to kiss me when she suddenly pushed me away from her bed. My butt hurt when I fall on the floor. Can she be more aggressive than this?! "You did saw me naked twice, but that doesn't mean you're my wife! I am modernised Artem. There's no silly stuff about marriage happening. Understand?!"

Phew! Thank God, she thought that way. "Perfectly." I stood up and went into the bathroom. I had unbuttoned my dress shirt when I heard the door being open. When I turned, Evara was looking at my scar on my body. I smirked. "What is it?" I asked. She shook her head and went inside to get a bottle of perfume.

"That's it? Or are you just wanting to see me naked yourself?" She blushed. "Shut up!" She said before slamming the door. I laughed and stripped naked and took a shower. When I'm done and fully dress, I walked out with my towel, drying my hair. When I walked out, she's kneeling down on our window with her binocular.

"What's up with you?" I asked, but I got pulled down, and I hit my butt again! "You really anti my ass, huh? Why do you have to be so mean!" She shut me up and pointed outside with her eyes. I was confused until she gave me the binocular and looked at it myself. All I can see is guys and a lorry.

Wait a second. I looked at them again and noticed lots of body bags being moved from the lorry. I wonder where does the path they took the lead them at. "We should check it out." She stopped me from walking out. "There's a time where even for an assassin should stop snooping and let them be." That's weird coming from Evara.

I wonder why she refuses to check it out. This type of things is her food! I am eager to know more about this mysterious guy and that lorry that they drove to the school ground.

I just need to know!


I covered myself from being seen and stay hidden from everyone's eyesight behind a tree. Even though I told her to stay behind, she still followed me here. When I turned to the other tree, I can sense how angry she is, but it's her own fault. I didn't even ask her to come with me.

She suddenly signalling for me and asked me to looked forward. When I did, I was surprised to see the three older Vladimir sisters. Why are they only wearing lace lingerie on this cold night?! And to furthermore, why are they marching down towards the enemy! I can see Evara probably reacted like I did. Confused and surprised.

"What are you boys doing here at night? I thought papa instructed not to act tonight." Zinovia asked the guys. Are they nuts?! The guys were looking at each other before laughing and surrounding the sisters. I was about to go to help them when Evara grabbed my hands and pulled me down next to her.

"They can handle it themselves." She whispered. "But.." before I could finish my sentence, we both heard a loud crash near us. When we checked it out, a man was out cold. We turned to the sisters who are equipped with numb chucks, steel pole and a dagger. These sisters meant business!

"They confiscated it from the other fainted guys. See told you they can handle it." She whispered. I can't help but watch how Natalya moved around with ease. Not to mention her bouncy breast plus with that lace lingerie, I am so in heaven for this.

"Our father's a war hero, not for nothing!" Annushka yelled and hit a guy's head with her pole.

"He raised eight-strong kids that will do anything to protect each other!" Natalya hit a couple of guys with her numb chucks.

"And you all in papa's turf! That's unforgivable!" Zinovia moved as if she's one with the air. I can't even see her move when she's suddenly behind a guy and stabbed him to death with her dagger.

When every guy's and girls out cold or dead, they were checking their nails and wiping their sweat with their palm. "I need a bubble bath. I smell like sweaty male's armpit." I suddenly chuckled, and their eyes were on us. Shit! So much for hiding out. "You've been hiding from all that fun?! Why didn't you help?" Natalya pouted.

I made myself visible and scratch my head. I don't know what to say.

"She's so cute!" Natalya actually ran toward me, but my eyes were glued on her chest. When she finally hugged me, my head was on her chest. I blushed. "Leave Athena and be my love interest. You can stay anywhere in the world with me!" Did she just offer herself to be my sugar mommy?

"She's not alone, you know," Evara said. Natalya gasped. "Evara! It's been so long." She released me from her hug and went to Evara. "Is it just me or your breast getting bigger?" Evara joked. "It's getting bigger!" Zinovia cleared her throat. "Nice seeing you again Evara." Evara smiled.

The only person who didn't greet Evara was Annushka. "Annushka dear. Just let it go." And then they say something in Russian. If I'm not mistaken they mention something about Gustow chasing Evara out off Athena's life. "It's not your fault." Evara suddenly said. "I never blame you all. It's all my fault for being stupid enough to believe I can find happiness. I was no naive back then."

Natalya pulled her to a hug. Now I'm jealous of her. "You'll find happiness. Athena brief us about The Empire. We agreed on helping." Annushka announced. "We are?" Annushka glared at Zinovia. Hmm. I feel like I am nosy by standing here and listening to them. I wanted to disappear, but before I did, Zinovia pulled me closer to her and lifted my chin up.

"If only you're a guy. I totally could marry you. Too bad I'm not like Natalya and Athena." Where is this all coming from all of a sudden? "Don't torture the kid," Natalya said. "You should just listen to Athena and let us help you. To hell with Seraphim Blade's head." If only they know, I'm actually here.

"We will meet sir tomorrow. We will get your freedom back and then work for papa." Did I just saw Evara actually nodded her head? "Gustow will hate it when he knows but fucks him. I am my own boss. Besides he's scared of Tatiana's wrath." I remembered about the little thing about Zinovia and Tatiana is close.

"Who are those people?" I asked.

"Some parasite that papa said will be lingering around the academy. Athena asked us to help her a little bit because she's on her mission." Annushka suddenly grabbed my wrist and lifted my long sleeve up. Her eyes were on my scars, and when we looked at each other's eyes, she whispered my nickname.

I covered her mouth and shake my head, no.

She nodded and let it go for now. "Hey. We're going now. Annushka, stop flirting. You have a fiancée." I really hope Annushka will never say anything to the others. At least, not now. I looked at her with my pleading eyes. She nodded and followed her sisters. "You will never stop flirting with the Vladimir sisters, huh?"

I turned to Evara who's tapping her foot on the ground and crossing her arms on her chest. She looked piss. "I didn't flirt." Wait, why am I defending myself? She's not my girlfriend, to begin with. "Yea. You don't. But you look at Natalya's chest like your life depends on it." She's jealous of that little thing?

"Evara. Are you jealous?" She stopped tapping her foot and blushed. "Nope." She's totally jealous. "Let's just go back to our room." She said and walked to the dorm. I jogged to her side and looked at her flustered face. "Evara.. you're jealous?" She ignored me. "Evara. You like me?" She glared.

"One more word, I'll stab you to death." She showed her dagger, and I raised both of my hand, surrendering. Is it just me or both Athena and Evara acted this way in front of me?

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