Wrong Potion


35.54k words

31 chapters



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Charlie Yun is the epitome of perfection. He has everything life has to offer: wealth, fame, good looks, intelligence. Every female in his section drooled over him, except for one girl, Shenaida Shin. Shenaida is truly, madly, crazily in love with their Philosophy professor that she planned on using a love potion on him. So, Charlie tried to sabotage her plans, but he failed and ended up receiving the potion. Now, Charlie was doomed. Because in an instant, he became head-over-heels to the girl he despised, named Shenaida.



Naih Lee

Hugs Shen. I know you're just scared to take a risk because of the love potion. Huhuhuhu. But I'm team Charlie and I trust his feelings. 💕

2020/12/22 Reply

Naih Lee

Oh I was scared for nothing. I love your future in law's Shen. Hahahahaha

2020/12/22 Reply

Naih Lee

Omggg. Charlie I want skin care toooo! Hahahaha

2020/12/22 Reply