You Are Mine

Get on the Journey

"Hurry up, Soniya" Sarah called out as we entered the airport. I know I am such a slow walker. 

"Your passports mam" we handed over our passports and received the boarding pass quite quickly. Walking towards the gate entrance, I could hear my friends giggling and talking non-stop behind me. I mean, why not we were finally heading to Dubai for our final year project as an architect. This was such a big deal for us as this will be giving us a fantastic opportunity to climb into our dream jobs. 

"You seem excited Maryam" I exclaimed turning full swing 180 degrees to face her. 

"Ya, imagine all the cool things we will get to see and the good time we are gonna spend" I know I was also as happy as her and was thrilled to find out we were selected to go. As an architect student, this was one of our dreams, to explore buildings that are as massive as Burj Khalifa.Yes, we were going to Dubai to work on Burj Khalifa. Of course, we are not planning to build one in our place, but we certainly are looking forward to studying its architect in person and meeting all the fantastic people behind its art. 

The journey was 8 hours long from Hong Kong, and I could feel myself becoming numb with sitting in one position throughout the whole flight. Sleep was nowhere to be found, as my friends snored next to my ear, I felt myself going crazy. 

"Dang girl, you sleep like you have not slept in ages," I said to Maria as we were grabbing our bags, she was the loudest of them all, and at some point, I felt like poking cotton pads in her nose. 

"Sorry babe, you know me, once I doze off I am completely off the chart.

"Your snoring sounds more like horse racing," said Sarah, we all had a good laugh and walked towards the checkout. 

As soon as we reached our hotel, we wanted to take a good nap, after praying our prayers and freshening nap. 



By the time we woke up, it was already 1:00 PM. we ordered ourself some food and got ready to have a quick walk around the corner.

"I can't wait to explore more," said Maria as we came across a water fountain.

"I know right," I said back as we kept walking and looking at different places as well. It was all so real and at the same time seemed such a dream to be here. 

We got back by midnight and peaked out belongings for the net day trip to Burj Khalifa; we wanted to make sure we didn't leave anything behind, so we all got stuff ready ahead of time. It was going to be a very wild ride, but In Sha Allah, we hope to accomplish much more then we came here for, besides who would wanna miss such an opportunity.

We quickly set things aside, prayed and headed to our beds.

"Night everyone" 

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