Psycho Dude

I quickly went into the washroom once I enter the hotel room, dropping every single thing on my bed. I open the cold water tap and wash my face again and again as the thoughts of today's incident kept coming back into my mind, tears were running down my cheeks I couldn't hold them anymore, so I let them flow freely at least it will help me calm myself a bit. Meanwhile, my friends were kept on knocking the door, asking me to come out. I quickly wrap up everything and open the door of the washroom. Making my way to my bed, I sat on it and explained what happened earlier on. Because I knew for sure, they won't sleep till I answer them myself. 

"Did he harmed you? Did he say something? What was it that he wanted? Are you okay?" 

"I am alright guys, he's some psycho who fell in LOVE at first sight," I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes at the thought of today.  

"Dang someone is in love with Soniya." I glared at Maria; all my friends were more interested in this whole situation than me. I don't know what's with them. I just ignored the entire thing and decided to sleep; this thing will end once I get fresh, besides I was also tired of all the walking we did. 

I woke up with some noises and looked around to see my friends arguing with someone out of the door. Grabbing my Hijab and wrapping it around my head, I quickly got up to see who's the morning bird that had so much time to come and see us. Isn't it just the 3rd day here for us? Why do we see all this? 

"You better go and tell ur psycho boss to leave us alone otherwise it will not be good for him," Maria yelled at the guy standing outside. Boss, when did we apply for a job? Who's offering a job to us?

"What does he want from her?"

"It's better for him to leave us alone" My friends went on and on till I step into seeing who the poor dude was. 

"Can I help you, sir," I said as I stood face to face with a men in a black suit, he looked like someone working for an FBI? Did the psychopath complain about us from yesterday or something? 

"Mr Yusuf is waiting to take you guys for breakfast mam."

"Mr who?" did I just heard that wrong

"The psychopath who tried kidnapping you yesterday," Maria clarified as she leaned closer to my ear. As soon as I heard that my body started shivering, all I wanted was to do nothing but slam the door on this dushbag. But let's be polite Soniya. 

"Please tell your boss me and my friends have loads on our plates to handle than his uninvited-service. we can handle ourselves and please do not come back to disturb us again, Thanks." I quickly shut the door and went back inside, letting out a deep breath which I didn't realise I was holding in this whole time. 

A knock on the door brought me back to my senses as Sarah opened it and was shocked to see who it was. she moved around quickly, allowing the person to enter and all my friends were just surprised to see who it was. "THE PSYCHO DUDE". He marched forward at me and grabbed my wrist tightly, and I was using all my force to push him away when he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to himself. His colouring was so intense I felt like I was going to faint. Is it just me or men smell fantastic with perfumes. 

"Let me go" I yelled as that was going to help me. 

"Let her go" Maria exclaimed as she marched forward only to be blocked by a tall, muscular man. 

"What do you want?" I finally said it out loud as all my attempts to free myself just went into a vein. 

"Let's cooperate, shall we?" he said ina tone more serious then ever, I wanted to punch him right there and then but I was too tired of all this. 

"Fine" I dunno what it was, but I seriously was done, as long as he doesn't come in between me and my work I will let him tag along. 

We quickly got dressed and Headed to the neat by Coffee shop for our daily coffee, at least that will keep me going for the day. It was unfortunate to say, but he kept staring at me throughout the breakfast, and I felt uncomfortable for sure. 

"Hey Yusuf Salam" we quickly turn our heads to see four men walking towards us, and they all dressed so well. 

"Hey, Buddy Walaikum Salam" we all stared at them while not knowing what to do or say till they greeted each other. They quickly noticed us and turned to greet us as well. I would say they seemed quite friendly and well mannered not like that Psycho. 

Meanwhile, Maria was glaring at them, and I am sure she felt as uncomfortable as me and wanted to leave quickly. They all seated around us and started chatting. It felt nice to have a big group of people and make some new friends. We finished up quickly and headed to our destination the "Burj Khalifa" the guys offered to take us there and help us out as much as they could, and I will say it felt nice to have a helping hand and that of 4 of them Minus the Psycho. 

The day rolled by quickly, and before we know it, we were back at the hotel and were readying ourselves to sleep.

"It was a good day I will say," said Khadeeja and Fatima as they laid on their bed and were about to doze off. 

"it surely was Alhumdulillah.

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