"OMG, what on earth are you doing in the female's toilet?" isn't he the most unusual person anyone has ever known. 

"Open the door, are you okay?"

"I was, till you came..."

"What are you doing in there for so long?"

"Talking to my men..."

"Men, who? Someone is in there with you? Open the door right now" he started banging on the door with such an extreme force that I knew the door wouldn't survive his anger at all. 

"Listen, calm down. There's no one in here with me." this guy needs to chill the heck out. I let out a sigh of relief when he stopped knocking on the door. My brain suddenly came back to reality, and I knew I have to call for a friend as soon as possible.

"Hey can you ask one of my friend to come and see me.

"Why?" thus guy has some problem with understanding and the fact that he's still standing here makes me more frustrated then ever. 

"it's girls matter, which you won't understand. Now get your feet walking and get me one of my girls" my pitch was getting higher and higher as i was getting more and more irritated. 

for a couple of minutes i didn't hear anything from the outside and i thought he finally listened and went to grab someone. Oh boy how wrong was i. 

"open the door" i did what he asked for and he quickly shove a bag towards me and close the door, walking away leaving me confused. i looked into the bag and quickly realize what it was. "You sure did embarrassed yourself today" i said to myself. 



The Nest Day

i felt heavy and numb as we woke up the nxt day for our usual routine, i donno if that's cuz of my periods or what? but my body was rejecting all forms of activities possible. i quickly shove the thought away and made myself ready for the day ahead. hopefully i will be able to recover before anyone else notices it. 

After breakfast, we head to Burj khalifa. We reach there in about half an hour, and we entered. We immediately took out our work and started doing it. I was feeling exhausted. I don't know why, and I could hardly walk.

"Are you okay, Sonia?" maria asked in a worried tone as she places her hand on my shoulder.

"ya I am alright you guys carry on with your work," I told her in the calmness, of course, I couldn't tell her anything or they do be worried and not allow me to work, which I cannot stand. I could feel the fever in me getting higher, and my legs started shaking. Mr psycho kept looking at me, and I could see his face's curiosity, but I ignored him. I don't want to tell him anything. If I had to tell someone, I would tell my friends.

We walked for another hour as I realize I cannot walk anymore. But I cannot stop; they do suspect something is wrong with me. I started feeling very weak and extremely tired, and the next thing I know was that I couldn't stand anymore I feel my vision getting blur, and I felt dizzy as darkness cover my eyes, and I fall back.

Yusaf"s pov

I saw that she was not feeling well, but I didn't say anything. Maybe because of her periods she is like that. I didn't want to leave her side for a second as I was worried something might happen. We walked for an hour and came to a stop when I saw her seriously, not feeling well. She couldn't stand, and she was feeling uneasy. My worry ness was increasing, and before I could ask, I saw her falling, I quickly rushed to grab her before hitting the ground.

"Sonia" I heard her friends shouting her name as they rushed towards us.

"Sonia wake up. what's wrong with her."

"OMG, she is having such a high fever." Her friend Sarah said I felt my heartbeat speeding as I touched her forehead. She is seriously sick. I could feel my anger increasing itself, but that's not the right time to show it what's wrong with this girl doesn't she ever take care of herself.

"Someone please call a doctor."I heard Maria saying as tears made their way in her eyes.

I quickly picked her up and ordered the Guards to get the key from the receptionist. As I rushed her to the room, I could feel how weak she Is. "Oh God, don't let anything happened to her please," I said in my heart. As I lay her down on the bed, I saw the doctor rushing in.

As times goes on, my heartbeat increase more and more. I was waiting for the doctor to say something. Impatience was killing me. I want to know if she is okay. I can see Maria and Sarah crying while Maryam and Khatija were making Dua.

"Mr Yusaf" when the doctor called my name I hurried to know what happened.

"Is she an okay doctor? What happened to her. Why did she faint." I had so many questions to ask I want to know if she is fine

"She is alright Mr Yusuf; it's just that she is having high fever and during her high fever she didn't pay any attention to her health; rather, she only cared about was work. So the fever kept getting high as her health got worst, she felt unconscious. So you don't worry, I am prescribing some medicines please make sure she takes them all on time. And one more thing she really needs a bed rest until she fully recovers." I nodded and thanked the doctor as I lead him outside.

Sonia's pov

I try to open my eyes, but that seems impossible they were as heavy as rocks. I tried and tried, but nothing works. Oh, this fever it's killing me, Ya Allah. I could hear my friends calling my name finally I open my eyes. I saw Sarah and Maryam crying while they all hugged me.

"I hate you so much you scared us to hell dam it," Khatija shout out as I smiled at her.

"What," she said in a calm tone.

"Nothing just love the way you guys cared about me," I spoke in softness. I saw Mr psycho burning in anger. I know he wants to know why I didn't tell anyone about my sickness.

"Well can you guys take me back to the hotel?" I said as I tried to get up.

"WAIT." that Mr psycho yelled out to me. I look up to him but immediately move my gaze. He came closer to me and held me by my waist and my arm trying to get me up.

"Please don't touch me," I said in anger I don't want a guy touching me no way.

"Shut up okay I don't wanna hear any excuses now." He slightly yelled. I could see the hurt in his voice; he was hurt that I didn't let anyone know about my sickness. But why did he care so much? I am not dead right. I didn't want to fight any further as I could feel my body shaking out of coldness, and I could no longer stand I Hardly made it to his car as he carefully made me sit inside. We drove off to our hotel, and in no minute we were there.

"Sarah, can you please bring me a glass of water." I requested her once we enter the room, and Mr psyco made me lay on my bed.

"Ya, here you go."

"Thanks, Sarah and guys don't worry, I will be fine in no days". I smiled at them while Mr psycho looks at me and smirks.

"Well, I guess you should better sleep." He said as I close my eyes and instantly fall a deep sleep.

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