Things went on like this for a few days and got used to having them around. We explored the city whenever we could have also stuck ourselves into our rooms, finishing the work. I was just completely off with the Psycho as I ignored him as much as I could, but having him around all day made it a nightmare for me, so I dive into my project and paid no heed to him. He tried building up conversations, but I wasn't interested. 

We were getting as usual when the girls announced that I didn't want to hear at all. 

"Shall we take a day off and go Shopping?" said Sarah as we all looked at each other. Besides working the whole day, we will take round trips around in the evening and ensure work-life cooperation. Having an entire day off wasn't on our schedule as it was quite surprising to see them asking for that. 

"Sonyia please, Can we put aside this project for today and go for shopping please please please." Sarah pleaded me while fixing her hijab.

"Ya we can go back to the project tomorrow we wanna take a break today."

"Exactly that project had eaten my head."

"I am seriously fed up of it."

"FINE," I said out loud, and they all jump in excitement. Being a team leader is undoubtedly a pain. We heard a knock on the door and knew whom to expect as those men walked in with huge smiles.

"Girls shell we take a day off and go around?" said Adam as they all chit-chatted of the plan for today. 

"Ya, we all are taking time off today and going shopping," explained Khadeeja as she grabbed her bag ready to leave. 

We had our breakfast as usual and headed out well let's say we depended on boys to pick up a mall to take us. The ride was full of entertainment that's because Adam could not stop joking while on the other hand, 

"Is there something written on my face that you can't take your eyes off me?" I said in a harsh tone but how can I explain that Mr psycho was shameless. He paid no heed to my words and instead raised an eyebrow like what the hell. "Whatever," I mumbled under my breath turning to look out of the window. 

We finally came to our stop as I looked out of the window. I saw the name of the mall it was Wafi Shopping Mall well great name let's see how great it's shopping areas are.

"That's so beautiful, Mashallah." Maryam and Khadija said in unison while I look around. It's good mashallah.

"You guys have a good taste," I said to the boys while I look around.

"The place is chosen by Yusef, not us." I looked at them in shock as my eyes met Mr Psycho he was staring me as he had an evil smile on his face. I quickly look away.

"I guess we should go somewhere else, this place is disgusting. I wouldn't say I like it. I am not feeling good here." I said (hay I didn't mean that I don't want him to feel so proud of himself) as I turn around to leave. But before I could move further, Mr psycho grabbed my arm and pulled me towards himself.

"Don't you dare ignore my choice if you don't like it here then you can go out and sit in the park and don't worry I will be accompanying you for the rest of the day?" He said in ignorance; I could see him smirk as he let go of my arm. 'Me and him in the park ALONE the whole day no way never, I can't even stand him next to me for 5 minutes a whole day faraway' I thought to myself.

I quickly turned around and started walking fast to the nearby boutique 'man this guy is crazy' I mumbled to myself as I entered. Everything was damn gorgeous, the accessories, abayas, scarfs, shoes and the unique antique. 

"Did u like it?" I slightly jump and look around to see who it was, 'just the person I least expected.I said to myself.

"O really " he raises an eyebrow at me. " oopppsss was I too loud?" I said as I cover my mouth with my hand and look away.

"I guess I heard that." He smiled and turned away.' Mr psycho' I gritted under my teeth. Why is he being my shadow and following me everywhere?

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Guyssss." I heard Maryam yelling out as we quickly went over to see what happened.

"What happened?" I said in hesitation, as others came rushing in to check on her as well. 

"Sonyia, this dress is amazing. How does it look on me? Tell me, tell me, tell me., please." She made a puppy face, and I gave her a death glare. Like seriously for this, she yelled so severely, I thought something has happened to her.

"The dress looks great but not your yelling," Sarah said in annoyance as she walked away. I smiled at Maryam and told her to buy it; It looks great on her.

The one thing that was pissing me off the whole time was the constant stares of Mr Psycho, and he made sure my day goes into hell with his vision and trust me for some reason all I wanted was to become a turtle to hide from his constant stares. We got ourselves loads of pieces of stuff, and when I say loads I mean pretty much, we stole the whole show. We decided to head over to the food counter and grab some bites before riding somewhere else. As everyone else was busy eating, I, on the other hand, excused myself and went to the washroom. all to my horror, I had the one thing any girl will least expect for when they are out in the public "Periods."

"Gosh, what should I do now?" I said to myself as I look at my dress and covered. 

"oh, this isn't right, why not why?" that was my panicked situation. I was so mad at this whole thing. I didn't realise how long have I have been stuck in there, but I felt my body turning cold when I heard a knock on the door. 

"Soniya, you in there" OMG what on earth is he doing in here? I stood in silence before the silence turned into chaos. 

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