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Every country has their myth. Their monsters that haunt their every night. Rebellious Tala Luwalhati didn't expect that the monster that would haunt hers would be the very monster that she had become. Now enrolled in a school far from her country, she embarks on a journey to leave the golden castle of nightmares, away from her horrifying schoolmates with nothing and no one to stop her except destiny.
Janna is frustrated about the new update of this new cultivation story with a female lead. After leaving a harsh comment she wakes up in the cultivation book herself as the female lead's best friend that died in the first chapter,has three dialogue and probably not a very important character but leads the female and male lead to deepen their friendship. How sweet is that?
How would you react when the person you had one night stand with is actually the emperor of the country and you know about the emperor's secrets?
Miles is the new kid in school who befriends the boy next door to him, Alex. Alex, a bright and wise boy, protects Miles from sorrows and always comforts him whenever he needs it. But just as a certain romance is developing between the two, a tragedy occurs: Alex loses both his parents in an accident. Miles and the others are desperately trying to be there for him, but as it turns out, life takes an even more sinister turn for their friend when a distant relative moves in to become Alex's new guardian. Miles has to find a way of protecting Alex before it's too late. Will he succeed? Will they overcome all obstacles and be together?
Maija's mother has married the perfect man, now she has the family she has always wanted, except for one problem. She has the hots for her new stepbrother. Can she get through the summer without falling into Zayne's bed or will she give in to the ultimate temptation? Come on for the ride of the sweetest romance you'll ever read.
A young Cindy runs away from home, trying to escape from an arrange marriage set up by her uncle. She runs in search of a better life in the city but she ends up on the otherside of the world, in New York City. Felix Martini is a rich Human Rights Defense lawyer who comes home only to discover that his best friend had brough him a slave, Cindy. Now Felix Martini has to jugle keeping Cindy in his home and away from the authority. Both Cindy and Felix have to fight their feelings for one another as well as fight forces tryign to break them apart.
Through the cruise of love; there tend to be desolations, heartbreaks, and painful detriments. But if there was true ardor; the beholder of the love would persevere in the face of the grudges, the heart scourging pains, and perturbs. She was a chivalrous lady, who was heartbroken and vowed not to fall in love again. He was an introvert; who seldom talk, nor could he envisage himself in love. They became acquaintanced, intimate friends, and finally deviate into inseparable lovers. Promises were made, altruism was clearly avowed, and a future was planned. Upon the series of heart spasm, the etching wounds, scourging pains, and the perforating heartbreaks that could crucify the hearts. Would they grapple the pains and make something out of their adulation? _____ It would be a roller coaster ride, with a series of heartbreaks, betrayals, and heart squirming pains. Just tag along, as I tell you the story of the consolidated lovers. Ayshatou.
Allia, a sheltered Princess of the Kingdom of Ellister, has been living a fairly quiet life. Until a letter arrives at the Palace Gates stating that horrible monsters known as Ghouls will keep stealing the lives of innocents until she is married to the Prince of the neighbouring Kingdom of Freyn. Having never left her home, and terrified, Allia must face the dangers of traveling into unknown lands, to marry a man she has never met before, in order to save her people from nightmarish Ghouls. But all is not as it seems. Is Freyn just as barbaric and lawless as everyone told her it would be, and will her Prince Charming be the man he presents himself to be? Written by myself, edited with the help of a friend.
Quinn sends souls to the afterlife as her part time job. Until one day, her bestfriend and first love, Lucas was attacked and is now in a coma. Both of them are on a mission to find out who killed him and hopefully, Lucas can go back to his body before it is too late.
Half-demon witch Callie Durant wasn't evil. After six years in Hell, all she wanted was to get revenge on her father for sending her there. Getting to him was harder than she anticipated. The only way she could get close was for the Head Warlock's son, Nicholas Castillo to fall in love with her. She had to break him up with his clingy girlfriend while hiding her true nature from everyone around her. Escaping Hell didn't come without great cost and the Lords of Hell were trying to drag her back for her crime. She had to make a choice between the two sides of herself. She could have the promise of power or be with the first boy to ever love her. The roads out of Hell were paved with bad intentions.
