Chapter 7 Offended Someone?

"You know that's not what I meant." Jasper explained, "I'm just afraid that you'll get hurt. I'm just a useless prison guard and there is so little I can do to help you..."

At the end of the sentence, Jasper lowered his voice. "Just forget what I said, okay? I will try my best to help you."

He just didn't want her to live the rest of her life in such misery again. Obviously, it would be too difficult for her to bring down the Harrison Family and make them pay for the evil things they had done.

Arya also knew that. But if she could even ignore the death of her mother and her baby, what was the point of living?

No matter how hard it was, she had to try. There was no other choice for her.

"It's late today. You may go back early. I can walk back by myself."

Arya got out of the car and Jasper stopped her. "Am I bothering you?"

"No, you are a great man, Jasper. I'm really grateful to you. But I just, I can't." Arya understood how good Jasper was to her and what he had in mind, but she was too depressed to have feelings for anyone.

So, she didn't want to owe Jasper too much. She couldn't afford it.

She was destined to have a rough life, so she didn't want to bring bad luck to Jasper.

"Get in the car then. I'll see you off." Jasper looked at her.

He could never forget the way she stood in front of the window and cried in the rain, feeling the pain that only someone who had experienced it would know. He knew she was not an ordinary woman at the first glance. He knew that she had her own story. During the three years' contact, he heard her telling her own miserable experience, heard her crying, and watched her smile. Jasper had always believed that he had fallen in love with her when she was covered with blood, begging him to save her child. That pitiful but beautiful woman with clear eyes really impressed him. He swore he would protect her forever, even if he would sacrifice his life.

"I want to be alone." Arya didn't get in the car.

Jasper was worried about her being alone, but he didn't dare to push her too hard because he was afraid that she would leave him.

"Then let's eat together tomorrow."

This time, Arya agreed. Although she kept an emotional distance from Jasper, they were still friends.

Seeing Jasper leave, she took a step.

There were hardly any pedestrians on the road late at night, and even the cars coming and going were few. A gust of wind ruffled her hair and sent a shiver down her spine.

She wrapped her arms around her chest and rubbed her arms together in an attempt to gain some warmth. However, just as she continued along the road, she was suddenly stopped.

A few gangsters blocked her way and looked at the photos on their phones to see if she was the same person.

"Howard, it's her."

"I see." The man named Howard looked Arya up and down and smiled. "She's prettier than the picture."

These people didn't look like good ones. Arya was shocked and stepped back involuntarily.

"What do you want?"

"Come with me. I will let you know what the joy of being a woman is."

Even a fool knew what these words meant.

"Hey, what are you back?" she shouted behind these people. While these people look back, Arya took the opportunity and ran away.

"D*mn it." Howard reacted and cursed. "Why are you still standing there? Chase her."

A wave of people was running after her. On the other side, Howard was driving his car to stop her. There was no way for Arya anymore, so she could only run into the forest next to her.

The car was unable to drive in here, so she had a better chance of escaping.

There was no path in the forest. Branches, vines brushed the side of her calf, pulling a bloodstain. She didn't care about the pain. She just wanted to get away from those men.

"Stop running. You can't run away."

She calmed down and said, "I have no grudge against you. Why are you chasing me? I will give you all the money I have. Just let me go."

Hearing Arya's words, Howard laughed. "Don't you know that you have offended someone? Think about it yourself. Did you break up someone's family or were you someone's mistress? We are hired to destroy you, not rob you, sweetie."

'Offended someone?' She just got out of prison and the Harrison Family didn't know that. And she didn't offend anyone at work. 'Wait, could it be that…?'

"Come on, I won't hurt you." Howard was approaching Arya step by step.

She wanted to step back, but there were two men standing in the way behind her. Suddenly she was tackled to the ground by Howard.

Arya struggled, but Howard grabbed her hand and tore her clothes. "Don't blame me. I'm just working for someone else."

As he spoke, he lowered his head and kissed her. Next to him were his subordinates, taking photos of them.

It seemed to be premeditated.

Arya felt a chill on her body and her hands kept fumbling on the ground. Suddenly, she touched a hard object, like a small stone or brick. She grabbed it and hit his head without hesitation. In an instant, Howard screamed in pain.

Seeing he was distracted, Arya pushed him away.

"What the f*ck did you do? I'm not done with you, b*tch."

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