Chapter 8



Someone shakes my body and calling out for my name. I ignored it, but when there are 2 pairs of hands shaking my body hard, I jolted up and saw both Evara and Athena smiling at me. It's weird to see them both here, smiling and holding hands. "We have great news to tell you," Evara announced as Athena gave me two rectangular boxes.

"What is this?" I asked and got up to a sitting position. They both asked me to open it. When I did, the only thing I see is a pregnancy test in each box. I looked up and wondered what's going on. "Irina, honey, we're pregnant. The treatment works! You're going to be a mother!" Athena excitedly announced.

That's when I finally was woken up from my.. nightmare? Or is that a good dream? I'm not sure myself, but it's weird. That's for sure. "Irina.." I flinched when I heard Evara called out for me. "Geez! Relax. If you still feeling sick, I can ask Varvara to make an official letter for you." I brushed it off.

"I'm okay. I'll be going to class today." I informed.

"Are you sure? Your legs, arms and shoulder still in bad shape." I smiled at her concerning tone. "It's okay. Vanessa did a good job repairing the damage." She smiled, and I think it's the first time ever. She never smiles before. But, most importantly, I should thank Vanessa for her fantastic job.

When she first knew what had happened to me years ago, she volunteered herself to save me. Partly because late Alina begged her to do it, and also she's a great friend. If it's not because of her magical hands replacing my badly fractured bones, I probably won't be able to walk or run.

"You can use the bathroom now. Do you want me to wait for you?" I shake my head. "You have an early class yourself. You can go on." She nodded and grabbed her things. "Just be careful, okay." I nodded and watched her go. When she's gone, I grabbed my towel and went inside the bathroom.

I decided to watch my face and wiped my body with a wet cloth to avoid damaging my bandages. When I'm done refreshing up myself, I put on my dress shirt and pants. I grabbed my blazer and just used it on my shoulder instead. When I'm out, I only took my violin case and walked out of the dorm room.

Walking to the faculty building is different after what happened yesterday at the arena. Everyone seems to be on edge watching my every move. Is it wrong to protect my own stepsisters and friends? Is this my punishment for being too kind? I sighed and continued to walk.

"Irina. Wait up."

I heard a faint voice called out for me. I stopped on my track and turned around to see Athena running towards me. I guess this is my gift because her bouncy breast is very sexy right now. "Hey! My eyes up here!" What the first thing she said when she's near me. I giggled. "How are you? When Evara said you're going to class, it baffles me."

I tilted my head. "What baffled you?" I asked. "You still can walk normally after you took 10 bullets in your body. Are you a cyborg or something?" I laughed at her comment. "Not to mention the stabbing wounds. We were worried you might end up..." I know where this going. "Dead?" She slowly nodded.

"It's not that easy to kill me. You can believe me on that. Well, because you got worried, I'm sorry. Let's walk together." I said charmingly. She blushed, and we walked side by side. "Hey, Irina. Thank you for yesterday. You save me twice. And I didn't even do anything in return." I brushed it off.

"It's no big deal. I'm just following orders."

"Orders?" She questioned. I nodded. "You shall not know from whom though. That's a secret." I placed a finger on my lips and shushed her down. When we turned to the garden, we both saw Candice and Varvara talking to each other. "I wonder what they're talking about," I said to Athena.

"Maybe apologising. When she's not holding any types of weapon, she's actually a pretty cool girl." I clenched my fist. I still remembered how ruthless she is when she stabbed Varvara's thigh. At that point, the only thing that's important to me is to kill her.

We both walked into the classroom, and the class turn to silence. I am so popular nowadays, sarcastically. Some of them whispering and I know some even wondered how could I be going to class after what happened yesterday. I sighed and took my usual seat. A few minutes later, The Dean walked in and was surprised to see me.

I nodded, and she nods back. She starts the class by congratulating everyone who participates in yesterday event. She gave a little pep talk and proceed to today's lesson. I yawned loudly when The Dean explaining to us about music theory.

Everyone glared at me for being rude. I apologised to everyone and focus on class. "What did you do last night? You look sleepy." Athena asked me. I can't tell her about my dream. It will be weird. "I can't sleep. That's all. But I am sure to feel sleepy now. Probably because I am never a fan of the theory lesson." I yawned again.

The Dean stopped the lesson and walked up to me. "Are you okay? Do you need to go to the infirmary and sleep it off?" Wait... I can do that? "I can do that? Seriously?" The Dean nodded. Seriously? This academy rock! "Well. I do need a little sleep." The Dean smiled and went back to her table in front of the class.

She wrote something and gave it to me when I walked down the stairs to her table. "Tell the nurse Luciana your condition. She will know what to do." I thanked her and went back to my seat to get my stuff. "It's okay. I'll bring it for you later on." Athena smiled.

