His Other side

"Guys come on please take me with yourself. I am feeling better now, and I can sit there while you guys work I can watch you." I said to my friends. It was 7:00 in the morning, and they were getting ready to head to the Burj for the project. Leaving me behind with Mr psycho.

"Shut up Sonia you won't be alone with this psycho Sarah will be with you along with Hussain," Maria said as she got her kinds of stuff to leave.


"No, but or shut. Stay there, and they will take care of you u till we are back and don't worry if this psycho did something give us a call we are gonna smack his head off okay sweetheart take care bye."

"Bye, take care and do let me know if you guys need any help.
"Sure" They all wave me goodbye and left I was kind of unhappy, but somehow I know they did it for my own good they worry about my health.
Meanwhile, I can see Mr psycho staring at Me and Hussain and Sarah talking to each other. I rest my head on my pillow. And closed my eyes, feeling the heat of the fever reaching my face.

"Here you go." I heard his voice while I try to open my eyes to see what it is.

"HOT CHOCOLATE & BROWNIES." My eyes almost pop out in excitement. I look up to Mr psycho, and he was smiling.

"Thanks. "

" Never thank me again." He said as he made his way towards the chair next to my bed. On the other hand, Sarah and Hussain were out to get their breakfast while Mr psycho was here well. I am not worried now nor scared of him somehow I am getting used to it.

"Can I ask you something?" I asked after a few minutes of silence. He looked up to me and nodded. At first, I really thought should I ask him this question or not, but somehow I know there will not be another chance to get answers to my question so I should better proceed. I took a deep breath and took all the courage to ask him.

"WHO ARE YOU." he suddenly raises an eyebrow I thought he is gonna explode in anger on me for asking such question. Well somehow I think I am too late to ask this, but seriously like we have been with them for a week, and we know nothing about them sometimes I trust them, and somehow I feel freaking scared.

"Was that a question?"

"Yes that now answered that"

He takes in a deep breath." my name is Yusuf Ali Khan I am half Turkish and half Pakistani." I waited for him to proceed as I take a sip of my hot chocolate.

"And... I tried continuing



"And you are mine." Now I wouldn't say I like those words. I wonder why these words exist and why in my life and on his lips.

"Very funny." I mumbled under my breath."

"Is it? What he heard me what a listener.

"Ya, it is" I try to sound obvious. I wanted to slap him for those words that keep rating my mind.

"Well then admit it you are mine."

"Don't you have anything else to say? " I said in annoyance.

"I have lots to say if you allow me to say," he Spoke in lustful voice. I look at him in shock, but I diverse my gaze. Idiot

"No thanks, that's enough for me." He smiles, and I could see him smirking.

"You are mine."


"You are mine."


"I SAID YOU ARE MINE." he shouted out loudly I was taken back by his anger. 'Sonia better shut your mouth, or something will happen right now.' Suddenly, I thought he grabbed my wrist and held it so tightly I could feel tears building up in my eyes.

"Pls-as-e let it go it's hurting." I managed to say that out in pain but who cares he is as hard as rocks.

" listen to u, little angel." He came closer so close that our noses touch each other. I could feel the sweat from my forehead falling. I quickly shut my eyes for any danger.

"You are mine...mine...and mine...why don't u get that ha why. And if you dare to say no again then..." he poses for a moment as I open my eyes to see what happened, unfortunately, his eyes were somewhere else not anywhere but on my lips. He slowly came closer and closer, but I quickly move away.

"Please move back," I said as he goes back to his seat I could see him smiling proudly.

We set in silence for half an hour, and I saw Hussain and Sarah entering the room. I was glad they were back oh how insecure I was with him. Thank God They are back.

"Hey, how are you feeling now." Hussain approaches me once that Mr psycho went out to attend a call.

"Alhumdulillah feeling much better. And thank you so much for staying back with us."

"Oh, don't be thankful I only did what a brother has to do for his sister in Islam. I guess you should be more thankful to Yusaf." I raise an eyebrow in confusion for what he meant.

"Me and thankful to him the guy who I feel most insecure with. Huh."

"Hay don't be a meane he isn't like that why do you think about him like that."

"That's because he is always hurting me. Shouting at me, he doesn't care about how I feel when he touches me, and I shout at me. Hussain, I have never been with boys. And I hate the time he touches me no matter what I say he pays me to heed to my words or anyone's words."

"That's because he cares about."

"Excuse me what do you mean by that u think that's called caring in my opinions it's call torturing someone you don't know. "

"He isn't torturing u Sonia you don't know what u mean to him."

"Ow really then tell me what does the word 'you are mine' means that he kept repeating to me," I ask, crossing my arms over my chest. Now I was getting higher.

"I can't tell you the meaning of this because you should know better. But let me tell you something he really cares for you, and we saw it yesterday seriously when u were sick we saw it. Not only me, Adam. Asim Khalid they all saw it."

"And what exactly they saw I should also know right because I also wanna see that u guys can see but not me."

"Remember when you started getting sick yesterday." I nod as I allow him to continue

"None of us knew u were getting sick because u haven't informed anyone, but he senses it when we were having breakfast that morning. He started getting worried and immediately call our family doctor to inform him that he can need him anytime, so be ready when he called." Now it was getting confusing.


"Then he never left your side that day, and his worries were increasing when ur fever got high. I saw him looking at you his face shows all the anxiousness, and when u fell unconscious, he was about to have a panic attack he carried you to the room and called the doctor immediately Sonia he cares about you. Yesterday night after leaving you here he went directly down to book a room next to your room we all were staying here next to your room. The whole night he couldn't sleep; he kept calling your friends to ask if you are alright or if they need anything we are here." I saw the worried face of Hussain I open my mouth to say something but nothing came out. Why? Why? Why? Is he doing like this? Does he have feelings for me? If he does, then why does he torture me? My head was spinning with questions, but I don't know how to ask.

I heard the room door open and Mr psycho coming in he made eye contact with me, but I quickly look away. I can hear his footsteps walking towards me. Meanwhile, Hussain gets up and goes out of the room. I didn't want to talk to Mr psycho anymore, but I will make him confess his feelings if he has any towards me. I need answers to my questions, but he is just like stones which never breaks. I open my laptop to check my project. I was getting bored and especially when he is here.

Time passes by, and we had lunch in our room as well. Ya Allah whole day in the hotel kills me, but I will make sure I go for a short walk tonight otherwise I am getting suffocated here.

Everyone came back at around 6:00 pm. I was glad they were safe and happy as well. We had our dinner in our room and cleaned up Mr psycho, and his friends were here as well for dinner with us since they book a room next to our room my friends thought we could have dinner together, and that psycho made sure I fully eat and take medicine well somehow I was happy he cares about him. It made me think one side he is so soft the other as hard as rocks. Why can't he stay as one why two sides.

"Where are you going this time and these conditions." I heard Maria calling me out when I was near the door. I turn around to see Mr psycho and everyone they all gave me a questioning look while Mr psycho crosses his arms over his chest.

"Well I am just going out for a walk I am seriously getting suffocated staying inside the whole day. Besides I am feeling much better now."

"Well, then I will be accompanying you." Mr psycho said. Before I could protest, he walks out of the room, waiting for me near the elevator. Well, it doesn't matter as long as I can have some fresh air. 

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