Monica Stephen Ronald is an Anglo Indian Major in the Army from Goa who loves her duty above everything else. A heart full of respect for her country and an undying will do anything for the sake of it. Ali Umer Baig is a Kashmiri who gets selected for the Army. He dreams of making the wrong in to right and doing so through the right path. Two people whose lives are dedicated for their country comes face to face and falls in love. Patriotism that scales above dreams and a love that scales above everything else.
Love Triangle; Hamal, Janaan, Aalam were three best friends where you can't see one without the other and are inseparable. Though the guys are older than her and very possessive over her, they still mingle and move together all the time. Love tangled the web between Hamal and Janaan but he rejected her! What? She used Aalam to get back at him and it worked for a short while before all hell broke loose. . . Sequel to Kydah [c a n b e r e a d s e p a r a t e l y]
When her father died mysteriously, the last princess on their line Amedil, the next queen of the throne, but the day she must crown as Queen, suddenly she’s missing, no one knows where she goes. Until she found herself in the crowded place, wearing dress for poor people, she’s not a princess anymore; she was shocked that she’s for sale to the king of the rival kingdom.
Phil whose father died years ago falls in love with his father's murderer's daughter. His thirst for revenge makes him lose her. However, that's not what makes him mad. His girlfriend leaves while pregnant for him!
"Daada.." she slurred, and gave him a flummoxed look. "You mean the Sadeeq I know? You can't do this to me, Daada, would you? He's just 19 years old, for crying out loud. Who will take care of who? Uhm..Daada?" She wanted to bellow the words, but they came out as a whisper, as tears washed down her face. How could Daada do this to her? She thought it was all a threat. She's afraid, Daada too is adamant in his own ways. "Yes, he is. And he's the only guy I could trust with you, I know he would take good care of you. Besides, what's there in marrying him? Isn't he a man?" Daada inquired, his sturdy and adamant self taking over the benevolent and obsequious self. "There is, it's just a one year gap between us. And he isn't a man in my eyes, I see him like a ten years old boy, how would he become my husband?" She reprimanded and broke into tears. Her heart was beating vigorously, the room started spinning around her, as her eyes became glued to everywhere but Daada's face. The Love story Of Ihsan And Sadeeq
When a person fall in love for the first time and end up falling.......everything changes. His life, his beliefs and his view on love they all change. But what will happen when fate and love comes together and hit you like the tons of secrets hidden deep in the sea? Can you be able to face what we call destiny? Four hearts set to face a great adventure and lies along the way. Four hearts that will be played into the hands of destiny. One heart cursed by pain, one heart with an unrequited love, one heart confused, and a heart full of unsettled emotions. Join them as they discover the answers they seek. And help them unravel the secrets hidden within the sea. The story about a love that created havoc into the land of the nymphs. A story about a love between beings beyond our wildest imaginations, creatures we humans call as mermaids, and humans confused to what their existence for.
In the Avalon Empire they have traditions that need to be followed and especially for their eldest daughters that she had to marry a prince from a neighbour kingdom. Russiana can't escape that law, even though she want something else for herself she can’t do anything and she’s not a fan of love romance because of her parents that a product of arrange marriage. But what if the prince that suppose be her husband is fake or substitute? Is she can find out easily the true identity of the prince?
"Do you really wanna know sweetheart" he replied with a grin Urghhh what do I do now... "Don't you dare touch me again" I warned him He got up from bed, came in front of me... I was staring in his lite brown eyes ... With the "I am not afraid of you" look He came very close and said "Be ready, we have to go to your parents and also have your sister's reception to attend " huskily.... I became statue... And came back to earth when I heard the walk in closet door opened and then closed... **************** Zyva Mohammad... And Aarib Ibrahim... A billionaire, who Fell for an ordinary girl and got married to her forcefully.... Let's see what happens... with the family drama and flood of emotions, mixing Love, Anger , sadness etc.. journey of a simple girl going through massive changes of Life Do read it and Let me about it on wattpad Jazakallahu khairan kaseeran do like it Comment I hope you all like Inshallah I will try to satisfy you all.... so its my first story hoping for positive response..