I smiled back and thanked her.


I opened my eyes slowly and smiled at the view I see right now. So they decided to kiss each other in the nurse's office while I'm still asleep? I cleared my throat and startled them both. Evara wiped her mouth while looking away from me. "You two sure having fun." I joked. Athena licked her lips and smiled at me.

"Please do continue your kissing. That bed is free." I winked at Athena who's laughing her heart out. "Evara will hate me for that. Anyway, how's your sleep?" Evara turned to me. "Good. Refreshing." Athena smiled. "Good. Let's have dinner. We're starving." They both helped me up, and we all walked towards the cafeteria.

All the way, somehow I think something is different than the usual atmosphere. All I could do is followed the two beautiful woman from behind. When Athena pushed the door towards the cafeteria, there are six girls in total greeted us. "Welcome back, masters." This is so not a typical environment for me.

I looked around, and I'm sure all of the girls in the skimpy maid outfits are the academy's seniors student. What in the world is happening?! "I know what you're thinking right now." Athena chuckled. "The seniors lose the bet, so like the contract they signed said, they have to be our sexy maid for a month."

Evara lead me to aboard. "Here's the famous host. I recommend Vanneti. She's this academy's idol and not to mention the person who works for the Christ Family." Evara pointed at someone. "That's her." She's right. She's hot. Plus the maid outfit and the new short skirts, I'm dead just looking at her.

Athena whistled for Vanneti, and I can sense a very dark aura coming from her. "Make sure to tend to your master tonight, Vanetti," Athena smirked. "Since you betting on her losing, eat your words." Geez. Athena can be a bitch if she wants to. Vanetti took a deep breath before smiling forcefully at me.

"Please follow me, master." She said through gritted teeth. I have a feeling I should be worrying about my life when I'm near her. "Master Athena insisted on for us to be at the VIP space. So... here it goes." She pointed at a luxurious looking couch. She helped me to sit down and again with the forced smile. "I shouldn't even be betting." She mumbled.

"Black tea, coffee or hot chocolate." She actually goes along with this maid thing. "Come on. I really don't want Athena to whipping my ass again. It's arousing, but I had enough of it already." She sighed. What? Whipping?! "Umm. Black tea." She smiled and poured me a cup of tea.

I patted the empty space next to me and sipping my tea. She was clenching her fist while sitting down. "Hey. Relax. I'm not going to be a rude woman and leaving you standing alone." I smiled. "What's your story, Vanetti? Your working for Vanessa correct?" She seems to be surprised.

"Yea. She forces me and the others to enrolled here. I'm in my last year." She suddenly lifted my chin and looked into my soul. "I think I know you. Aren't you that person who spent months in the Christ Mansion's hospital wing? The one with the whole body in a cast." I laughed and nodded. "That's me. You must be one of the many girls who attended to me."

She actually chuckled. "Yea. Vanessa forces us to take care of you. We don't know what happened to you back then, but we know how bad it was. It's a miracle you manage to be like this." She's right. It's a miracle. "It's all in the past. What are you betting on? You should know better than to do so."

She scratches the back of her head. "Well, I didn't know it was you who entered The Game. We just bet on the new girl to lost in the very first hour. Obviously, we were shocked to see you survive until the end." I laughed. "I'm sorry for winning then." I smiled. She smiled back, but I couldn't help but to looked down on her chest.

Ugh, it's so inviting. It's like they're calling me to touched and fondled them. Irina! You shouldn't be this dirty-minded. "Are you looking at my goods?" She asked innocently. I blushed and looked away. "Usually I would be so angry, especially if you're a guy. But, your not a guy and I kinda know you now. I'll let it go." She leaned into me while pressing her breast against my arms.

"If you want to touch them, we can find a private room where we can be alone." She whispered and licked my earlobe. My whole body quivered. Oh God, she's flirting with me. My heart is racing. Her lips were this close to my cheek, and I just want to taste it when a sudden flash of light blinding me.

When I turned, I saw a woman in the same maid outfit like Vanneti, holding a camera, taking our picture. "Yay! I now have a new juicy gossip for the academy official newspaper." The woman squealed and ran away from us. "That's Lina. My best friend." She pulled away from me, and I finally can breathe.

"She's a good friend, but she has this unstoppable urges to get herself into others personal matter." She pinched the bridge of her nose. I giggled. "You have very colourful friends." She seems confused. "What do you mean?" I looked around. "Here's the proof. Look around you. You have all these seniors backing you up."

"Actually they bet on the same thing." She informed. I have no idea what to say anymore. I just gave her a sheepish smile and sipping my tea. We were just having fun when the door was kicked down, and a group of mask people barged in, startling us all. Even though this whole cafeteria filled with the most wanted assassin in America, they all scream for their life from the sudden attack.

