The Burj Khalifa

"Hey, I need you to quickly wake up before I come running around the place with a bucket of water," I said out loud and clear to let these girls hear me in one tone. It's been half an hour, and I am done waking these sleepy heads again and again. 

" Sonia you are so annoying," Sarah said, and she rubbed her eyes and sat right up front on her bed. 

"Right Ya I am annoying but for your good dam it. Now get up and pray or you want me to carry you to the washroom as well." I said in annoyance as I was going through my clothes to get something to wear.

After praying fajr, we all took a shower and got something to wear. I was wearing g a long dark purple dress with purple hijab. Maryam was wearing a cream colour dress and peach hijab while Khadija, Sarah and Maria were wearing long black skirts with white, pink and black tops and they also had the matching hijab. Cool so we were all ready to go we headed out of the hotel and straight to the nearby Starbucks in a beeline. Dam, we were indeed hungry. 

During breakfast, I kept asking them whether they have packed all the things we needed for the project, especially the cameras. I seriously had to make sure they don't forget anything; otherwise, it will be trouble returning to get it again even though it's not that far away. Still, time is precious, and I want to get done with everything as soon as possible.

As we entered the building, our eyes bewildered at the sight of the tallest building in the world. It indeed is magnificent. There was a tour guide to lead us inside I was glad we had someone to guide us otherwise we do be lost in this marvellous building.

While exploring the place loads of thoughts were running through my head, 'wouldn't it be better if the money spent on this would have spent to save the refugees, the homeless, orphans and all?' i mean we all have our reason to make something out of nothing. But worldly pleasure is a world please, and anything within this world will remain here. With so much power, we could have made such a significant impact on the Muslim community and bring out more than we could think of. Not to get me wrong, I am not saying they did something unpleasing, it's just that we could have done so much more then just making builds, the world is suffering every single day. 

"Your Okay?" I turn around to see my friend Maria looking at me with confusion, and I believe she thinks I am lost in another world, which I am for sure. 

"Ya just thought of something." 

We walked around in different directions as we all had our work to, Maria and I stick together, while the rest went to the opposite directions. 

"WATCH WHERE YOU GOING MEN" I quickly turned around to see Maria on the ground. I helped her get up, and she was mad, and when say med I mean med. 

"don't you have manners to at least apologise," she said further as I look up to see men with a couple of other people turn to us quickly, he took off his glasses (like who wears them indoor lol). He paused to a moment and looked at me straight in the eye. I diverted my gaze and quickly apologised for Maria's behaviour before dragging her out of the mess. 

"You should have let me talk Soniya, he bumps into me and pretends not to know anything" Maria was a short-tempered person, and for what I know if I weren't pulling her out of the mess she would have punched that dude.

"it's ok I am sure he must be in a rush" she glared at me before quickly walking towards the rest of the group. I followed her, and it wasn't too long before I felt a firm hand on my shoulder, making me dead stop on my spot. I quickly turn around, and my eyes widen at the sign of him. 

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