Dragged into the Elevator

"Let go of me" I yelled at him, but his grip was too tight around my waist. I tried freeing myself as tears were pouring down my face, but it was to no use my friends watched him dragging me to the elevator; they were helpless, helpless to the point that the only thing they could do is watch him take me away and cry. as his guards were also blocking them. They were making it almost impossible for anyone to come rushing towards me. People around me just stood frozen as they witness the scene in front of them and not take any actions on any accounts. My friends pleaded for help, but no one listened, and with that, I saw the doors of the elevator closed behind me. 

I turn around to come face to face with him, and without thinking twice, I gave him a hard slap across his face. He held himself together and looked up at me with rage in his eyes. he turned red as a tomato and glare through me making me shiver. 

"What do you want from me?" I said as I clitch my fist, ready for another hard blow on his face. He wasn't speaking a word, and before I could proceed further, the elevator door opened to a particular floor, and he grabbed me by my wrist, dragging me again through the corridor. 'was he gonna?OMG

I was practically crawling on the floor when he had enough with me ad decided to carry me on his shoulders. Oh boy, he is more potent then I thought. 

We came to a stop after what seemed like ages, and he opens the door to a large room. 

"You know this is called Rape, and Haram in Islam?" I said as he finally dropped me to my feet and closed the door behind us. He walked forward and stood in front of me. I finally got to scan his ugly ass face, well not ugly as I mean physical but I mean characteristic wise. He was tall, with brown eyes that did take my breath away. 'Stop it soniya,' i said to myself as I looked right through his eyes, demanding answers for his actions. 

He walked forward till we were an inch away and moved closer to my ear, I could hear his breathing loud and clear, and it made me so mad. mad for the fact that he doesn't understand something called "personal space / Haram." I was about to push him away when the words that came out of his mouth made me froze to my spot. 


wait, wait for what? Did this psycho just now claim that he owns me or smth? Did I hear something wrong? am I dreaming at the moment? 

"Do you have a thing for calling every single girl you see around the corner "YOU ARE MINE?

"Do I know you?

"Are we in some sorts of contract that I am unaware of and beside WHO THE HECK ARE YOU TO SAY THAT TO ME?"

Okay, that came off in one single breath. I was fuming with rage as I examined him from head to tow, taking a step back. 

"You know people like you are the worst human beings because you got no self-respect for anyone you see and take things to another level without even asking if someone is comfortable with such topics. I seriously hate such men, and you are next on my list. Trust me I am nice, but since I am only here for some time, I don't waste my time on such people like you. so for god sake leave me alone and let me go.

I turned around and walked towards the door as he spoke again;

"I guess we will be seeing each other quite often now.

"What made you think that?"

"Oh trust me, when I say something I make sure I make it happen."

"Ya, I guess you are Alladin with the Gene."

"And you are gonna be my Jasmine" He freaking smirked as he said that and I quickly turned around, that was one heck a cheezy line. 

I grabbed my friends as soon as I approached the floor and drag them all out of the building, ignoring all their bombarding questions. 

'Oh boy, I will see how that wish of yours come true' i said to myself as I waved at the taxi, sparing no minute to leave this place quickly. 

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