I stood up from my seat and watched them all. I calculated how many of them inside the cafeteria before letting my blazer down. I observed their weapons and smirked. Two katana's, most of them have their own guns, and from the bulge on some of their undershirt, I am positive it's their extra handgun.

One of them removed its mask and smirked at us all. "Who's ready to rumble?" He said before shooting the ceiling to gain our attention. What the hell is happening?!


"Stay down!" One of them pushed the other student and force them to sit on the floor. They gathered us all in one place, so it's easier to control us. They're careful. They know how to deal with a room filled with assassins. "We have the building surround. There's no way you can escape."

There's no way they could control the other students outside the cafeteria. When I saw they pushed Varvara and her friends inside the cafeteria, my rage spiked. "Boss, we found the student president. Rather beautiful." What should I do? Since mom and Noah still at the conference, what should I do?!

"Boss, the place is in full lockdown. Not even an ant can escape. We blocked all the road to the outside world as we planned." This boss they refer to smiled. "Good. Since both the chairperson is out, we can do whatever we want."

"What happens to the Dean?" A student asked. The masked man started to laugh at her question. "Oh... she's been taken care off." The boss smirks. I had enough of this. I stood up and ignored the worried glare Varvara thrown at me. "What's up with you?" One of the guys asked. "I'm going to beat you all up." I simply said.

The captors looked at each other before laughed at my statement. "Oh, you don't believe me?" I asked while cracking my knuckles. "You?! Against 10 of us? You gotta be joking. With your condition, I doubt you can survive. But..." he touched his katana. "This thing can end you in a split second." He smirked.

"Oh, I can deal with it in a split second as well." I glared at Varvara to stay put. "Hit me with your best move." He charged ahead and swing his fist to me. I easily deflected it and counter-attack with my own fist. It hit his left cheek. He spits his bloody saliva out and asks the other guys to attack me. This is so not fair.

Suddenly I heard a scream, and I saw Athena kicking one of the guys back. "You need a hand or two?" I was shocked to see Evara walking in with an MP5. "STAY DOWN!" She started to shoot around, and some of the guys were hit. I am glad they come to the rescue. I looked around the guys who surrounded me. This really does bring back memories.

I smiled and readying myself for any type of attacks. One of them initiate their offence, but I use my arm to cover myself. "Is that all you got?" I mocked. I heard a gunshot, and I used my other free gun to catches the bullet. They were all surprised that I could take the pain with ease. "Now it's my turn." I chuckled and punched the man's face with all I got.

I pulled him back to me and hit him one more time. He's out cold. When one of them reached out for his katana, I smiled and mocked him even more. I swing my legs to the other guys and knocked three guys at once. I turned around when I heard the sound of the katana and avoided being sliced open.

When he tried to swing it to me again, I raised my thigh to stopped the blade from going any further and ultimately ended it with my elbow, pressing it down on my leg. He was surprised when I managed to crush the katana with my elbow strength. "You have no idea how well trained I am." I spat venomously and grabbed his face with my hands.

I knocked his head on a table and dragged it all the way to the end of the table before used the broken katana to stabbed his thigh. I pushed his body down and face the remaining mask man in the cafeteria. "Who's ready to rumble?" I asked them all and running towards them with the gun that Athena throw at me.

I shoot their legs to refrained them to from walking. I was about to pull the last remaining guys when he kneels down, covering his face. He showed me a letter. Athena grabbed the message while I aimed the gun on his head. "These bozos were sent to gave us the first task of The Game!" Athena exclaimed.

What?! I released him and grabbed him by the collar. "Who's idea it is to barge in and held us captives?!" I asked him. "It's my idea. To see how you all reacted to this type of situation." The Dean walked in with Faina and Zoya. Seriously?! This is all for a silly first task of The Game?! "What change?! These past years, you never have done this before." Evara asked the Dean.

"I'm just following orders from the chairperson. I am very disappointed in Varvara, though. Caught you right-handed with one of the seniors in your room." She's shaking her head. Varvara and a senior?! I chuckled. "How did you learned to stop a swinging katana with your thigh and elbow?" She asked me. I shrugged.

"It's a secret." The Dean returned her attention to the student. "And as for the others, I'm sorry for dragging you all in this matter. I am deeply sorry. If it's not that much of a drag, I would like some black tea." She smiled at her student. "That's the most intense fight I ever have. Thank you, miss." The man with an injured face offered his hands to me.

We shake hands, and I apologised for the pain I cause. "You should treat your wound. The bullet still inside your flesh." He said I thanked him and went to Athena. "So, what is our first task?" I asked.

"Hmmm... St. Peter Institute." Huh? But that's the name of an all-boys school.

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