Mistaken As His

"Huh stop dreaming I am never going out with you," I yelled out across the room to Mr psycho.

"You are, and you cannot refuse me."

"Who the hell are you to force me?" I said back as he started taking steps towards me, I kept moving back till my back hit the wall. His body made contact with me as his eyes were fixed on me.

"Please move back and don't you dare think that I am hell scared of you," I said to him while my eyes were fixed somewhere else but not him I was scared actually even though I didn't want to mention it.

We stood like this for a few minutes, and there was complete silence between us.

"I will be waiting outside I need you out in 5 minutes ( he emphasized the word 5 by showing me his 5 fingers.) And if you don't change and wear what I brought you then ( he took a step backwards as I let out a breath), I will cross my shameful limits and won't mind accompanying you to help you change." My eyes were as wide as in shock, and the next thing I want to do is slap him on his freaking face

"SHUT UP" I shout back at him as an evil smile made its way on his lips, and he storms out of the room banging the door behind me. Ya Allah what is happening I sat on my bed holding my head in my both hands. I never thought I would be this forced for those things I never want to do.

"Are you coming or you really need help in changing." I look up at him as he opens the door I got up from my bed to change. 'I will take my revenge' I thought to myself.

I look at the bag on my bed and open it to see what it was. I took out a beautiful dark red dress; it was sleeveless and long with a thin belt around it. It was effortless with no other design than the neck and a beautiful black lace at the bottom. I was glad it was simple. I guess he knows my likes and dislikes.

I quickly changed and put on a black sweater to cover my arms with black hijab which had red roses. Red and black looks great I know I didn't apply any makeup except a face powder and lip gloss I don't want to attract anyone, and Mr psycho knows I am seriously not interested in going but what to say he and his stubbornness.

I saw him leaning against the wall next to the door, and he stood straight once he saw me coming out of the room his eyes travel from top to bottom.

"Done checking me," I said in a bitter tone dam he is totally shameless. He made an evil smile, and we walk out of the hotel to his black SUV car.

The ride was full of silence. I didn't want to ask anything neither do I want to know where we are going. The car stopped at the front of a huge luxurious hotel. And he got off from his car and came to my side as he pulled open to door and gave me the handhold I look at him as I raise an eyebrow as a questioning look who the hell does he think he is beside he know me till now that I wouldn't say I like his touches not only his but non-mehrams.

Before I could ignore and get off the car, ignoring his hand, he holds my wrist and pulls me out, which made me bump with his chest.

"Ouch. Did u really have to do that" I said as I hold my head in my hands' man his chest is as hard as rocks.

I look up the hotel it was amazing before we could proceed further hundreds of photographers and news reporters came in front of us.

"Mr Yusuf. Who is she to you." A guy asked I guess he was a news reporter.

"Are you guys married"?

"What kind of relationship do you guys have."

" is she your part-time girlfriend?"

"Mam are You after Mr Yusuf's money."

"WHAT" I yelled at the reporter how dare they ask me those questions I look up at Mr psycho and give him the most horrible look as I can. Like seriously media is asking me those questions, but before I could open my mouth to say something I felt a hand on my waist I look at who it was and who else could it be besides Mr psycho I try to free myself, but his grip was too tight. And his 10 guards made circles around us covering the media and pushing them back Mr psycho thug me closer to himself, and I was fighting to free myself but no use.

We enter the hotel and gosh it was indescribable. Couples were dancing people were chit chatting there was a bar people were drinking and eeewwww I quickly turned around disgusting.

"Why did u turn around?"

"Because you shameless brath look at the other corner." He moved his gaze here and there until he finally stopped and looked back at me an evil smile made its way in his lips.

"That's common lol u should know about it " I gave him the most disgusting look I could he is surely shameless I pray that may Allah protect me today from any evil harm.

Meanwhile, I have noticed that his hand is still on my waist.

"Don't touch me how many time do I have to say that." I free myself from his hold and walk inside. I didn't look back at him, and I don't care anymore.

"Hello there." I quickly turn to see who it was a tall man in his 30 was standing in front of me with a glass of champaign in his hands. He took a step forward until someone call him from the back, and there he was the last person I want to see on this earth.

"Oh, hello, Mr Yusuf." They hug each other while laughing. I was standing there like nothing until they both turn to me. Mr psycho came over to my side as he places his hand around my waist again. The man in front of us just kept staring well you might be thinking why I didn't react to his touch right away because for now, I feel secure when he is here because that man who I don't know was giving me an unwanted look and Mr psycho saw this and though me closer to himself I look up to him and feel like I am safe for sure.

"Well, Mr Yusuf. Who is this beautiful lady." I look at Mr psycho for an answer, and back to that man then I started playing with my fingers nervous what Mr psycho will tell him will he say she is someone I found in Burj khalifa and we are together since then because for sure if he said this, I am gonna punch his face.

"Mr Ahmed, she is..." he looks at me for a while and a smile forms on his lips.

"My fiance."

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