Chapter 7

If Ultraman had told me that there was Aaron as well, I would rather take a taxi home alone than take a ride on his car. But now, it was too late to leave.

When I was in a daze, my female classmate had already sat in the passenger seat and left me the empty seat next to Aaron in the back row. I stared at the handle on the car door and was in a dilemma.

"What are you thinking? Hurry up!" Seeing that I hadn't moved for a long time, Ultraman honked twice and urged me impatiently.

I had to open the car door.

Hearing the sound, Aaron turned to look at me.

"Hi." He took the initiative to greet me. Probably because he was a little drunk, his tone was not as cold as before, and even his smile was much more sincere.

I paused for a while, then answered him and got into the car. I sat far away from him by the car door, but I still felt so nervous.

It had to be admitted that Aaron was very attractive. Even as an almost thirty-year-old woman who had lost faith in love and marriage, I still felt attracted by him at that moment.

Along the way, the two people in the front row were chatting happily, but Aaron and I didn't talk at all. We only occasionally talked to the two in the front row.

"Didn't you two sit beside each other for a year? Why do you drift apart now?" Ultraman teased us.

"Yes, we were so familiar before. Why do we drift apart now?" Unexpectedly, Aaron chimed in with him and asked me. He emphasized the word "familiar", as if reminding me of something.

I blushed and prevaricated, "We haven't seen each other for too many years."

"It seems that we have to see each other often in the future," Aaron said meaningfully.

I pretended to focuse on the scene outside the window, ignoring his words.

Ultraman sent the girl home first, then turned around and entered my neighborhood.

With Aaron around, I only said goodbye to Ultraman briefly. After they left, someone suddenly jumped out from behind the stone pillar, scaring me to scream.

"Sister-in-law, where have you been? I've been waiting for you downstairs all day!"

When I calmed down, I realized that he was Jacob's third younger brother, Vernon Cushen.

The last time John called, he didn't mention that Vernon would come too, so I was surprised to see him here.

Suppressing my curiosity, I corrected him, "I'm no longer your sister-in-law."

Vernon suddenly became shy, which was particularly strange in this situation.

"Amy." When he spoke again, he changed his address according to my request, but I felt more awkward.

However, I made up my mind not to contact with the Cushen family in the future, so I didn't waste time with him about his address for me.

"Why are you looking for me?" I asked.

Usually, when the Cushen brothers came to S city, they would contact me in advance. After all, I had to pay for their plane tickets.

From Vernon's reaction, he knew about my divorce before he came, but I really couldn't guess why he came to me alone.

"I..." Vernon hesitated. "Can we go upstairs and talk about it?"

Of course, I wouldn't agree. Even if he wasn't Jacob's younger brother, I wouldn't bring an adult man who wasn't related to me home at night.

"Just say it here." I stood still.

Vernon looked quite embarrassed. He looked around and saw that there was no one around, so he suddenly hugged me tightly.

"What are you doing?!" I quickly reacted and tried my best to push him away.

Vernon refused to let go. "Amy! I like you! I don't care if you betrayed my brother or not. I like you. I want to marry you!"

His words shocked me and made me in a daze.

"Let me go first." It took me a long time to understand everything. I looked up at him and calmly reminded him, "There are surveillance cameras here. If I want, I can sue you anytime."

After all, Vernon was young. Being frightened by me, he immediately withdrew his hand in fear.

I quickly distanced myself from him by more than two meters.

"And," I asked him coldly, "Can you explain to me what you mean by saying I betrayed your brother?"

Vernon's lips moved as if he was hesitating whether to say it or not.

"If you don't, let's meet at the police station." I pretended to take out my phone and call the police.

Vernon panicked. "Brother told mom and dad that he divorced you because you had an affair with another man..." He mumbled and honestly confessed.

I expected that Jacob would conceal the real reason for our divorce from his family, but I didn't expect him to be so shameless as to put all the blame on me.

I felt so angry but quickly calmed myself down.

"Heh." I couldn't help but sneer. "Go back and tell your parents that the real cheater is your brother. Their future daughter-in-law's pregnancy can testify to this."

"What future daughter-in-law'? What pregnancy?" This time, Vernon became confused.

It seemed that Jacob didn't introduce Dolores to his family in order to put all the blame on me.

"You wanna know?" I sent an address to him, the one Jacob left me last time. "You go there tomorrow. Remember not to tell your brother in advance."

After all this, I finally understood that it was impossible to ignore a villain like Jacob. I had to take the initiative to avoid suffering.

Vernon took a look at the text message and put his phone in his pocket. He didn't leave, but looked at me timidly.

"If my brother really cheated on you, I apologize for him," he said.

"You don't need to." I turned to leave. Vernon took two steps forward and grabbed my wrist.

"Wait a minute!" He shouted in panic.

I turned around expressionlessly and glanced at his hand. He immediately let go of his hand and said anxiously, "It's true that I like you and want to marry you! Since you are divorced, can you think about marrying me?"

All people from the Cushen family were shameless. He didn't regard it as a serious issue at all and even felt that I could let go of all this and be with the brother of my ex-husband who had cheated on me.

In fact...

"I'm very sorry. I feel sick when thinking of your Cushen family now. So, please tell everyone else about your Cushen family. Don't come to me again no matter what!"

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