Samantha won't beg for love. That's what she promised to herself eversince she was a child. So when her husband-Pisces Hammington cheated on her, as much as she wanted to hold on to their relationship, she decided to leave him. She let him go even though she found out that she's carrying their child, for her it wasn't enough to stay with her unfaithful husband. Five years later, they met again in unexpected situation... can she forgive the person who hurt her? Is her husband's regret enough for her to give him another chance to start all over again?
Through a series of strange and improbable events, Sabrina Stark is Empress. David is her Royal Protector and mentor-until she receives a blade through the gut and David is framed for her murder. Six months later, David finds himself bearing the Outsider's Mark, and he burns with a new purpose: to save the Empress's brother, Anthony, and restore him to the throne. Featuring Stefan and Catriona as badass avian-themed assassins, Joan Catspaw as the sassiest Samuel ever, and the weirdest (and most inefficient) conspiracy to ever grace the Isles.
What happens when the school's most unpopular girl suddenly steals a kiss from the school's most popular guy? It could have been just another school year for Samantha Banks. Her aim was simple: graduate top of her class, leave town, and move to a good college, but at the same time, stay hidden under the radar. Yet, fate has set a different course for her. After their groundbreaking lip-lock, which Aaron found unjust and extremely humiliating on his part, he swore to make Samantha's life miserable. But, when an unlikely circumstance has pulled them both to suffer a same ordeal.. together, they soon discovered within themselves what it really means to uncover each others pain, mistakes, and beauty - layer after layer.
This book is unedited. Read at your own risk. This is a story about a vampire named Kairos finding its path in life. After enrolling into Orman Academy, she found out that the academy has been keeping a secret. And she determined to find out why.
(Book 3 of The Secret Series) Kenneth and Roman. 'A perfect pair', some will say. They both come from royalty. Kenneth is a king of wolves. Roman is a son of kings and a powerful healer called Rolyn, the werewolf world has never had. Even though Roman was born a preemie (premature), his mate Kenneth, didn't mind it one bit. He accepted Roman and everything he could offer. But darkness is falling over the werewolf world. Omegas are going missing mysteriously. But these are not just omegas. They are omegas with a special healing power. They are being killed and word has it, the enemy is after the Rolyn. How will Kenneth deal with the enemy after his mate? In the midst of it all, secrets that will break the man are being revealed. Will he protect his mate and deal with everything happening? Or will the unveiling secrets be his downfall? Read and find out! Warning: (boyxboy) Awesome Cover By SuperSonicPaGer
A trilogy fantasy novel. Pagkatapos ng unang digmaang pandaigdigan nagkaroon ng kapayapaan sa apat na kontinente ng mundo. Nag-umpisa ang lahat nang iligtas ng batang sirena ang batang prinsipe sa pagkalunod. Sa paglipas ng panahon ang tanging hangad ng prinsesang sirena ay makapiling ang kanyang minamahal na prinsipe. Isang prinsipe na ang tanging nais ay kilalanin ang kanyang kakayahan sa buong mundo. Isang talentadong black wizard na may pilyong pag-uugali ang pilit hahanapin ang kanyang pinagmulan. Ang tatlong buhay nila ay pagbubukludin ng kapalaran. Sa muling pagbangon ng kasamaan dulot ng muling paggising ng Dark Lord na si Hellsing, muli na namang malalagay ang mundo sa panganib. Nasa kamay ng makabaong henerasyon ang kaligtasan ng buong mundo. Magawa nga kaya nila ang kanilang misyon? Marami silang pagsubok na kakaharapin, malalakas na kalabang kakalabanin. Maraming katanungan ang sasagutin. Sa paghahangad ng tatlo ng pag-ibig, katanyagan at kapangyarihan magampanan kaya nila ang itinakdang tungk