Chapter 10

To my surprise, after hearing my words, Lauren suddenly knelt down in front of me.

"Amy, please forgive Jacob!" She hugged my right leg and burst into tears.

As I had never seen her beg someone else like this before, I was a little flustered.

"Mrs. Mellin..." I quickly bent down to help her up. "Please don't do this."

Despite looking a little small, Lauren had done many years of farm work before, so she was several times stronger than me. No matter how hard I tried to pull her up, her knees seemed to be stuck to the ground and could not be separated.

"If you don't forgive him, I won't get up!" She seemed to have made up her mind to haggle with me.

I was a very stubborn person and hated being threatened. If all this had happened somewhere else today, I could have confronted her for a whole night. However, we were at the entrance of the TV station now. People who passed by began to look at us strangely, and the security guard had been watching us a few meters away for a long time.

"Mrs. Mellin, if you don't wanna get up, I'll call the police." Since I couldn't agree to Lauren's request, I needed to play the hardball.

Lauren widened her eyes as if she could not believe that I would do this to her.

"Amy, are you really that cruel?" She asked loudly.

"As I said, Jacob and I are not gonna be together again." I emphasized again, "Your current behavior has caused me a lot of trouble."

As soon as I said this, Lauren cried even harder. "My poor Jacob! Why did you marry such a woman? Not only did she have an affair, but she also wanna take up the whole house and kick us out!"

Then, she directly sat down on the ground, kicking her legs while crying out loud.

Well, it seemed like this woman was gonna treat me the hard way. What could I say, "like mother, like son." They were both experts in trashing people.

As more and more people began to gather around me, and some even pointed at me, I didn't want to stay here any longer. I bypassed Lauren and was about to leave.

"Where are you going?!" Seeing that I was about to leave, Lauren rushed over and tried to grab my leg.

I hurriedly dodged her. As she was drawing too much strength, she lost balance and rolled down the staircases.

Not only me but everyone was dumbfounded at the scene.

I yelled at the crowd right away, "Call an ambulance!" and then walked down the staircases.

"Mrs. Mellin, are you OK?" I didn't know if she was hurt, so I didn't dare to touch her right now.

Lauren closed her eyes tightly as if in much pain.

"It hurts! My arms, legs, head, and body!" She kept shouting.

"Just bear with it for a few minutes. The ambulance will be here soon." I held her hands to comfort her.

Because it was already after the rush hour at night, the ambulance arrived quickly. During the short period of time when we were waiting for the ambulance, Lauren kept shouting out loud.

I was becoming a little nervous, afraid that she had been seriously injured.

Several medical staff got out of the ambulance and asked about the situation, and then, they asked Lauren, "Madam, can you stand up?"

Lauren said with a groan, "No."

They had no choice but to get a stretcher from the ambulance and carry her up.

As the only person here who knew Lauren, I was asked to get in the ambulance together.

On the way to the hospital, the doctor kept asking Lauren about her condition, and Lauren's answer was the same as before, "My whole body hurts when I move!"

Since her injury seemed so serious, the doctor did not dare to delay any longer. As soon as they arrived at the hospital, he immediately arranged for her to take a CT and MRI examination.

When Lauren went in for the examination, I called Vernon during the break - because I had blocked Jacob's number, I could only contact him through Vernon.

The second I unlocked my phone, I saw a dozen missed calls on the screen, all of which were from Aaron.

As I usually turned my phone to mute mode during work, I didn't know he had made so many calls to me.

Just as I was thinking of calling him back after contacting Vernon, my phone suddenly vibrated violently - it was Aaron again.

As I pressed the "Answer" button, Aaron's irritated voice immediately came, "Where are you?"

"No. 3 Hospital near the TV station. Let's take a rain check. I'm sorry to keep you waiting for so long. I have something to do now, so I gotta go. See you." As the situation here was more urgent, I was not in the mood to talk to him. When I hung up the phone, I seemed to hear him say "You..." but the rest of the sentence was cut off.

I immediately dialed Vernon's number. When he answered my phone, he sounded very surprised.

"A... Amy, have you thought about it? Do you wanna be my girlfriend?" He asked excitedly.

I tried to suppress my displeasure and said calmly, "Your mother is in the hospital now. I don't have your brother's number. Tell him to call me."

"My mom is in the hospital? What's going on?" Vernon sounded quite nervous.

"Let's talk about this later. Call your brother first." I hung up the phone.

Soon, Jacob's call came. As soon as I answered it, he began to scold me, "What did you do to my mother again?!"

"You should ask your mother what she had done to me." I said sarcastically, "We are in the No. 3 Hospital now. Come here quickly. You need to pay your mother's examination fee."

"Amy!" Jacob gritted his teeth in anger. I hung up the phone quickly.

I didn't know what took Jacob so long. When Lauren finished her examinations, not only was he nowhere to be seen, but even his phone couldn't get through.

The doctor said as he showed her examination results to me, "The patient's body is all right, with only some bruises on her arms and legs. I'll prescribe some medicine for you to apply on the wounds."

However, Lauren tugged at the doctor's sleeve and didn't want to leave. "Doctor, is there a mistake? I feel pain all over my body, especially on my head! For heaven's sake, my head is spinning right now! Check me again and see if I have a concussion!" She held her head with one hand and pretended to faint.

"The results are here. If you don't believe my diagnosis, you can check it again in another hospital." The doctor stuffed the reports into her hands and said to me, "I have other patients waiting for me right now. Please excuse me."

No. 3 Hospital was one of the best hospitals in the city, and there were only four or five steps in total at the entrance of the TV station - the entrance was not even steep at all. Since the doctor said that there was nothing wrong with her body, of course, I shouldn't bother to take Lauren to another hospital.

"Mrs. Mellin, maybe you are being a little paranoid. You should go back and have a rest. After that, everything will be fine."

"No! I have a concussion! I need to be hospitalized!" Lauren slammed the table and cursed at me, "You must have bribed the doctor! I don't believe him! I wanna see the dean right now!"

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