Chapter 11

The noise was so loud that some patients and their relatives gathered at the door of the clinic room curiously.

A nurse came in to persuade Lauren to go home, and she promised that Lauren could be hospitalized if she was not feeling well tomorrow.

The nurse spoke kindly to Lauren, but Lauren didn't appreciate it. Then Lauren used the same rogue tricks as before, and she simply lay on the ground.

"If you don't allow me to be hospitalized, I'll live here!"

The doctor and nurse looked at each other and then turned to look at me.

I cursed Jacob in my heart and negotiated with the doctor, "Could you allow her to stay here for one night?"

"The capacity of the emergency room is very tight. She's fine. Letting her stay in the hospital is not only a waste of public resources, but also a violation of hospital regulations." The doctor refused my request with a frown.

The nurse tugged at the doctor's sleeve with a wink. Then she coaxed Lauren, "There is no bed available now. If you insist on staying here, I'll place a bed for you in the corridor. What do you think?"

"Okay!" Lauren immediately stopped howling and got up from the ground. Then she grabbed me and leaned against my shoulder, crying out in pain.

The nurse placed a bed in the corridor. Then she came in and helped Lauren to the bed with me.

I glanced at my phone clock. It was already past 9 o' clock. I might get home at 10. If I dawdled, I might go to bed at about 11. I had a government event to attend tomorrow morning. The event organizers had asked me not to be late.

"Lauren, it's getting late. I have to work tomorrow. Why don't you call Jacob and ask him to take care of you?" (Jacob ignored my call, and he might not ignore his mother's call.)

"What do you mean?!" Lauren flew into a rage. She got up and grabbed my hand as if she was afraid that I would run away. She glared at me and said, "You made me fall into a concussion and you still want to run away?! Amy, you have to take responsibility for this! Otherwise, I'll report to the TV station you work for!"

I no longer wanted to argue with her about the authenticity of her concussion, and I could only patiently speak to her, "I'm not running away. I really have something important to do tomorrow morning."

"But you can't leave here!" Lauren didn't listen to me at all.

For a moment, I really wanted to shake her off and to run away, but I was afraid that she would really go to the TV station to make a scene. If my colleagues filmed it and made it into a news to broadcast, I would lose face all over S City.

"Okay, I'm not leaving." I sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed.

After working all day and running into such a troublesome woman when I was getting off work, I was too tired to speak.

Seeing that I was not going to leave, Lauren fell silent. But she still held my hand.

I tried to call Jacob, but no one answered. I was so angry that I almost used foul language in the corridor regardless of my image.

Time was passing by. Unknowingly, it was already past 11.

I was so sleepy that I kept dropping my head. Lauren was carrying the bag of melon seeds in her arms and cracking them vigorously.

There were no chairs or another bed for me. As Lauren occupied the whole bed, I couldn't even lean against the wall. Soon my back began to ache.

"Lauren, aren't you sleepy?" I perked up by chatting with Lauren.

Lauren threw the shells of melon seeds on the ground casually, glanced at me sideways, and said, "Don't try to run away while I'm asleep!"

I suddenly felt a deep sense of helplessness and stopped the chat with her.

Suddenly my phone was ringing. The sound was especially loud in the empty emergency room.

For fear of waking up other patients, I quickly took out the phone from my bag and answered it.

"It's so late. You haven't got home yet?" There was a hint of anger in Aaron's voice.

"No," I finally got a person to talk with, and my attitude towards him was not as perfunctory as before, "I'm in the hospital with someone. I don't know when I can leave."

Aaron remained silent for two seconds, and then he said in a gentler voice, "Who's sick?"

I turned to glance at Lauren and sighed, "My ex-husband's mother."

"Is your ex-husband there too?" Aaron asked in a deep voice.

"No. I'm alone here." I replied.

"Wait there. I'll be right there." With that, he hung up without waiting for my response.

Watching the darkened screen of my phone, I was actually looking forward to him.

Just as I put my phone away, Lauren leaned over and asked, "Who is calling? It sounded like a man."

Her expression was a little weird.

I thought it might be a good chance for me to get rid of Jacob's family.

"My boyfriend." I said calmly.

"What?!" Lauren's voice suddenly rose high. Then a nurse came to remind her to keep her voice down.

"You've already had a boyfriend so soon after divorce?!" Lauren glared at me.

"Well," I sneered, "Not so soon as your son. He had a child with another woman before divorce."

When I mentioned that, Lauren showed a guilty look. But she still said stubbornly, "That bitch hooked up with Jacob! Jacob is an honest man, he will never take the initiative to hook up with others!"

"Haha." I didn't try to argue with her. I didn't care that she defended her son and deceived herself. I knew well what kind of person Jacob was.

Anyway, I would never remarry Jacob.

"Call that man right now and break up with him! Jacob will remarry you!" Lauren ordered.

I turned a deaf ear to her words. Then I turned my back to her in a daze.

"Amy, did you hear my word?" Lauren gave me a hard push. As I perched on the edge of the bed, she pushed me so hard that I lost my balance and fell off the bed.

Fortunately, I reacted in time and stepped on the ground with one foot so as to prevent my whole body from landing on the ground. But my ankle was twisted as it had borne all the weight of my body. I felt a piercing pain instantly.

"Hiss." I took a deep breath and slowly got to my feet, propping my arms upon the bed.

"Why are you pretending to be injuried? You're not hurt!" Lauren showed no concern for me with a disdainful look.

Though I didn't have much hope for her care, I was bitterly disappointed.

I picked up my bag, cast a cold glance at her, and said, "I gotta go. If you want to make a scene at the TV station, please go ahead. By then, not only me, but also your son will lose face."

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